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  1. Thank you for the kind words. We were hoping to keep it more up to date, but life gets in the way. Cruising with littles ones isn’t nearly as easy as cruising without them. However, not having to clean and cook is worth the cost of admission alone imo. The rest is just gravy.
  2. The adventure does not have a nursery. We just took our 3 now 4 year old daughter on it last Sept along with our 7 year old son. It was on our blog You can read about our whole cruise on a day by day basis here. It is not monetized and has no advertising. https://thesmallworldfamily.com/2018/09/01/canada-and-new-england-cruise-live-blog-day-2/
  3. As far as I know, Disney does not own DreamWorks. Fox does not own dreamworks, and therefore it was not acquired during the Fox Deal. . DreamWorks is owned by NBCUniversal last I remember, but am not 100% sure.
  4. Yes. They have been doing this for at least the last 8 years or so. For a sailing with a 6:00pm main dinner you meet them at about 6:40-6:50 at the entrance and drop your kids off there. Just make sure you tell your waiter so they can bring the food quicke
  5. The nursery has a variety of things to choose from. The typical chicken fingers, fries, pizza, fruit, veggies, yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc. AO only has cheese or pepperoni pizza and fries. There is no other option. This is on every ship we have been on and we have been on over half the fleet, so sadly the AO crowd gets a much more limited menu that the nursery and toddlers. They go to the Windjammer as a group and eat there. Kids dinner is on pretty much every night but the first on the Oasis class ships, and is about the half the time or a little more on the smaller ships. It varies from ship to ship and based on itinerary. They once told me it is on formal nights and port days, but I have found that info to be incorrect. They always have it on formal night.
  6. Shrek and other characters would randomly stop by the kids program from time to time. My kids enjoyed the visits.
  7. Even so you could probably use a vpn. Would need someone to confirm.
  8. The TV used to be great. First run movies playing on repeat for free. As with everything on RCI it has been cut back to almost nothing. It’s a miracle they even have some programming. you should be on. Haven’t been on allure but I’d if it is like Oasis should have no issues. We hooked up our Nintendo switch no issues.
  9. Depends on the TV and ship. As long as you have access to an hdmi port and the remote allows you to switch inputs you are good. On the Oasis and the Grandeur we have been able too. Never tried on many other ships as didn’t have a reason. We are also huge for fans and stayed in our cabin last cruise and skipped almost all entertainment to order room service and watch GOT, lol.
  10. At the rate RCI has been cutting TV entertainment it’s a miracle they have any channels that aren’t port shopping, the daily show, or next cruise.
  11. This includes drinks in pineapples. They charge money for the pineapple.
  12. My daughter just turned 4 and has spent 96 nights on a cruise ship and and my son just turned 8 and is 140+ days. They both started cruising when they were 9 and 15 months respectively. This includes TAs and repos and longer cruises. We live cruising with our kids. It is a different experience and as long as you are ok with that you will be ok. Just adjust expectations.
  13. A.)Not all ships have smart TVs that allow access to the account. The Grandeur does not. B.) GS is normally pretty good with removing charges when you complain, but I and several others on this thread have had to really go to bat to remove charges at times. Typically not a big deal, but it can be annoying. Esp. If GS line is long or concierges are busy. C.) yes, I am trusting as well, however, what incentive does the CruiseLine have to improve a system that is making errors in favor of the CruiseLine and earning them more money? I am sure it is not at the top of their « we need to fix it list ».
  14. Absolutely! For price it is the best bang for buck room out there by far! ESpecially now that it has GS privileges. The only negative is that in rough waters it feels like a roller coaster. Being high and on the bow it is a rough ride. Totally different experience there than a lower deck aft or midship.
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