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  1. Thank you! A cruise would be nice but spending 3 nights at each sounds great too!
  2. I think it is doubtful that NCL will sail the Hawaii cruise at all in 2021 if they don't file for bankruptcy. I wanted to schedule our Hawaii cruise for a later year but NCL jacked up their prices a lot. Considering a land based Hawaiian vacation. Anyone explore the idea of flying between Hawaiian Islands -- maybe 5 days on one island, 5 days on a different island? Or other ways to see the different islands if the cruise doesn't happen?
  3. NCL's prices are insane. I'm done with cruising. I don't know why anyone is booking a cruise unless stuck with a credit. I have cruise next certificates bought on a prior cruise and booked two cruises. One was canceled because of COVID and the other in December 2021 I expect is likely to be canceled (who knows). To book these same cruises for a future year is outrageously expensive now. If NCL doesn't go bankrupt, my cruise certificates are worthless because I'm not paying $9,000 for a cruise ship standard balcony room (double last year's price) or $16,000 for a basic 2 bedroom balcony (not Haven). For that much money, I could plan a luxury land-based vacation on one of many Caribbean islands. Even if I pick a less expensive time of year to cruise, it's still outrageously priced. Hating on NCL now. I hear other cruise lines' prices are just as bad.
  4. I'm a fan of cruising but wishful thinking will not make cruising come back. There's a lot of wishful thinking on these forums. I have cruise next certificates so two cruises booked but I will not make final payments until there is more certainty about cruising. I'd love to change my reservations but NCL has astronomically increased prices. I guess NCL's plan was to offer people 125% credit and they would book another cruise instead of a refund. We need to get through the politics, have vaccines available, and people willing to take the vaccine. I think that will take all of 2021. Then we need port countries willing to let 2,000 to 4,000 passengers plus crew empty out of one ship (or several ships) all at the same time. The ports will want to inspect the ship's health records, and one person sick, I doubt anyone is getting off the ship. Unless you want to cruise to the Bahamas or Mexico, I think cruising is just done. I hope not, but I'm also realistic. Then consider that NCL and other cruise lines have increased prices 25% to more than 50%. A cruise I priced at $12,000 is not more than $18,000. Another one was $5,000 is now $8,000. People are going to choose better land-based vacations for less money.
  5. The sales are a joke. I remember cruising not too long ago 7 nights for $2400 (2 people with all perks). Trying to find a reasonable prices for cruises that are not even sailing now is impossible. Hawaii x 7 days = $18,000 plus for 3 people in one 2 bedroom room (really just a side room). I understand cruises at some times of year (Christmas) is more expensive. But for $18,000, I could plan an incredible luxury vacation. That price is just insane. If the cruise lines don't stop raising prices so much to recover their losses, I'm certain bankruptcy is just a matter of time. Anticipate that with Covid still lurking for another year, are people really ready to jump on a ship with 4,000 people plus 2,000 crew on one of the big ships? I have two cruise next certificates, but with the crazy costs of booking a cruise, I'm better off throwing the certificates in the trash. We will see if the prices change for the better.
  6. This just proves my theory. NCL knew darn well they were not going to have cruises in December. But they waited to announce it until it was past the final payment date (the extended final payment date) for the last December cruise. I guess they hope people made those payment so they can hold onto the money, take forever to issue refunds, and try to offer some special deal like 10% off and they inflated all of their future cruise prices. Disgusted with NCL and any other cruise line following this practice.
  7. NCL not willing to change their game plan or lower prices I really think the cruise industry is doomed for bankruptcy unless they change up their game. I love cruising but I cannot imagine anyone willing to book a cruise vacation unless they have a future cruise credit from a prior cancellation during COVID-19. I have 4 cruise next deposits but not booking with NCL until the absolute end of the expiration of those deposits. Even then, I might cancel. Since COVID started in March 2020, NCL has greatly increased the prices of cruises by $1500 to $3000 more than I originally booked the same cruises for 2020 and 2021. If NCL lowers prices, then they are stuck with lower prices. They seem to be more interested in hiking up prices to stay out of bankruptcy. NCL must think there is no competition. The advantages of taking a cruise for me are gone - the variety of ports and entertainment, the all inclusive (sort of) price, fun with groups of people. For the same or less money, I can take a much better luxurious land-based Caribbean island vacation. NCL will have to make adjustments. I doubt I will be able to use the thermal suites spa. Will I be able to sit at the pool bar and talk with interesting people? Will I be able to dine and do other fun activities to meet new people? Will I enjoy the big on-deck parties? No... It will be as boring as a Celebrity cruise. And I might as well cruise with Celebrity instead. And don't get me wrong -- if I just want to eat, drink, laugh a little, and spend a lot of quiet time on my balcony -- then Celebrity is perfect. With social distancing, NCL will be like a Celebrity Cruise and I might as well go with Celebrity (or another cruise line) and pay less money. Good luck fellow cruisers!
  8. Original poster here. We canceled. Will get our 2 cruise next certificates back (our only deposit). Now to find another NCL cruise. We are frustrated that NCL had jacked up the price on all of their cruises -- I guess to make up for losses. For us, the price of a cruise is no longer a good deal compared to just booking flights to a nice Caribbean island on our own.
  9. NCL Phone rep said no news but if final payment is made and NCL cancels, can get full refund. (and maybe they will offer 10% or something off another cruise). If not, I have until 48 hours before the cruise to cancel but that only gets a future cruise credit. It is difficult to think about all the things that could go wrong on a cruise to Costa Maya, Cozumel, Harvest Caye, and Roatan. Roatan is our favorite island stop for snorkeling and the other stops don't matter much to us. Could the ship leave us on one of those islands or quarantine us to our room if I have a fever or sniffle? Will I still be able to use the thermal suites spa (probably not). Dining will be different. Will I be able to sit at a bar or have to take my drink to a socially distance spot? Will I get stuck on the ship and not be let off back in the United States without COVID testing? I wish these cruise companies and the CDC would just make up their mind.
  10. I agree. The only deposit I made so far are two cruise next certificates (purchased on a prior cruise). If I made final payment and waited, and they canceled, no one really knows if they would offer any additional discount. And the prices are so overinflated now, it's a wash.
  11. I think most December cruises had a final payment date due in October. For our December 27 sailing, the final payment date is October 28. I do not see any information yet about cancellations. Because NCL has not canceled anything, what did people do? Cancel cruise on your own? Make final payment and wait in case NCL still sails (very unlikely) or offers a better deal (percent off future cruise)? I really don't like the idea of making the final payment and then find out later the cruise is canceled and I have to wait a long time to get a refund, or worse, NCL goes bankrupt and I get nothing back.
  12. I am trying to think more simply about stocks. I was looking for data about cruise ship passengers and found this from the link below. The report shows that most cruise passengers come from the United States and most trips are in the Caribbean and Bahamas. And most cruise ships I've seen depart from Florida, then I guess New York and the Gulf area. Thinking simply, before the cruise ships get going, they need customers from the United States, Florida has to be open (cruise ports, hotels, airports, etc), and the Caribbean and Bahamian islands have to be willing to welcome cruisers. Florida is closing down more. Not many islands are open to visitors and some require a recent COVID-19 test. I don't think the cruise ships are going to move for several months and doubtful at all in 2020. It's just not looking good. There is no revenue. To stay in business, they will have to raise money by borrowing more (if even possible), selling more stock, or bankruptcy -- all of which can cause stock prices to drop. Are there any other options? Stock prices are sure to go down back to $10 is my prediction. I don't want this to happen. We have two NCL cruises planned. But this seems to be the reality. If things do get back to business, it's not going to be 100% back to normal. So, what would one expect NCL's stock price to be? If it was $50-60 before the COVID-19 drop, would you expect the price to rise to 50% of what it was before the drop? 75%? My guess is it will drop to $10 again before it goes up. I looked at Royal Caribbean's stock and thought the same thing. If it was $100-125 before COVID-19, when things get back closer to normal, will it be $50-60? It's almost $50 now. I'd expect it to drop a lot more too before it goes up.. Travel and Leisure - Caribbean Islands Reopening shttps://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/caribbean-islands-opening-travel-coronavirus Florida Caribbean Cruise Association https://www.f-cca.com/downloads/2018-Cruise-Industry-Overview-and-Statistics.pdf
  13. Tough decisions with the stock. I am hopeful for NCL. I was going to buy when it was around $10-$12 but concerned about bankruptcy. Still concerned because I have $1000 worth of cruise next certificates and two cruises booked. I am doubtful my December cruise is going to happen. If there is not more certainty by the time of final payment in August, I will cancel and not make final payment. We need some major changes for the positive between now and August for NCL stocks to get any gain. If not, investors will pick other stocks that I think are more surely to grow a lot faster (airlines, hotels, amusement parks, restaurant supply companies, etc.) when the economy gets going more. At $10-12 I'd consider buying NCL stock, but if that low, bankruptcy is a concern. If the price is higher around $20, I'd prefer to invest $2000 in other stocks (other than cruise lines). The $100 on board credit for owning 100 shares is a plus especially for people who cruise a lot. But there's no guarantee NCL will continue that perk in the future as they have made other cost cutting measures in the past. Do other cruise lines offer a similar perk?
  14. I think it is very questionable if cruises will be happening at all in 2020. I hope so but I am not counting on it.
  15. Are people really sure about NCL stock continuing to go up in price? I thought about buying NCL stock 100 shares at $10. That's $1000. But I thought NCL was very high risk for bankruptcy, then stock is worth nothing. I'm not sure not that NCL is immune from bankruptcy. The company has no income now, tons of debt, and assets that cannot be sold. Not sure who is in the market to buy a cruise ship! Before NCL can get back to limited operations (and limited earnings), it will have to staff their ships again, depend on willing cruisers who have other safer vacation options, and hope the ports hungry for cruisers' spending are willing to open up. And the $100 on board credit if you own 100 shares? NCL could take that benefit away at any time as it continues to cut expenses. Sorry for the doom and gloom. I just hope I can take my 2 NCL cruises and not lose my cruise next certificates' value.
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