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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. Hubby and I are nearing retirement after which, we will have to scale down if we want to continue cruising. In the meantime I want to try different cabins and visit different ports.. Both ships go to Amber Cove and Grand Turk and are new to us. I am looking at scenic Oceanview suite cabins on Elation and spa suites on Magic, again Both new cabins for us. My concern is that isn't that there will be a change in itinerary, its that they will change the departure port because 4 ships sailing out of a port seems like a lot, no?
  2. In a few months I will be pushing our 2022 cruise to 2023 as there are just too many hoops to go through for Canadians right now. I have my eye on a 5 day on the Elation and a 6 day on the Magic. There are 4 ships sailing out of Port Canaveral in February, which seems more than usual, or at least more than there was precovid. My concern is that once more ports open up, some ships will move and we will be left scrambling if we pick the wrong cruise. Since the Ecstasy start date has been pushed back to March 2022, I'm wondering if it will sail at all......could there possibly be a chance that the Elation would sail out of Jacksonville in its place? And what about Port Everglades.....will Carnival resume sailings there? I'd really like to take care of moving our cruise to 2023 by the end of November......it would lessen the sting of not being able to cruise in 2022 but maybe not a wise move. Hoping to hear from experienced cruisers who have dealt with future cruise bookings and appreciate any information. Thank you.
  3. I wonder if requesting a pvp at this time is the way to go.
  4. Thankyou so much for this review. I've been following your reviews for years now and have learned so much from them. We are Canadians and are about to cancel our March 2022 cruise, just too much to deal with. But am so enjoying your review and hope we can resume cruising in 2023.
  5. I'm a smoker and never thought about it but putting on a mask that smells of smoke would be awful.
  6. If you booked the promotion Cheers to You, it is valid on sailings through until December 2022. The offer expires November 1 2021 so have to book a future cruise before then
  7. If the future cruise is less than I paid for the cruise I have booked, will the balance be OBC or will I lose that? Thanks in advance.
  8. As of now, we are in the same position, border is closed between Canada and US. Our cruise isn't until March but I am already concerned so I called last week. For now, Carnival is waiving the change fees and said that your deposit would transfer over to a future cruise.
  9. A lot has changed with fly to the fun since 2019. At that time I was able to book a flight and select Comfort Class seats on Delta. We booked our flight for our cruise March 2022, last week. Had no problem booking the flight but spent almost a week of daily phone calls to Carnival to select our seats. Finally was able to select seats but it seemed like the selection was limited and what Delta considers premium seats weren't available even though they show available on Delta website. As mentioned, once you book you can't check for price drops. I'm not sure whether you could call Carnival, have them check and then cancel and rebook. The price is quite good considering it is a flexible fare. The one change I'm not happy about is that I was told by Delta that we can't call and upgrade our seats because they are considered bulk seats. And used to be that we got confirmation from Delta a few days after booking fly to the fun. Now, I was told our seat selection is only a request and there is no guarantee we will get our chosen seats. Also was told that the confirmation number will show up on our Carnival booking 2 to 4 weeks before our cruise. All said and done, I plan on following through with the fly to the fun since it gives the most protection in these uncertain times but might rethink it when things get back to normal.
  10. We aren't cruising until March but have made a few inquiries for insurance. I was told that there are a few companies that provide coverage. I think Manulife is one of them but they generally are more expensive so in these times, I'll bet the coverage comes with a high price tag. I am planning on looking in to Carnival's coverage since it seems to be reasonably priced. Just wonder if it fully covers you. I am hoping that once things get back to the new normal, insurance companies will ease up as well.
  11. Thank you for the replies....helps alot with planning. And great pictures, thank you!
  12. How long before we go under the bridge? Trying to plan when to have dinner after going under it.
  13. The cruise we have booked for March 2022 has some excursions for Nassau but not very many.
  14. We had a cruise booked for March 2021. I called and moved it to March 2022. Yes, I paid a fee but I feel it was worth it. I'm not much of a gambler and just couldn't be bothered fretting about a cruise that might not happen. Now, I'm enjoying just thinking about the cruise in 2022.
  15. We aren't beach people so I actually prefer PC over HMC. I liked the cabanas being back from the beach because it's quieter and less chance of people sitting on your lounge chairs.
  16. We also purchase FFTF for both se perks but the last two cruises I have found confusion on debarkation. There has been two meeting places, one for FFTF and the other for suite guests. I went to guest services and asked for a debarkation information sheet for both groups. The time was the same and yet there were two meeting points for each group.
  17. I'm with you, Chadci! I thought I was the only one who loves the coleslaw! Have you tried the red cabbage coleslaw from the BBQ?! So good!
  18. We were there last week. We didn't have a cabana but we did walk by them. They looked really nice and I actually thought they were better than the ones at Half Moon Cay.
  19. Wondering......was this because you bought your flights through Carnival Fly 2 the fun?
  20. Yes there is a specific terminal for Carnival. And you are correct, just tell your driver and they'll know where to go.
  21. Considering booking this for our cruise in February. Am also thinking about making a reservation for the Steakhouse. Would like to do the Steakhouse on the first night (4 day cruise) for the bottle of wine discount. Is chef's table held on a specific night of a 4 day cruise? I'd like to book it online in advance but hard to plan if I don't know what night it's held, Thanks.
  22. I've seen the coupons on a display rack near the future cruise desk.
  23. You can purchase either flexible or nonflexible fares. I was surprised to hear the flexible fare was cheaper through Carnival than the nonrefundable fare. With flexible fare you pay for it when you pay your final cruise payment whereas the other fare has to be paid at the time of booking. You can pick your seats, at least with Delta, regardless of which fare type you choose. About a month after I booked my flights and chose my seats, I decided to upgrade to comfort class and so I called Carnival and they made the changes for me. I check prices on Delta regularly and so far the prices have gone up so I saved quite a bit booking through Carnival. We live in Ontario and so flying in February is always dicey weather wise. I like the idea that if our flight is cancelled, Carnival will find a flight to the first port. Hopefully we never have to find out how exactly that works.
  24. I've booked our flights through Carnival for our upcoming cruise this February. Booked on Delta, chose our seats in comfort class and a direct flight on my choice of early morning two days before the cruise.
  25. I don't think so. There is a phone number under Fly to the Fun. We've booked flights this way for 2 cruises and both times I called the number. I've also found that Carnival's prices go up and down, just as they do if you book yourself.
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