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  1. I have 2 kids that are very prone to motion sickness. If we are in the vehicle more than an hour, I have to make sure we have buckets ready.. That being said, we went on a 5 day cruise. I had to give both of them motion sickness tablets on the way down to the port. Once on board, they never complained of the sickness. We hit bad waves on the last sea day and even then, not one of them complained (even though my husband and myself grabbed sea sickness pills that afternoon because we were both feeling it).. We never had to give them meds until we were in the vehicle and on the way home.. I hope this helps! I had packed some kid's dramamine (sp?), as a just in case and was to have it for the vehicle but never needed it for the ship. We have 4 kids and I had a ton of it left over, non-used but so thankful too.
  2. Completely agree!! I hope we can share a chair with someone too!! Especially if they are sunning and we just need a storage area!
  3. The 9 year old will be watched over.. The 12 year old, she will get more room to roam... If I need to run off to CC because I have 2 other kids also, I don't want their items to take off and they not know where they are... My husband will only make brief looks out and see them (he flat refuses to go onto the Lido deck, except to eat)... I only go out for a short time because I am not suppose to be in the sun, whatsoever (I have medicine that won't allow me to be there)..
  4. I have seen people walking down the hallways, dripping went from being in the pools or slides. I believe it is disrespectful and causing more work for the workers to do. I will not have my children doing that, period. We seen that a lot on our last cruise.. We will not be as far off from our room but I still think that people need to cover up with a towel and try to dry off some, before returning to their rooms...
  5. CHOGs... But, what do I tell them to do?? Here is the thing, I am not one for the sun. Sorry, I can't stand the heat or the sun. I love the inside areas where the air condition runs and I can look over the water... My kids love the open water and sun. They plan on being out by the slides and waterworks areas for a few hours... They will need to take towels (maybe? I am still trying to get the clarification of if I don't give them authorization to charge things, if they can still get a towel from the towel hut area), they will have small bags with sunscreen, sunglasses and flip flops... Where is the best place for them to store these items while they are having fun? I don't want them going back to the rooms, soaking wet, and leaking water everywhere. I want them to enjoy having fun but I don't want to babysit bags out on the Lido deck either. They will have BB's cards, so they can get a drink when they want too.. I just want them to be able to have fun, without getting yelled at. Can they drop their bags at the towel hut for safe keeping, along with their towels?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. When we went back in May, everyone told me the same thing, "we didn't really need it.." Well, for us, it was a God-sin.. The ship didn't clear embarking until after 12:30.. When we got to finally park, take the bus over, get through security, and then stand in line, well the lines were completely backed up and I was sooo thankful for FttF.. We went and dumped everything at the room (all our electronics) and I put away all of our docs in the safe. I was reading through the FunTimes and remembered that we needed to get extra key cards. My husband directed me to the line that was running through the barriers, all the way down through the art gallery and back down the ship, from people waiting at the Guest Service desk. I told him, "I got this" and went over to the empty space for FttF/Plat/Diamond cruisers. The gentleman that was waiting on a guest right by us had just finished and closed his area to come wait on us. Everyone started yelling... Well, I got our cards and everyone started saying how unfair it was because they had waited over an hour to get up there and I just walked up and got served.. Can I say, there was some okay cruisers? One lady's camera got shattered because she packed it in her luggage and wanted something done because she didn't have insurance. But, there was 8 other couples that had their bags in hand and they were all requesting room changes and Guest Services was not allowing any changes. We had one lady ask us if we could switch rooms because she didn't know why she didn't get an OV, when she paid for an inside-room because the cruise line always bumped her and she didn't get bumped and "since you are new cruisers, you wouldn't mind if we took your room?" I told the lady were the gangplank was and that she needed to seriously get her head checked, if she thought that we would give up our room, for her..
  7. I know it wasn't a typical load issue. Many were getting turned around at 10 and sent back. We were in one of the first groups of vehicles allowed to stay parked and not told to go on out and come back later... That morning though, the ship had a problem coming into dock, then immigration was having an issue, then the computer system went down, then someone was having vehicle trouble and they have to clear the warehouse before allowing more passengers in. When we were in line, we talked with the port officials and they were about to pull their hair out and just wanted to get us loaded and gone. It seemed every 30 minutes, something was happening and someone was reporting an issue.. We sat in line for close to 2 hours, waiting to board.. Just remember, it is vacation, you will get on the ship as soon as they can allow you (because they don't want to hold you up, they want people on the ship and the ship gone) and have a great trip! We fell in love with cruising and wondered why we didn't start doing this earlier..
  8. Yes and No.. Charleston doesn't have any room for waiting.. When we finally got cleared to start embarking (we were in line for close to 2 hours, while they were experiencing problems after problem with the previous cruisers), we finally started the vehicle at 12:15. We were one of the first groups to get luggage dropped off and pull into the warehouse. Once we found a bus and got on, we were swept away over to the port authority and had a line to go through the metal detectors. Once through them, there is a huge sign for FTTF/Pla/Diamond passengers and a lady holding a clipboard. Once she verified we were on the list, she opened up an empty lane and closed it behind us, then walked us straight up our own little lane and as soon as the next desk was open, we jumped right infront of the people waiting in line (which was huge and getting worse by the minute). We avoided having to do the whole big walk around the back and feeding into the main line. We showed our paperwork, everything verified, and set up our S&S accounts. We were then told to either stop for pictures or go straight on up the stairs to board. There was no waiting in a room for people to get called to board (by what I could tell, because there really was no room for people to sit and wait). It was a first-come, first-serve to get on the ship. We went straight on up the stairs, scanned our S&S cards and up the gang-way we went..
  9. Since it seems like only 1 or 2 days, well, stomach bugs/food poisoning can last that long ... :p:rolleyes:
  10. We are booked on a 5 day cruise in January 2016... We haven't been able to purchase anything yet but ours still shows FTTF at the $49 price tag.. Really hoping it stays that low because I have to snag 2 when they go on sale!
  11. ^^ Completely agree! We are set to cruise on the Fascination in January next year. We choose this boat because there was more options and upgrades over the Fantasy.. Now, the Fantasy's future is up in the air and now Fascination is set to leave. I am really hoping for a good ship in Charleston because if not, we will be driving up North or further south to cruise (we are in NC) and I really hate driving!!
  12. It really just depends on the demand of the cruise. With the port of calls or even college schedules, this may be a big cruise for a certain group of people also.. So, it really all depends, when it comes to the room availability of that cruise. TA's also can book out a block of rooms for a set amount of time, hoping to book up rooms and get a price break... Also, with the sofa bed, it is all on your choice. If you want the sofa remade every day and then turned down at night, just talk with your room steward and they can do this. If you want it to stay as a bed, they can also keep it as a bed..
  13. Oh yes!! Thank you so much OP!!! We are book on the Fascination for January in E259 and E242. One reason my husband looked at these rooms was because they were in the very back and no foot traffic. On our last cruise, we were on the Fantasy, mid-ship and we had noise neighbors across the hall and down the hall. We several times went to leave and someone was running down the hallway (usually teens with their parents lagging behind)... It didn't bother us until one morning, about 2am and someone came and knocked on all the doors (we had 2 rooms), waking both my husband, myself and 2 of our children up, with some of the other rooms also.. Muchless to say, a phone call was placed and the culprit was found out and talked with..
  14. I agree! As a mom of 4, I am constantly cleaning up something or telling the kids to clean up. When we were on the cruise, it was so hard trying to find places to throw stuff away... Also, I am a "plate stacker" and combiner. I will stack all of our plates and make small piles, so it is easier to clean the tables. I was told constantly (even a few times by our MDR waiter), when we were eating at the Lido, to "please don't stack, that is our job.. You are on vacation.." I never realized now, I was probably causing them to do more work.. My kids are very sloppy eaters though and I feel horrible leaving the mess behind (of course, I have seen just 1 person leave more than we have, at a table too)... I know we pay for it but to me, it is a basic human service. Sometimes, I don't even want to clean behind my own kids, so I know others wouldn't either..
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