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    Do guys ever cruise as a single?

    When I mention to some friends that I am going on a cruise, the first thing they ask me is, who am I going with. I am an only child too and you just learn very young to do things on your own. I'm sure I will have a good time and it's a lot better than going to an all inclusive hotel and eating dinner alone
  2. eliz1

    Do guys ever cruise as a single?

    Opps! Wishful thinking - should read 10 Days!
  3. eliz1

    Do guys ever cruise as a single?

    Sailing to the Eastern Caribbean on Dec. 26th for 120 days. This is my first trip going solo and originally was going to Hautilco, all inclusive, but the last time I did that I was worried about eating dinner alone as I like to dress up an go to a nice restaurant. The TA said it would be better on a cruise as I would be having dinner with other people on the cruise (late seating and large table). Have travelled at lot in the past (not on cruises) and found when you are alone people are very friendly. When I went though my divorce many years ago, I went to Mexico and just needed a mental health break; took several books to read on the plane, hotel, etc. About fifteen minutes on a couple talked to me all the time and then when I first ventured to the pool this nice gentleman intorduced himself and asked me out to dinner.