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  1. Yes, the website can be incredibly dated. They still reference an “honor” bar in the concierge lounge. Lol. They are definitely behind the times on the dress codes. Especially for the ships that do the shorter itins.
  2. In my history of cruising RCI I can’t remember a ship where they replaced the cabinets in the cabins. They have replaced furniture, carpet, and totally redone bathrooms but no drydock that I am aware of has ever done cabinet replacement. Interestingly, X is in the process of “revolutionizing” their fleet and are doing total cabin overhauls, cabinets included. We loved the new cabins but many people do not like the more modern design. Maybe someone can chime in that has a seen a total cabin gutting on RCI, but it is definitely not a drydock standard. We primarily sail in insides and the occasional suite but have never done an RS so cannot speak for the the high level cabins.
  3. I don’t think they are experiencing tough times. I think they are just trying to expand their customer base. The cruise lines know that eventually people die or have health issues and need to be replaced. The way to breed loyalty is by introducing kids at a young age to cruising. Worked for me in the 1990s. If all the cruise lines we went on in the 90s and early 2000s, I enjoyed RCI and X the best. That was even when the ONLY kid friendly amenity was initially a pool and then eventually the Splendour cane among and had a Mini golf course that blew our minds. I didnt board my first mega ship until the Liberty in 2012, but i had such great memories of my times on the Monarch and Splendour, that when it came time to take my family on a cruise we took the Liberty. They want to “get ‘em while they are young!” Also enticing the late 30 and early 40s crowd onto a cruise ship with KSF is also an easy way to grow a new customer base. The easiest way to fill boats if they are having “tough times” is to just drop the price of the cruises which has sadly not been happening.
  4. Yes, the number of Caribbean births double as Alaska and Europe turn to winter and if you’re going for cheap Caribbean hurricane season is the time to do it. However, if you are going for ports, the school season is the only time to do some itineraries. Many ships don’t repo till early Nov. out of Europe and that’s when they tend to hit the Holy land. The most exotic and distant itineraries tend to run only when school is in session. Such as the South American, Aus/NZ, Southeast Asia, Dubai-India routes. If you want to cruise there it’s only during the school year as that’s the summer time for the Aussies and SA, and they haven’t pulled the ships to go to Alaska or to Europe. It’s very aggravating for us, as we have done the vast majority of places that RCI and X hit during the summer months, minus the Galapagos. (Daughter is only 4. Just too young to go. Most tour operators have a minimum of 6 years of age.)
  5. Agree. With the KSF, some sailing are notably cheaper than similar on RCI. We just booked a 7 night Alaska on eclipse in June 2020 before the beverage package surcharge kicked in and for 2700 dollars for 2 adults and 2 kids with all 4 perks!!! On RCI the same equivalent cruise on serenade for 7 nights was 3600 and no perks. That is an absolute bargain for a family of 4. I was blown away by the price and we get better service and food on top of that.
  6. While I have not been on the vision since 2008, when i saw it in Feb docked next to the Enchantment in Nassau I could not believe how good she looked compared to the Enchantment. It made me realize how sad the Enchantment looked. The vision truly looked like she just came out of drydock. Sparkling white and beautiful windows. You coulda sold me on that she was a new ship. The Grandeur doesn’t look as good as the Vision, but it his heads and tails above the enchantment which imo needs an all out extensive drydock just for PAINT and window cleaning.
  7. Yes, I am assuming you are from the Uk based on your sig. we have met many people from the UK that have told us about the fines. 😞
  8. While they are not likely straight A and all going to Harvard, I would wager the students that travel have a better gpa and SAT score than the average student. Basic demographics state that. To travel, you have to have some degree of expendable income. To travel over the ponds you really need a steady stream of income. People with a decent income likely value education to some degree and will invest more in their kids education because they value it, and because they can afford it. Obviously there are exceptions, but as a whole I am betting the kids that travel tend to do decent in school. And I am talking traveling to see new countries and cultures, not just going to Disney and a bunch of beaches.
  9. For the Caribbean we typically go RCI or Disney, but as I stated in some previous post at some point you exhaust what RCI can offer. We are down to our last RCI Cruises, a Aus/NZ and the Arctic TA that goes to Greenland/Norway/Iceland on the brilliance next sept and we are tapped out on RCI except for the short Asia cruise market, some random ports in the med, and a transpacific which I just can’t take off for 22 days of work for. After that it’s all X cruises as we are out of itineraries on RCI except for the occasional Caribbean/Bahamas break. We did do the summit to Bermuda in August and I must say the kids program is very good. Better than RCI and more organized I felt. While the ship doesn’t have the bells and whistles, the youth staff was very good and better than RCI imo.
  10. We have done the explorer, anthem, adventure, and summit out of Bayonne, and the Grandeur our of Baltimore. From where we live it is 4 more hours of driving to get to Bayonne. While that might not seem like much it’s the difference between getting off the boat and getting home by 4 or getting home by 8-9 with traffic. For us it’s not that big of a deal, but for many people I know they’d just rather not drive the extra 4 hours. Thank goodness RCI goes out of Bayonne. Nice and easy. Disney and NCL go out of manhattan and that is an absolute riot. You can tack on an extra 1-2 hours dealing with manhattan. Both getting there and getting off.
  11. Guess that came off wrong. I meant the lemon drop is a pain. Lol!
  12. Ironically, the Grandeur is still one of them, at least as of Oct 3rd when my wife got of her. Of all the RCI ships I have cruised on, it’s the least formal, from my anecdotal observations.
  13. Great idea! I love my wife, but they are such a pain to walk around with.
  14. Lol. As you well know that hasn’t been remotely enforced since the vouchers came out. They really just need to take down the sign in the same way the have gone to “dress your best” instead of formal night. If they did enforce it I don’t think the waiters have enough space to serve drinks.
  15. I think this is an unfair generalization. There are too many reasons to list why a parent may take child on X as we have. Sure RCI, DCL, and CCL have more for kids, but is life really all about ice skating rinks, bumper cars, and water slides?? Maybe, just maybe, some parents want to expose their children to the world and other cultures rather than just going to the same beaches year in and year out. Maybe they want them to gain appreciation of how people in other countries and cultures live and how lucky they may be to have a roof over their head and a warm meal everyday.
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