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  1. For our May 2021 cruise, the price itself was fairly similar from BF sale to December sale to January sale, but they dropped the latitudes 20% discount on our sailing and the others we were looking at around that time frame.
  2. Odyssey is just too much for my taste. Comparing 10 nights on NCL getaway 5/31/21 to 7 nights on Odyssey 5/30/21, both for 4 in balcony, Royal is 35% more with 30% fewer nights. I'd call that a no brainier.
  3. I booked a Greek Isle cruise yesterday at the 30% off. Today's promo reduced the price by about $70.
  4. It looks like only the FANTASIA has released for Greek Isles. Is it normal that you can start the cruise at just about any port? We're looking at June 2021 and It looks like the ship is on a rolling itinerary 10 day itinerary that you can join in just about any port.
  5. Is the 265lb weight limit for doubles as well? I'd like to take my kids on a ride, but together we're over.
  6. Any clues on when the Greece itineraries will be released for 2021?
  7. Dumb question, I got a casino offer that includes drinks on us and some free play. I'm booked on a cruise in January under early saver. The casino rate is discounted over the prevailing rate, but still higher than what we paid (even with the free play included). Is there any way to get the casino perks added without repricing to the new higher casino rate?
  8. I submitted Friday night for our June cruise(219 days). I'll post back when I get a response.
  9. Shareable drinks are not part of cheers. However all fishbowls drinks are available in individual sizes.
  10. They tend to be very strict with the 3 year old minimum age to enter the kids club. They may have some flexibility between age groups depending on numbers once they reach the magic 3 years old.
  11. They discounted our Allure Christmas 2020 deluxe package all the way down to $18 😁 In all seriousness, it's $65 now but I've seen it as low as $56 on sales aside from when we got it $18.
  12. I agree with most of that, especially travelling with their friends. I will say that our daughter doesn't like the idea of going to the kids club, but loves it once she's there. We aren't quite prying her off our legs, but we do have to convince her.
  13. Cents per point. If you redeem for flights, you get a value of 1.5 cents per point, with the gift card getting a value of 1 cent per point (or less at 13k points for $100). In other words, 10000 points is worth $150 towards flights vs $100 for a Carnival GC.
  14. On my last cruise, we got Pellegrino almost exclusively. It was readily available. Evian was included with the package if you asked for it, but very few places had it other than vitality cafe. If bars had it, it was almost never cold.
  15. As early as possible. We booked last month for Christmas 2020 and the price has done nothing but go up.
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