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  1. Allure did her dry dock this year, it just skipped amplification. I doubt the major investments in amplification will return in 2021.
  2. At Bingo, one of our traveling companions won the Grand Suite. The chocolate covered strawberries for someone else were still in the room welcoming them aboard. I got a good chuckle. It was also a bit of a problem for them. One of them had a lot of trouble getting into and out of the tub as the step up was very high. She had to be helped into and out of the tub every morning for her shower.
  3. First time ever playing cruise bingo I won $550. Last cruise we won a big goodie bag at the murder mystery. Our kids love that stuff.
  4. This is a correct statement. There are a lot of people that confuse the temporary credit and the investigation conclusion. Once it's done, it's done. Until that point, they can take the temporary credit back.
  5. My first cruise ever was on Sovereign in 2008 followed by a sailing on Monarch in 2009. It definitely started the cruise bug for me.
  6. On my Chase Visa, I had the money in my Chase checking in 3 days. There was a 2 day review period before allowing the transfer and a 1 day waiting period for the ACH transfer to process.
  7. From another site: Discount applies to shore excursion, beverage, dining and internet purchases on select sailings departing September 16, 2020 ‑ April 30, 2021
  8. They normally have a vending machine down by the medical center for reasonable prices. Last Harmony cruise, I went to guest services to get quarters for the machine and they gave me a handful of whatever I want.
  9. Someone (definitely not my wife) forgot our toiletries bag one trip. Nothing like spending $10 on your only deodorant option that is $1.50 at Walmart. I think we spent about $50 in the shop to replace the essentials. It too was sitting right where it was left.
  10. Stepping foot in the casino... Yet I always seem to do it every cruise.
  11. My refund was received yesterday with a date of 7/7. Was on a 6/7 cruise and requested a refund on 5/7. A bunch of people on our roll call got their's on the same day.
  12. It seems that they are going by sale date. It looked like they have moved from May to early June. When was your sailings scheduled?
  13. We have 3 booked. MSC 3 night in February, NCL 10 night Greek Isles in June and Royal 7 night in December. We had the June cruise booked before the pandemic (prices are over $2000 higher now) and we lifted and shifted the December cruise from 2020. The Feb cruise is for our anniversary and was dirt cheap (<$450 including taxes + $100 OBC for 2 in a balcony). We can drive to the Feb and Dec cruises. We will wait for a while before booking flights for June. All are refundable until final payment. We have a total of $250 total in deposits laid out between the 3 cruises. We will can
  14. It is my experience that credits sent to a card that has been replaced will work just fine. I can speak first hand about my Chase Visa and discover cards I had a refund posted about two weeks ago for a card that was reissued with a different number about a month earlier.
  15. My FCC disappeared today for my 6/3 sailing. Refund was requested 5/7. Hopefully the refund appears soon.
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