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  1. I just called and talked to a supervisor. She told me that ship time = local time, and I did mention that in the summer, Grand Cayman and Tampa are not the same time zone. I hope she's right.
  2. I have read that, but again, I have also seen that on two different sites that list which cruise ships are in the different ports, the times listed for both Grand Cayman and Cozumel match what Carnival is saying.
  3. My family is booked on the Carnival Paradise in August. I am trying to reserve a tour in Grand Cayman. I've tried to call Carnival tonight but gave up after being on hold for 20 minutes. Can anyone who has done this cruise during Daylight Savings Time (e.g. spring/summer/early fall) tell me if the times posted for arrival and departure (and last tender) are local times or set to Tampa (port of departure)? I found the same times listed for the cruise on Carnival's website on one of the sites which lists the ships at each port on a given day...but I also found information elsewhere to the contrary that Carnival's ship time is one hour later (but nothing on Carnival's site). Thank you!
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