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  1. I guess after cruising for nearly 40 years the industry has just changed so much. When I was on my 1st cruise it was much more upscale. I totally see everyone's point. People that are idiots are going to be idiots I guess.
  2. I can't say for sure that they are watered down but that is how we always felt as well.
  3. I should have phrased that a bit differently. We did have a fantastic time and met some really wonderful people. The service on the Escape was by far the best of any NCL ship we have been on. The food also seemed to improve from the last trip we were on. I am sorry if that came off negative because that wasn't really the full story. I just may need a break from cruising and to go on a vacation with way less people next time. This was 6 years in a row and it may just be time for a change for me.
  4. Too many people were way over served, kids were picking up half empty drinks left by adults because there is no way the staff can pick up all of the glasses and there were fights on back to back nights. One of the fights led to a family of 5 being escorted off in Bermuda. Guess that was a 5k to 10k mistake based on how long it took them to get a flight and where they were going! Seriously though, it has become enough. I am looking for a vacation, not a fraternity party.
  5. Wonder why the Escape is already back in NY at 2:30am...very early
  6. I think I tried to do it last time out and it didn't work. I will try it next week and let you know.
  7. You can still ask to be upgraded if you wanted to move up but that aft penthouse is awesome and you will have a great time!
  8. What I find strange is that the upgrade for wifi is $119.93 which is the difference between the onboard price and the $125 that the 250 minutes is worth - apparently you just lose the 30 minutes you get for being platinum and pay the onboard price when you upgrade??? Does anyone know if Skype for Business calling works on the streaming package - I may need to take a few calls.
  9. But the total amount that NCL can net on any one single cabin certainly starts with the base fare paid. We can agree to disagree. I certainly see your point and it is valid but as others have said, the only way any of us would truly know the answers to these questions would be to understand their models. Since none of us work in the CFO's office, we are all just speculating. I think to enhance this thread, the more information that could be provided the better. Let's understand what everyone originally paid, inventory on the sailing that you are bidding on, are you a CAS guest and if so a
  10. There have to be other factors and I am sure that one of them is also expected revenue on the cabin. If you have sailed on NCL before or are CAS, they have a very aware of what you spend while onboard. For example, they know by my history that I play in the casino, buy Vibe passes and purchase spa services. I believe the algorithm that they use to determine who gets upgraded is far more complex than just a one time money grab because you generate more revenue at that moment.
  11. I respectfully disagree. Cruise pricing models revolve around making the most money per cabin, not making the most money on any one individual. NCL will take the most money they can get for an H9, for example, to free up a spa balcony or balcony, and then they will take the most money they can get for the vacant cabin that is left by the upgrade. The one way that I agree with you is in situations where there is high unsold inventory and they are in a position where they need to take whatever they can get. My point is that this thread discusses nothing but bid offer and if it was accepted a
  12. Did you call to see if a direct upgrade was available? I think this whole thread is flawed because it doesn't take into account original booking price. I could be wrong but I am guessing the pricing model is to make the most amount of revenue on a given cabin. If I paid 4k for a balcony cabin and then bid 250 on an upgrade to bring me to 4500, I would guess that bid would be taken before a bid of 500 with an original booking price of 3250.
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