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  1. ParrotheadKev

    A Winter Escape: Miracle return to the West

    Thanks for your review. We love the Miracle. We are so happy that it's going to be back in San Diego. A short Uber ride to the port. We loved the Red Frog Pub on it last time.
  2. ParrotheadKev

    Issue with Pre-booking Dining Online for NCL Joy

    You are right. @ Day 70 the reservations started working on the website and in the APP. Looking forward to the cruise.
  3. ParrotheadKev

    Issue with Pre-booking Dining Online for NCL Joy

    I also had call NCL and talk to Rep. in order to book our dinner reservations. I was able to book Cagney's and Teppanyki. I was unable to book Ocean Blue as they told me "It's not finalized, and I have to book on the ship" We sail on May 18th
  4. ParrotheadKev

    NCL Joy Dry Dock

    They now have "Footloose" on the Entertainment page as well as "Wine Lovers the Musical" It looks like things are moving along
  5. ParrotheadKev

    Group dining question

    They start taking reservations 130 (Suite+) day, 120 days for the rest. I'm on the Joy May 18th and already have booked for two restaurants. Was told Ocean Blue was not finalized yet.
  6. ParrotheadKev

    Speciality Dining Reservations

    Thanks for the information. Being from San Diego. Home of cheap Mexican food. Would rather have Ocean Blue...But we are on vacation...so who cares
  7. ParrotheadKev

    Speciality Dining Reservations

    Today was the first day that we could make reservations for our May18th cruise on the Joy. Calling the NCL # they were able to get me reservations for Teppenyaki, Cagney's But I was told that they have not finalized(?) Ocean Blue so it was not available to make reservations. And to Check back in a while.
  8. I have a question. About a Week ago I logged in my Cruise Planner, and there were about 70+ Shore Excursions listed. I was able to book the ones we wanted. Now onto Today. I logged back in and there are only 8 Excursions listed the ones we booked are no longer listed. They do show as being booked when I look at my ports. Now on to my question/concern. What happened to the other 60+, Sold out, canceled? Is this normal?
  9. I'm So happy, you are doing another review. I have been waiting. Following along.
  10. ParrotheadKev

    Bliss Diversion

    Largest cruise ship to ever stop in San Diego
  11. ParrotheadKev

    Bliss Diversion

    I can't wait for the Bliss to stop in San Diego. We'll be on the Joy in May. I'm going to have to go down and see it. San Diego has the best beer scene in the country. There are 178 craft brewers in the county. There are some great brewery's with in walking distance of the pier, Karl Strauss on Columbia St. One of the first in city. Bolt brewing in little Italy. And of course Stone Brewing in Liberty Station(Uber) What ever you do Welcome an Enjoy San Diego.
  12. ParrotheadKev

    Norwegian Joy

    We are booked in a Mid Ship Balcony So I called yesterday concerning this promotion. When I talked to the agent. The credit was $200, But the price of our stateroom had risen by $200. So it turned out to be a wash .
  13. ParrotheadKev

    Norwegian Joy

    We were booked in a Ocean View Obstructed on the Pearl. They do not have that Category on the Joy. So they moved us to Deck 5 Ocean View Guaranteed. Which I did like the idea of not knowing our room. I called NCL and they were able to move us to a Balcony on Deck 8 (steps from the Brew House ,don't judge) . They were happy to take my money. So if you are uncertain if that room is for you. Give them an call and see what they can do. But you'll have fun no matter what.
  14. ParrotheadKev

    Balcony sizes on Joy?

    We changed our room on Saturday from an Ocean View Picture Window to a Balcony. Wanted deck 8 for the convenience to the District Brew House (:DDon't Judge ) They booked us into stateroom 8748. She starting laughing and said that the balcony is 150sf. The room is right on the Bump out. We booked it for our Alaskan cruise in May of 2019
  15. ParrotheadKev

    Breakaway - Live 7/22

    You might have just started a National Controversy with that Trump Coffee Cup mixed in With Vladimir Putin Coffee cup:D