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  1. I love how they can’t do things in order still! Our November cruise was cancelled and moved to next December. As it was a casino cruise they said they had to reimburse all the money then we’d have to pay it off again as they couldn’t move the funds even though price protected. Had port fees back a while ago no sign of the rest of it was told would take 45 days! i expected it to be quicker seeing as we have to pay it back to them,,!
  2. We had spring break booked for March. We had been debating moving it then our DD college pushed Spring Break back to April so we pulled the plug and did a L&S to next year. Thoroughly expecting our January cruises to be cancelled just wish they’d do it sooner rather than later.
  3. Possibly but not a cruise we would go on even if it was cheap.
  4. I get that they would if they could. However Universal opened their parks sometime before Disney. The same argument could be said that they could have opened at the same time. I just personally don’t see all cruise lines starting back at the same time.
  5. I’m trying to remain optimistic. Disney is geared towards younger (children) whose families go for the Disney experience. Meet and greets, group activities etc. i think the the general type of cruisers this is geared to make Disney slightly harder to start back up.
  6. Try calling post cruise number. If if that doesn’t work posting on their Facebook page normally gets a prompt response.
  7. I have 2 refunds currently at over 30 days due. Also waiting on funds to be transferred from one booking to another (lifted and shifted a cruise but they had to put under a new booking number) that they are telling me is running at 45 days to process.
  8. My dd is about to start at UCF and is moving into dorms. I know they are cleaning but she wants enough to clean it down when she moves in. 😉
  9. Target I am able to get everyday if I am there before 8 am. Even had some left at 10am the other day 😱
  10. I’m not giving Princess any credit. Only good thing is people don’t have to pay them more money. We we are still battling them for thousands they owe us that we have been waiting well over 90 days now.
  11. The yellow sippy cup was my daughters, it was 2006 🧐
  12. Planes FREEDOM that made it easier thanks👍
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