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  1. last cruise was Oasis April 2018...... as supposed to go on Oasis March 2020 but it cancelled the week before we were supposed to leave bc of covid Rescheduled for July 2020.... cancelled again We currently have Oasis scheduled for March 2021 (adult trip) and July 2021 (family trip) We shall see?
  2. I've read your trip report.... amazing as always-- thank you for that I guess I will just have to wait and see if they can make specialty drinks and report back after my cruise in March (*hopefully*)
  3. What Specialty Drinks are each restaurant known for? Does anyone have pictures of menu's floating around here? For reference I will be sailing on Oasis specifically.....
  4. Ok.... from reading many trip reports ......I've read that all the specialty restaurants on deck 8 Central Park get their drinks made by the bar tender at the Trellis bar. Is this correct? All the dining: Chops, 150, Giovannis.....? If this IS true.... Can I go to the Trellis Bar and have them make me the same drinks but not go to the specialty restaurants. I would love to try some of those cocktails but usually travel with a group who enjoy MDR in the evenings together. So I haven't had the time to schedule any specialty dining, but I do have the Drink Package and would love to tr
  5. Double points would be nice But I'm not gonna storm the castle over it nor am I gonna cancel and rebook-- bc all of my cruises cruise fares are insanely high right now... now worth paying the extra money for some points....
  6. On 17th Street there is a Publix and a WineSpot store.....plus TJ Maxx and other shopping..... Even though the hotels on 17th street are expensive, I'm considering it because of the distance to all these things to do the night before the cruise
  7. I actually grew up in Haiti as a child/teenager (missionary kid)-- but I haven't been in the last year because of the civil unrest. The country is in dire straights.... worst my family has ever seen in the 40 years we've been traveling to the island. Labadee is in no way Haiti, lol.... technically it is attached to the island but it isn't a true representation of the country at all. Plus you don't have anything that you interact with locals that aren't hired by RC themselves..... So I don't think its an accurate comparison at all.
  8. for COVID19...... now mandatory testing for all employees Wonder what this means for departures out of NY & NJ ports? https://www.foxnews.com/health/head-port-authority-new-york-new-jersey-tests-positive-coronavirus
  9. NY & NJ Head of Port Authority tested positive for COVID19...... now mandatory testing for all employees Wonder what this means for departures out of NY & NJ ports? https://www.foxnews.com/health/head-port-authority-new-york-new-jersey-tests-positive-coronavirus
  10. My worry is if this truly continues to spiral out of control and RC cancels cruises..... what keeps them from filing chapter 11 bankruptcy? So we lose our FCC Trust me I WANT to be on that cruise....... my only worry is quarantine,.....
  11. THIS My cruise leaves March 22nd...... Its my kids spring break. Im worried about being held hostage on the ship for a quarantine than the actual virus..... My kids can't miss 2 weeks of school.... its too hard to catch up. Not to mention we are self employed.... if we don't work, neither does our business..... yes we have savings, but I don't plan on being off of work for 3 weeks, just 1..... Not sure what to do....but heavily leaning towards cancelling and hoping to rebook maybe in July.... but the current cruise rates are thru the roof....its 2.5 more than what I pa
  12. Did they take your temperature? I and my son have seasonal allergies.... my worry is he is in a new state and different allergens will set him off and hes sneezing.... I hate to be denied boarding if its just allergies......
  13. My CC Roll Call for 3/22 hasn't been active either.... I found a fb roll call and they talk non-stop.... may want to branch out to Fb and go to Royal Caribbean Roll Call page and find your ship...... good luck
  14. I still could go to vintages and do the 2 oz tastings if they are under $12 but not thru the self serve, right?
  15. I will be sailing on Anthem in March and I have the deluxe beverage package I see that there is a "self-serve" area in vintages........forgive me for sounding ignorant, but how does this work? Are the prices listed so I can see which ones would be included in the package and how much over it would cost for a glass? The last cruise I went on there wasn't a self-serve area in Vintages.....
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