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  1. Thank you all for the good ideas...we were wondering what to do after our cruise and our Emirates flight does not leave until late in the day. Wish we could walk around and enjoy the attractions of this beautiful airport, but not until check in which is 3 hours prior to departure...what a shame....was looking forward to seeing it. So I guess, its checking our luggage and finding a tour or a really comfortable place to relax and read my book.,although my husband would go absolutely crazy waiting 😞
  2. Thank you all for your info and advice... Looks like we will take our chances, and get our Visa onboard with Celebrity..yes, they prefer you taking their tours. As ours is a private tour, and although they will take care of the Visa, we are not their first priority.. Going to Gamble we will have them in time. Will be on the Millenium in February, with an overnight in Hong Kong...lets hope all is settled there.
  3. We are on a Celebrity cruise and although they can get a Visa for you, the will Not guarantee they will have it in time for our ports tour. After a sea day, we are in Vietnam for 3 ports and a little concerned.. Has anyone had issues with this...did you get your Visa prior or on the ship ? Thank you
  4. Just returned...stayed at Marriott, Circular Quay , great location. Ate in the Rocks a few night, Italian and a Pub, both very enjoyable and not expensive.. Ate at the Hurricane Grill which was good, too. Enjoy , it’s a great city.
  5. We used Jim Archer tours...he was great and highly recommend
  6. We used Jim Archer tours...I would contact him and have him make some suggestions
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