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  1. I have done both. First ordered from the cruise planner it was just hubby and I. It was a surprise for him. Walking down the hall to our cabin he remarked that "Oh we should have done that". Got to our cabin and Voila! It was decorated similar to the photo above. I thought about ordering cake or something but like others have said, you can get the same or similar items for free if you just ask. Second time it was a bachlorette group. 7 of us. 2 kept the bachlorette occupied while the rest decorated the cabins. It took a little work and was def alot cheaper but we managed.
  2. If you're female, don't forget a bra. You might have to borrow your daughters!!! Just a suggestion 😉
  3. My thought process when I originally got MY info was for a totally different person to cruise with one of the original passengers. The info I thought I was remembering would not matter who cruised or name changed because anyone could use it. I am now looking for where I read that because it seems now that info has changed (go figure) and our original group plan will change yet again. I know this is new for everyone and info changes daily so it doesn't matter what happens one day, tomorow could be different. Just hoping to cruise again someday and soon.
  4. I thought I received some info that because of this covid mess, it can be used for another person? Just book your cruise and enter the FCC number and it would be applied even if the name did not match. I have not tried it yet but was planning on it when the time came. Oh gosh, was I dreaming! 😵
  5. I got the survey also. I have skimmed thru these answers but wanted to add that my cruise is for August of this year, 2021. I booked our cruise in January of 2021. So the logic that when you booked your cruise might be a factor (?) maybe.
  6. Oh, good. thanks for your reply. That's what I get for getting to excited to book a cruise because I can and not reading it thru. Normally I choose our cabin but for this one i don't even care. I won't even mind the "new normal", I do it at home anyway.
  7. I am following this thread and think I MAY have messed up!!! Just because who knows when we will start cruising again and I'd rather use than loose my credits, I booked an August 2021 cruisie for hubby and I. I'm ready to get away. I figure what the heck, I'll let them choose my balcony cabin. On this cruise, I don't even care which deck, where, nothing. EXCEPT.......... I want an ocean view not an inside view! I will get my paperwork and reread it to make sure if it's an oceanview guarantee or a balcony guarantee. It's the Independence of the Seas.
  8. Does anyone know the email for the dining dept on Independence of the Seas? When cruising starts up I would like to send a request. Fingers crossed it happens soon. Thanks
  9. 6 people are booked in 2 cabins. 4 of us are going and are checked in and ready to print our set sail passes. 2 are NOT going. I will not cancel them so as not to confuse RC. Do I still need to check them in and then be no shows, or don't check them in and be no shows? Until I hear otherwise, I am still hoping, planning and packing ! 🙂 Thanks for any replies.
  10. The last time I sailed was October 2019. We did have to go to a muster station then. I know each ship may be different. How will they know you watched the video before checking in? I only question this because we heard ALOT of grumbling from many cruisers (I assume those that cruise alot and watching the video over and over is annoying to them) and will they really watch the video in their cabin or just go have their seapass card scanned anyway. Just thinking out loud. Thanks twangster
  11. Does anyone know where a map or chart of the muster stations can be found? Specifically C10 ? Still holding out that we will still sail in December. Thanks
  12. WELP!! I called and after thinking about it, what I want to do is NOT possible. I have paid for a 3 person cabin. If 1 person doesn't go, we basically just get the taxes back. As if that person no showed. The 3rd person can't get FCC because we have paid for a 3 person cabin even if there are 2 people in the cabin. DUH!!! I did get confused on if the other 4 still going, move to a 4 person cabin, technically RC should owe us money because of what we have already paid. But you know how their math works, we would still owe over $2,000. SOOOOO, I guess we
  13. Does anyone know or have experience with.... We have 2 cabins with 3 passengers in each cabin. Both cabins have a 3rd pullman bed. 6 total and paid in full. Can 2 of these passengers request FCC and the other 4 be moved into a different cabin? Still hoping to sail to sail in December but some in our group are not so sure. Thanks for your replies
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