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  1. I agree, I do not understand the continuing perpetuation that the menu has been reduced to three courses. In fact, I think the menu most nights actually supports more than five courses. One could easily have a cold appetizer, hot appetizer, soup, salad, entree, dessert and a cheese course. The change in menu headings has not done anything to limit the offerings, only imagination.
  2. cougaraz

    Evening dress

    That is awesome. We have two Cunard cruises under our belt and are counting the days until our third. Dressing up and being part of the evening atmosphere is really something not to be missed. I see that you are experienced cruisers, but I think you will find the Queen Mary 2 to be a truly unique and fabulous ship. Have a great time and come back and report when you get home!
  3. There is someone here on the Princess boards who prefers to sleep outside and takes his own inflatable mattress and sleeps outside on this balcony, even has pictures to prove it. However, I would caution you, if you haven't slept outside, no tent, no improvised shelter under the stars before it can be a very different experience and not necessarily conducive to good sleep. I wouldn't take any of the cabin items outside or prop the door, but it is your cruise, if you really want to try it, take an inflatable mattress and go for it and then come back and let us know how it went.
  4. Club Class Dining entrance on Grand Princess, also on Deck 6, but on the Starboard side, opposite where everyone else enters on the Port side. The photo is about 14 days old.
  5. Hello. The answer to your question is two parts. First, all suites are by default Club Class. Among the mini-suites, only category M1 are Club Class. A quick review of Emerald Deck plans makes it look like there are about 34 M1 Mini-Suites. We have sailed Club Class multiple times and absolutely love it. Special entrance to the dining room, no or very short waiting most of the time for a table (come whenever you like), table-side meal preparation at lunch and dinner, omlete table-side preparation on sea days and no usually a special off-menu entree item at dinner.
  6. Have an awesome cruise! We swapped our minibat setup for sparkling water as we weren't going t9 drink the alcohol offerings, but I didn't enquire about a coffee card. If you have time, could you please check back and let us know how it goes?
  7. The Grand did not have on demand while we were onboard. However, we did receive a notice that there was a team onboard conducting installations to support future on demand TV onboard. I do not recall if they mentioned a date when it would be operational.
  8. 18 August Dinner Dinner Menu Crab Dip Caesar Salad Crab Legs Rhubarb Napoleon Apple Walnut Spring Rolls
  9. 18 August Early Morning Deserted Juneau Visit to Patsy Ann Beautiful Day in Juneau View from Mt. Roberts Breakfast Menu Musli Salmon Bake Fun
  10. 17 August Dinner Menus Grilled Calamari Air Dried Beef Wine Selection "The Prisoner" Penne Puttanesca Baked Potato Soup Ribeye Clam Linguini Dessert Menu Rocky Road Ice Cream Chocolate Journey
  11. 17 August in Ketchikan Rainforest Sanctuary and Totems Funny Sign Creek Street George Inlet Lodge Loaded fries from the Salty Dog Cocktail in the Wheelhouse Bar
  12. Judy, obviously tipping is a very personal and sometime controversial decision. For us, we chose to tip Giovanni and each of the servers. We had different waiters at every meal, but over the course of ten days had a pretty even distribution among the team that was working in Club Class.
  13. Dinner 16 August Dinner Menu Crab and Monterey Jack Quiche Duck and Pork Rillettes French Onion Soup Birthday Celebrations Lobster Tail with Baked Potato Shrimp and Polenta The Princess Chocolate Celebration Dessert Bananas and Pineapple Flambe
  14. Lunch 16 August Calamari Lamb Stew Special Pasta with cream sauce and smoked salmon Blueberry Roulade Quick note, the blueberry roulade was an absolute smash hit, strong contender for best bite of the cruise!
  15. Breakfast 16 August (Melissa's Birthday) Daily Special Menu Eggs Benedict Mushroom and Cheese Omlete Waiting for Axe throwing in the Princess Theater
  16. Dinner 15 August Dinner Menu Mushroom Tart Pasta with Tomato, Herbs and Shrimp Chicken and Leek Pie Club Class Special Shrimp Dessert Menu Souffle
  17. Lunch August 15th Lunch Menu Split Pea Soup Club Class Pasta (Tomato, Garlic, Chile and Herbs) Rice Pudding
  18. Okay everyone, thank you so much for your patience. Hard to believe we have been home over a week. I walked into the work buzz saw on Monday morning and it was a non-stop week for sure. However, I promised more photos so here we go. Breakfast from Thursday August 15th. Breakfast Menu (The same everyday) The special side of the Breakfast Menu (different everyday) Mexican Omelet (made in the galley) Ham and Cheese Omelet (made by Giovanni table-side)
  19. Been sailing Princess since the 90s, just off the Grand, never seen a dinner table without real butter and sugar available at every meal and the buffet. Watched the Grand onload her stores in San Francisco last week, lots of fresh produce, meat and raw ingredients. Perhaps your negative views would be of more value in a thread where folks weren't trying to be positive and talk about their favorite foods.
  20. They sure do and it is D E L I C I O U S!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. I am sorry, but the question is so what? Your wife was served undercooked chicken, recognized it, told waitstaff, they agreed and replaced the meal, I am assuming with apologies for the inconvenience. Why does it go any further than that? Every organization makes mistakes, nobody, not even NASA is perfect. Sounds like Princess acknowledged the problem and corrected it on the spot and the story should end there. Sure, I might have asked for a glass of wine to compensate me for my trouble, but after that, let it go. It was a mistake and no harm was done. As for your assertions that Princess doesn't care, they serve tens of thousands of meals per week, per ship, millions per year and their business is dependent on that service using good food safety practices. Across those millions of meals, there are bound to be mistakes, when they happen, an on the spot correction is made, an apology issued and life moves on. However, given their profitability and loyal customer base, it does not appear that food poisoning their customers is a big, or even small, problem on Princess. Sure, they shouldn't have promised to contact you and not, but why did it ever elevate that far anyway? Undercooked food identified, reported, acknowledged, food replaced, apology made, what time does the show start?
  22. I am so sorry, I kept meaning to ask and I forgot to get it done.
  23. We are just off 10 days on the Grand Princess and sailed 12 days on Queen Mary 2 in December and January. I think that overall the food is fairly comparable. We enjoyed some smash hits and few misses on both lines. Generally speaking, the service on Cunard is more formal and less friendly. That isn't a fault, it is by design. However, we have found on both of Cunard cruises that the dining room staff is there to provide excellent service, not excellent conversation. Cunard tends to employ fancier descriptions of their dishes, preferring a fair amount of French description as compared to a preference for simpler, English based terminology on Princess. Both lines offer a broad selection of entree choices in the main dining room, anywhere from 8-10 choices on any given night. We found that while we strongly prefer sit-down service in the dining room, the buffets on both lines are also very good. Queen Mary 2 does have a far superior physical buffet layout compared to the Princess Grand Class ships, but on par with what you would find on the new Royal Class ships. I do not think I could easily choose one or the other as superior or my personal favorite. Rather, I would say that both offer excellent food, served by professional staffs in very pleasant surroundings. Each individuals preferences and delights will vary depending on the menu, the day and their personal preferences. I will say that if you are happy on either line, you are likely to find the other to also be pleasing.
  24. Lots of branding to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Princess sailing to Alaska
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