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  1. I have tried to search for answers to this on the X website, blogs, and on CC and seem to be missing findjnf anything. Is Camp at sea (kids club) open? If so what are the protocols? Do they only have so many sessions a cruise? RCI only allows X number of sessions per cruise. Do you have to prebook the kids club? anyone that has been on X since restarting any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. It spilled over to deck 3 in blaze across from the comedy club like you said. Also the 3 drink vouchers like always.
  3. We did a 12 night souther Caribbean on the Grandeur with a 2 and 7 year old. No issues. It was fine. The only thing is the nursery on the grandeur is closed during the midday, but that won’t be an issue for you because you have grandparents. We did it with an inside cabin for 4, and during nap time one of us would just read a kindle or watch the iPad while the little one slept. Prior to Covid we’d do the grandeur at least once per year. The nursery is open for open play midday while the nursery is closed for actual child care. Only annoying thing is food options on the grandeur aren’t the greatest for little kids, but you can always scrounge up something so it’s not a big issue. Have a great time! Our family loves the Grandeur and will miss it when she moves to Barbados. Not so excited about enchantment. Didn’t really enjoy her as much the last time we were on her. The DL on Grandeur is nice because it is right next to schooner in the aft where it carved out a piece of the lounge. Overflow was so easy as it just expanded into the nearby lounge. Enchantments DL is TINY with no views except of the ceiling....
  4. RCI and NCL have the best entertainment, but it can be very ship dependent. The Oasis and Anthem class ships in the RCI fleet have a wide variety but the smaller vision and radiance and smaller class ships have very limited entertainment. Activities wise, RCI, NCL and CCL all have a large quantity of activities and it is highly ship dependent, so ultimately, you will need to do some research regarding the individual ship you would be booming. The entertainment on X, HAL, And Princess are not bad, it’s just that the more family focused lines have a wider variety of entertainment and activities.
  5. Been on all on that list except costa and MSC. It would take a post a mile long to encompass all the differences and similarities between the lines. Could you be maybe a little more specific as to what you are specifically looking for and what is important to you?
  6. Yes it operates the exact same. But keep in mind different ships may have different hours for the nursery, but the kids club hours are standardized on all ships. There can be some variability regarding adventure time dining so that may not be as consistent we have found, but the standard hours of 9-12, 2-5, 7-10 (with late night party zone) for the kids club are standardized regardless of itinerary.
  7. I ask because I grew up in Russell, so I am a Red Devil at heart (sorry, just can’t root for the Tomcats😀), and we live in Ashland now. Ashland is a pretty sad place now. Most would be kicking and screaming being drug to Ashland and definitely not the other way around. Since Ashland moved the HQ, and Armco/AK steel got shutdown along with OLBH there isn’t much left. It’s pretty much a ghost town. My son is D on his own points since he was 5. Was scheduled to make D+ by 9 this last Sept but Covid hit. My daughter was even faster. Hit D by 3 on own points. Obviously they get the D+ by parental transference. We have never had another passenger complain in the D lounge about our kids being there. Most are very friendly to them and some even play with them for a short bit. We drive to Baltimore and catch the Grandeur a bit and also cruise out of Bayonne on occasion. On a rare occasion fly to FL for a cruise but are more likely to fly to Europe or some other exotic if we have to get on a plane as it’s not that much more to go over the pond if we are hopping on a plane. It’s such a small world.
  8. It was on the Freedom. The moment we walked in we never even got to try and sit. The Concierge immediately came over and asked us to leave. We were on the Brilliance in 2014 with just our 3 year old at the time, as our daughter was not yet born, on a Northern Atlantic TA from London to Boston and no issues. Went every night for 14 nights. The 7 night Caribbean we got rejected within 20 seconds of walking in the door. We just dropped the kids off at the nursery and kids club when it opened at 7 after that first night and went without them. It was highly inconsistent for a while and seemed to depend on the ship and concierge and now they seem to have revised the policies for consistency and kids are allowed with parents now without question. We haven’t had an issue since that 2015 Freedom cruise. Prior to them stabilizing the policy situation we found they were much less likely to say anything if they were using overflow. On the Freedom they were not using overflow at the time. Totally off topic, but are you from Ashland, KY? Just curious based on your name.
  9. Thankfully the Diamond lounge policy regarding kids has gotten much laxer over the last couple years as the Average age of diamonds has dropped. In 2015 she got kicked out at 9 months of age (as did my 5 year old) but now when we go to the DL and CL they immediately get them a sprite (their favorite) in regards to the MDR, we find it very accommodating toward kids and the waiters do an amazing job. We like to go for breakfast as it is much more relaxing that getting up 50 times to fetch a napkin, food, drink, etc.
  10. From your previous statements there was no indication you were referring to land vacations, and never in my comments was there ever mention of quarantine. The comments were strictly related to living life on land vs a day (good or bad) on a cruise ship. I cannot imagine many people who would choose ship quarantine over a regular day at home on land. For many that vacation on land, especially families with school age children, that often means renting a beach condo, a cabin in the woods, or an Airbnb. For a family, that often entails some degree of cleaning and cooking.
  11. For most parents I know, virtual schooling takes the same amount of time it took for us when we homeschooled our kids, which is about 2-3 hours based on the assignments for the days. That being said homeschooling is easier than virtual school, but for logistical reasons we have stopped homeschooling. My kids have been in school the entire year in person. Their school day is 7 hours and about 15 min-1 hour of Homework. They are in kindergarten and 4th grade. We have homeschooled them on a ship and it has gone relatively well. And due to quarantine requirements due to travel have virtually schooled them on occasion on return from travel. I do not see how it is such a sad concept to say a bad day on a cruise is better than being on land. On land no one cooks and cleans up my home. There isn’t entertainment readily available or immediate social interaction steps from my door (pre Covid). Even if I have a bad day on vacation, I still don’t have to find food or clean. If vacation wasn’t better than life on land why spend the cash to go on a vacation? Do I enjoy land? Absolutely, but even if something goes wrong on a cruise there are still many amenities available that we do not have easy access to on land.
  12. Because a day on a cruise ship doing 2-3 hours of work is still a infinitely better than a day on land. Its just like how those that say, “Even a bad day on a cruise is still better than a day on land.” Same concept.
  13. I don’t think it took the pandemic to figure that out.
  14. Yes. We just had to have our kids recently just miss school for 2 days when we were in Hawaii due to Hawaii being 5 hours behind the East coast and they are sleeping when it’s 9AM EDT and 4AM in Hawaii. The TA is tempting because it puts them a couple hours ahead based on where you are in the Atlantic Ocean, so they will easily be awake for a virtual class if the teacher has one that day.
  15. I have done 4 TAs with my kids. Ages as low as 13 months. On these cruises we have had anywhere from 6-29 children ages 0-18 years of age. There are practically no kids on TAs. We have done 3 on RCI and 1 on NCL. Virtually no kids on either line.
  16. Maybe I missed it, but in the articles you quoted it never explicitly states in the actual body of the article that the vaccine “does not” prevent infection. The healthline article states that in the initial bullet point, but the experts in the actual body of the article say that they “don’t know” if it prevents infection or not or if just prevents severe disease. It is still being studied, but as another poster mentioned, a lack of evidence showing that the vaccine does not prevent infection, does not mean that it doesn’t. We just don’t know at this time. In the mean time we need to keep distancing and wearing masks regardless if you are vaccinated or not unfortunately.
  17. I think non refundable started either really late 2017 or early 2018. Our TA got caught off guard and didn’t realize they started the non refundable deposits and made one of our deposits under nonrefundable when it shouldn’t have been as we were not made aware that nonrefundable had become an option. Not 100 percent sure of exactly when it started but I think it was in that vicinity.
  18. I agree it’s all health “theater” except for the masks, but we aren’t here for a science debate. Really the #1 main thing that reduces risk is just staying outdoors or indoors in a very well ventilated environment. Like I said, it’s all about personal preference. For us, taking a couple seconds to have a temp check, wash hands and wear a mask isn’t a big deal. Some People are willing to get banned from airlines they believe it’s such an inconvenience or imposes on their freedoms. Ultimately, no one is forcing anyone to take a vacation during a pandemic so nothing is lost for most people who don’t want to cruise or vacation like this, but much is gained for people who desperately need a vacation so they can at least get a modified vacation.
  19. Yes. Exactly. We need to stop the disinformation now. No one has ever said that the vaccine DOES NOT stop you from spreading the virus. We simply DO NOT KNOW. We know the vaccine stops people 100 percent of the time based on the trials from getting severe disease and 95 percent of the time from mild disease. The trials were not designed to figure out if it was slowing spread. As more data comes out, the researchers will be able to stratify the data and make that conclusion.
  20. My family of four (two kids, 5 and 10) has been traveling throughout the whole pandemic. No longer cruising obviously, but now doing national park road trips out west, gone to Hawaii, resorts, Disney, amusement parks, and weekend trips to many cities. I would go on a cruise if they offered it in a heartbeat. Is it ideal to have to wear a mask and distance. No, but I wear a mask all day at work and so does my wife, so it’s become completely second nature to me. As long as it’s not hot outside I barely even remember it’s there at this point. Same with my kids. They go to school, distance and wear a mask all day every day. So it’s just standard procedure now. My kids even wear their masks in the house sometime and I have to remind them they can take it off On the flip side of all the restrictions, is the fact that for the most part, lines and waits for things are notably shorter. Disney is sooo easy to do during the pandemic. While we miss the parades and fireworks and shows, the ease of getting through the park without a mass of people counterbalances it to some degree. This is the same thing at resort properties. The lines for water slides,” are almost nonexistent now. Elevator lines have not been an issue for us. Same when going to many tourist attractions. You have room to breathe. You aren’t pushing to get views of things. Yes we have had to schedule pool time, fitness room time, etc. but it hasn’t been an issue for us. Many places that were over touristed now feel like crowds from decades ago. I do a lot of photography, so the lack of crowds makes taking pics sooo much easier. Is it ideal? No. But for us it’s better than nothing, and in some respects more enjoyable. Would it be ideal for many, no, especially if you are high risk. But everyone has limits on what they tolerate on a vacation. Hopefully the vaccine gets us back to normal as we do miss cruises, but have been able to do things we otherwise wouldn’t have considered. Due to our jobs, I have already gotten both doses and my wife gets her second next week. Sadly our kids will be the last in line due to their age.
  21. Hawaii has managed to get 19 providers including Walgreens and CVS in the US onboard an electronic verification system. A small number, I know compared to the thousands of providers. The most likely scenario is there is a company that gets hired to verify uploaded results. Each country has people who are working at home that are hired for no other purpose other than to call clinics and hospitals to verify vaccinations. This would not be outside the realm of reason given we already have many people hired to do background checks for other reasons. This person would verify your uploaded result. The main incentive for countries would obviously be that the easier it is to get people into the country the more tourist dollars they can get. At this point it’s likely gonna be a race to open up safely. We have traveled a lot during this pandemic, and every place we have gone, we went simply because it was one of the few open options. When talking to most of these places (Hawaii, various national parks, tour agencies, local resorts) the destinations that are still open mostly say they have maintained the same level of business as before the pandemic (Disney being the main exception, but that is due to self imposed park limits at this point). Logic dictates that the loss of some of the market due to Covid is counterbalanced by the fact that due to the lack of travel options people who would not have gone to these places otherwise are booking trips just because it’s open. The faster a country can open, the faster they can get the economy running and resume their tourist industry. That will be the main incentive for any country to get onboard with some international vaccine passport system.
  22. This is what the IATA (international air transport association) is working on.The IATA is the global trade association for the world's airlines. They encompass almost 300 airlines. https://www.iata.org/en/programs/passenger/travel-pass/ It will be digital. Hopefully it will be nice and easy as well. A roll out encompassing the world is gonna be interesting though. Trying to get all the labs, clinics, and hospitals on the same page..... it’ll be a ride. Hope they can pull it off.
  23. From my understanding the airlines are working on a way to have a “vaccine passport” per say, so there is verification and you can’t game the system. We went to Hawaii for NYE and they have many safeguards set up to verify your Covid negative status. Including electronic verification. We had to manually upload our test results to the Hawaii travel safe site and then they had to verify results. The site specifically has a spot where it states “verified” or “unverified.” Under your Covid test results. Once verified it spits out the QR code you need to rent a car, get a hotel room, etc. The people looking at the QR code’s we encountered were very thorough. They wanted to see you manually log in to the site, then required a goverment issued ID to correspond your name to the QR code. They would not accept screen shots. They wanted to see me actually log in to prove I wasn’t gaming the system. If Hawaii can do it so they can get visitors onto those islands, I have no doubt the Cruiselines may be able to piggy back on the airlines upcoming vaccine passport efforts or just come up with a verification system on their own. They will pay whatever it takes to get those ships sailing at this point.
  24. I 100 Percent agree with vaccination on all fronts and we are not just talking Covid. I got out of general pediatrics and moved into a specialty due to the exhausting debates over the MMR vaccines I was having with parents that “did their research.” I do not think I was ever responding to you and did not miss your point. In all honesty I do not think I read whatever post you posted so I apologize if I it sounded like I was stating that Covid is not an issue or causing hospitalizations. I do not think any of my posts have ever said that. The main reason to vaccinate children is to prevent spread of disease leading to hospitalizations in the higher risk and older population. I was simply pointing out that deaths for kids (and hospitalizations for that matter) from Covid are not an issue. We need to vaccinate everyone for sure. And in my other post, our rural regional hospital is bursting at the seams from Covid. We had 93 Covid admissions today and have shut down our pediatric ward to make room for Covid patients. I am well aware that the hospitals are bursting. I deal with it daily.
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