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  1. 1. I think all the cruise lines requiring tests before departure have standardized on two days and not just 48 hours. 2. The at-home test mentioned and linked by Princess and proctored by eMed is considered medically supervised. They do require the tester to have a camera to properly complete. 3. The Moderna booster should be available soon.
  2. CVS I know is free for either the PCR or antigen tests. They'll either bill your insurance, or if you don't have insurance, they'll bill the U.S. government. I think Walgreens' customer billing policy is similar, but don't quote me on it.
  3. My pre-trip testing history and plans: September 2021, Celebrity Summit - ordered two proctored at-home tests, only used one October 2021, not a cruise - heading to my "local" (60 miles away) CVS for a rapid antigen test, at-home test held as a backup November 2021, Regal Princess - good time to use that second at-home test, I think March 2022 and beyond - hope pre-cruise testing is no longer required
  4. According to one of the cruisers on the 10/18 cruise (also with the 80s theme) who has access to the schedule, the Hall & Oates tribute act will get two shows in the main theater on Monday.
  5. No need to apologize for the WiFi struggles. I've been there. As far as sailing with limited crowds, welcome to the Summit in late 2021! I'd love to be able to experience it again, but I fear it's going to be back to normal by the time I can find a suitable window. I like your style! Keep us updated!
  6. Probably, but (1) it's just a few dollars per test, (2) the cruise lines could use the $$$, and (3) the tests don't cost any less if you order direct from Optum or eMed. I'm OK with it either way.
  7. I'm on the same cruise and have the same answer. 80s FOREVER! WOO!! (sorry)
  8. It's been noticed. There's a separate thread on just this change: I'm not a fan.🤬 That's all I'll say.
  9. I didn't notice any bingo on the Summit when I sailed on her three weeks ago.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Most of this is old hat by now, but I was hoping they would cut us some slack with the mask thing. Celebrity doesn't require them and they seem to be doing all right. Then again, their passenger loads are generally lower...
  11. On the Carnival ships I've been on there have been several types of tables in their MDRs - the round ones that will hold 4-12, the booths that will hold 4-8, and long tables that will hold a lot of people but have a little bit extra space between chairs. The latter are your best best if you want to sit alone (sort of) but talk to the people around you if you like. Let the person that greets you in the dining room know what you'd like and they'll try their best to make it happen. You might have to wait for a situation that's to your liking, but it doesn't sound like that's too important to you. Whatever you come up with, good luck on your cruises!
  12. I was also on the Summit two weeks ago! Were you perhaps one of the passengers I saw there? Anyway, with everyone but the kiddies fully vaxxed, very few ankle biters onboard, and the crew all in masks, I felt super safe. Oh, and the hand washing stations helped a bit too.
  13. For the at-home test made by Abbott, proctored by eMed, and sold by Optum, currently proctors are available 24/7. My understanding is this test is good ONLY for U.S. residents. It can be used at home, or in a foreign country for test documentation for use by the airlines to allow return to the U.S. Each country has their own testing requirements and their own list of tests that they're wiling to accept. This stuff changes so often it'll make your head spin if you follow it too closely. 😱 8 months from now the test requirements might be completely different, or even completely gone. My advice is not to worry too much about it until much later.
  14. Hi, GenX! Thanks for sharing! I was on the Summit a few weeks ago. If a great crew, great food, and ample drinks are what you want from this cruise, I'm certain you'll get them all in abundance - like I did (well, I don't know about the drinks part, but I suspect strongly). You'll probably have a lot of company staying in suites, but there may not be too many passengers in the other sections of the ship. If you happen to hear the passenger count, it would be wonderful for you to pass it along. Thanks again and have a great time!
  15. It's a couple of levels down in the travel requirements for US cruises. Here's the direct link to the test sales page: https://store.optum.com/celebrity-cruises .
  16. You're welcome. AFAIK = As Far As I Know in Internet shorthand.
  17. AFAIK they're open all holidays, but Thanksgiving will be the biggest American holiday by far since Celebrity has recommended this test. I guess we'll see if this will crash their system.
  18. I started testing at 1:30 AM EDT and finished about 2 AM. This was about three weeks ago.
  19. It is. Several of them are using the Summit. It will be interesting to see how it all works out, considering these charters are mostly sold out, and the CDC may have a thing or two to say about allowing ships to sail full at that point.
  20. Yes, it's being chartered for several music-themed cruises in January through March. You can go through the list at Themed Cruises, Music Cruises & More | Celebrity Cruises .
  21. Yeah, deck four for me too. P.S. I said in my post above that I disembarked the Summit last week. It was actually two weeks ago. I apologize for any confusion.
  22. First of all, thank you DCPIV for this thread. I appreciated you posting the details of your trip. I got off the Summit last week. We had about 320 passengers. I guessed, based on Summit's capacity and what I experienced onboard, that there were about 800 crew. It seems I was pretty close. There were some bizarre moments for me too, but overall it was great. I'd like to get back onboard, but fear there's little opportunity before things return to normal.
  23. I didn't notice shortages of anything, except time on the ship. 😄 Then again, I'm not a drinker, so I didn't spend any time at any of the bars.
  24. In almost every case, yes. I haven't heard of a port in a long time that has gotten so "hot" with COVID-19 cases that it's been skipped by the cruise lines.
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