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  1. Yes it's different. All the kids get wrist bands that contain their muster information. You will be receiving special instructions on how you are reunited with your children should an emergency arise. Pay tench.
  2. If you're lucky you might find one open till midnight, but it depends on the ship.
  3. But isn't it great when they have those things, and draw people in that direction, thinning out the crowds leaving you to enjoy the things YOU like to do, making you feel like you're on a cruise?
  4. I've never had to pick a ship based on kids needs, nor have ever had the need for any of the clubs. My kids have always made friends with other kids that are not locked up.
  5. We did the same. We went up over the hill down the other side to Cane Garden Bay. Was a little distressed at what a poor area we went through to get there toward the end, being under the impression that some celebrities have million dollar homes on the island. I guess we went in the wrong direction.
  6. That seems to be the turning point. Carnival passed on the monoliths, thinking they were going to be failures, and they've been anything but. And still command fares that give those passengers a quality cruise. There's not much you can do in the dust with plummeting fares, causing quality to be scaled back more, each time when you think they can scale back no more.
  7. The problem is, Carnival is STILL trying to pass of the Sunshine as the newest ship in the fleet. The curtains been pulled back.
  8. Which makes one wonder. Why not just make the announcement when an announcement is ready to be made. "Coming soon. An announcement".
  9. New youk got almost three in a row. Triumph, victory and Legend. Then a pause and resumed with the Miracle.
  10. An announcement about an announcement. Go figure.
  11. Oh good grief. This was the same source that mislead everyone about the Freedom. I don't even think a little Ceasers order would be processed correctly. No credability at all.
  12. A simple search brought this up: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showpost.php?p=30514483&postcount=43
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