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  1. I talked to the Executive Chef on a ship a couple of months ago and he explained there was a 5 year contract on this menu. It has about a year left to run, and then everybody is looking forward to new menus! He stated there was a new Chef's Table menu rolling out this month.
  2. I messaged John Heald and he advised I should still get the luggage tags and even offered to help if I have a problem. I'm going on the Fantasy on Saturday, so I'll asl GS if they have a set 🙂
  3. When I to to my benefits page, it's not there any longer.
  4. No more luggage tag sets upon making Diamond? Didn't get one and it's not in the list on Carnival.com now 😞
  5. I started off with one cruise a year, then two, then three, then five. Last year was twelve. Five so far this year with seven more booked. Addiction?
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