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  1. We have purchased the non alcoholic drink packages. Health reasons. What are some fufu drinks we can try!
  2. Came across this today while doing some research. After 5 years I get to cross this off my bucket list!!! IT'S FINALLY HERE! We are sailing in 2 weeks on Ovation to Alaska. I saw in early August on social media a picture of the Northern lights from The Ovation of the Seas. Not holding my breath but fingers are crossed!!!
  3. We have done this exact thing. Check in with CASH and then changed to card at check in on the ship. This was because I was waiting to get a new card in the mail before we left.
  4. We had a girls trip on a Brilliance I think. My daughter won the first day spa raffle. I want to say $200. She opted for a hair color change while on the ship. Was blond and went brunette or vice versa. She changes color often. I think it used all of the credit she won or most of it. Because of the color change and her sea pass card she was complemented often when using her sea pass card. Hope this gives you a little first hand information. FYI she was early 20's when we did this.
  5. My experience has always been, decorations are up when we get to the cabin at 1pm or when cabins are ready. Food deliveries have varied. sometimes there when cabins are ready, sometimes just on the first day. I don't remember if they were cookies at 1pm and strawberries later or Champagne at 1pm but always on the first day. Double surprise for hubby and girls when it's not all at once.
  6. I If I am flexible, is it cheaper on the ship than pre purchasing?
  7. Is it best to make a reservation BEFORE the cruise in the cruise planner? Or if I wait until we board, will I still be able to make a reservation?
  8. If I try his and I like it, he may not give up the rest!! LOL😂
  9. Thanks!!! Can I get dessert to go and eat it back at my cabin?
  10. I can pay $50 per person. Then do I order what I want? Can I order steak and shrimp/lobster? Can I order 2 appetizers like in the MDR? 2 desserts? What if I don't like it, can I order something else? We've never done any specialty restaurants before so I'd like to know what I'm doing before we just show up at our reservation time? Thanks for any and all information. 85 days, but I'm not counting 🤩
  11. My daughter and son went on and RC cruise several months ago. Bought alcohol package for her and drink package for son. Added a 2nd adult last minute and did not have to purchase alcohol package for added adult. Loophole or not, I don't know. She was prepared to buy a package but no one said anything so she didn't.
  12. I'm going in September and would love to see some recommendations. I would rather be prepared and not need something, than to not pack it and need it and refuse to buy it because its more expensive wherever I am.
  13. If all I want to do is text and receive photos from texting, (maybe videos from texting), will that be fine, or will I be better off just not getting the surf and stream? If I dont' get it and then just when I am in Alaska ports and my ATT is covered in my phone plan, send and receive my texts then?
  14. I just read a post about new freestyle cups. What cups do they have on Ovation now? The new plastic ones with handle and straw or the old harder plastic with slider lid? Thanks
  15. That helps. We are on deck 11 starboard. So smoke will be above me. I read the other one is a lower deck 4 or 5 ? But port side. Thanks for the info.
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