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  1. Thank you for your feedback. I believe the 3 night pre cruise for Lisbon is about $1700 per person. I start planning our trips pretty early so have some time to work the pros and cons. We've been blessed to have some really good pre cruise experiences with Uniworld on river cruises so it caught my attention. Thanks again
  2. I would also recommend AMS-BSL for the reasons already given but I was also of the opinion that the ports get more scenic each day from AMS to BSL as it is much more industrial in AMS and Cologne and more fairy tale like as you move towards BSL.
  3. We have a cruise from Lisbon to Barcelona booked on the Pursuit for September next year. I certainly understand that cruise companies pre cruise packages are expensive compared to planning the pre cruise stay ourselves. I have done both on our other cruises and have found pros and cons to both. One of the things we have enjoyed on other cruise lines pre cruise stays is getting to know some of our fellow passengers before the cruise as our experience has been that the pre cruise passengers are small in number and usually very outgoing. My questions are for anyone that has taken an Azamara pre cruise package is: #1. Have you found the quality good(knowing it is more expensive then DIY)? #2. Have they been well organized? #3. Did you enjoy the hotels Azamara utilizes? #4. Is the transition from pre cruise to cruise seemless? #5. Did you experience getting to know other cruisers during this time a positive? I'm considering booking the Lisbon precruise stay. Any thoughts appreciated Brian
  4. Does anyone know if you can use accumulated points on a Royal Caribbean Credit card on an Azamara Cruise for either OBC or towards the balance of a booked cruise?
  5. Thanks to all for the kind words and I'm so glad you found the day to day review helpful. Finishing up a week with my whole family(4 grown children and spouses, 4 grandchildren, 3 grandchildren on the way, and 3 of our 6 grand pups) at Hilton Head in the 95 degree weather. Been a great week but has made me long for the pleasant breezes in Hawaii in February. WriteOnYourHeart, I hope you have a wonderful trip next year and the trip excursions were really good. It's also really easy to book independent trips without a car as in most places they will pick you up and drop you off right at the dock. But either way you will have a great time. Thanks again for all the kind words
  6. I believe it began 2:30-3:00 and lasted well over an hour. It sailed both directions. Initially your view is on the Port side and you are closer during this pass by. However, when it turned and we were facing from the Starboard side I went and sat on our balcony and it was still spectacular. I've read other reviews where they either didn't sail both directions or they were too far away to enjoy from the Starboard side. I'm sure weather has something to do with it. We had spectacular picture perfect weather so perhaps the captain decided to prolong it as long as possible and kept us closer on the return. Hope this helps
  7. Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it and found it helpful. Brian
  8. We went in June and I don't recall any issues at all with mosquitos
  9. Lois, I thought of another way that works well on the Uniworld cruises to meet people while traveling solo. Although I've never traveled solo I do spend a couple of hours a day on the ship solo. My wife tends to take much longer to get ready for dinner and ready for bed then I do. Plus she doesn't drink. So I get ready and go hang out at one of the lounges. I'll usually go sit at the bar as opposed to the tables and inevitably I meet other people sitting alone. Many times they are traveling solo or commonly with an elderly mother or father so they are looking to meet people as well. When I'm feeling exceptionally sociable I'll watch for a group of people in the lounge who seem to be having fun. I'll walk over and say you guys look like you are having so much fun I thought I would come and join you. Every time I do this people are so welcoming and often become dinner companions or excursion companions. Again, you'll have no problem meeting people to dine with.
  10. It's extremely easy to share a table. There will be the isolated group of people that get their whole table filled but most people are happy to share and meet others. We have dined with people traveling solo on all 3 of our Uniworld cruises. Sometimes its them asking us if the seats taken and sometimes us asking. We've always tried to sit with different people at lunch time especially to get to know different people. We also seem to connect with people on our excursions which carries over to meal time. Don't think you will have any issues from our esperiences.
  11. Lois, Our trip was really casual. Regular jeans, slacks, and tops are certainly ok for dinner. I would say that maybe the captains welcome and farewell dinners were maybe slightly dressier meaning long sleeve button up shirts for men and dress slacks and top for women but not fancy or really dressy. I would say many did wear what they wore during the day to dinner although I don't remember shorts at dinner. Certainly during the day on the ship shorts are the norm. This was the first trip I didn't even take a jacket. Wouldn't have put it on as it was really warm for much of our trip. Hope this helps. Brian
  12. Robin, I've wondered about the Viking cruises but they haven't made it to the top of my list. I'm anxious to experience Azamara. I'm not a golfer but they host Perry Golf cruises. The one we have booked is a Perry Golf cruise. Might be something for you guys to take a look at. Brian
  13. Thanks JP! The itinerary of this trip and the pace of the excursions really make this an easy trip to combine all that Uniworld offers with being able to get out on your own and wander. So based on your reviews it probably will be a good fit for you guys. I highly encourage you to consider the Milan portion as well as Uniworld did a really nice job with this and there really is a lot to see and do On another note, we had our first Silversea cruise last August and I feel confident we will sail with them again. Next up is trying Azamara next year for an Iberian port intensive cruise. No more big trips for the rest of this year as we have two more grandbabies due this year(will make 6). Your trip reports are what inspired me to do them when we cruise. Thanks for taking a fresh look at this old thread. Brian
  14. Well this concludes my photo tour 2 years later - LOL. I do hope the review and pictures are helpful to those planning their trip or thinking about this trip. I really do highly recommend this trip if you have an interest in Venice and the surrounding islands. It really is quite unique. I've had fun off an on today going back through my day to day review and pulling up and posting the pictures. But I guess I better get back to work so I can keep planning these types of trips. Happy to answer any questions that might come up. Safe travels Brian
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