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  1. Is anyone else having issues trying to get into the Cruise Planner? I keep getting an error and to try again later. Thanks.
  2. I have not heard of Marc - and I will be on the Allure in December. Thoughts on him? Thanks.
  3. Thanks - I didn't realize that. But I still can't wait 😁
  4. Awesome. I was on the Allure in January 2019 and loved the show. Will be back on the ship in December 2021 - and my daughter will be so excited about seeing that show.
  5. Surrocruiser - this is actually from the Oasis - but close enough.
  6. Hello everyone. Couple of questions if you don't mind. 1. I am booked in a Grand Suite - so I will be able to use the Coastal Kitchen (which is a wonderful thing). However, is the Coastal Kitchen open for lunch on embarkation day? On a previous sailing I had the Key (no suite) - and really enjoyed a nice sit down lunch. 2. Fort Lauderdale terminal - is there a separate area for the suites when getting checked in? I know that there was in Miami but have never been to Lauderdale. Thanks in advance.
  7. Found an awesome video - answered my question. :-)
  8. Just booked the two bedroom grand suite on the Allure. I have looked at the various videos but cannot tell where the closets are for clothing. I saw one in the second inside room. Is there one in the master bedroom? Thanks in advance.
  9. If I get the FCC - can I apply it to another cruise that I already have booked (in December) but have not fully paid for yet? Just confused because the wording says I can apply it to any new cruise. Thanks.
  10. I may have missed this - but does anyone know which vaccine they are getting? I was just wondering if the cruise lines were going with the one shot J&J or the two shot Moderna/Pfizer. The one shot logistically makes things easier - but the two shot is more protective (just based on what I have been reading). I was just curious.
  11. Same here. Hoping it happens. Supposed to be on Oasis out of Bayonne this August - not counting on that one.
  12. Soremekun - mine is in August. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  13. I have read a bunch on the possible opening of the ports in Florida. However, I have not heard anything about the opening of Cape Liberty in New Jersey. Even if cruising does start up again - what are the chances that Cape Liberty will be open?
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