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  1. My favorite is the Eurodam. The Signature Class ships are fantastic!
  2. dgsiii

    Fascination question

    It's been Dove shampoo and Lever 2000 body wash on my Imagination, Celebration and Liberty cruises. Enjoy the warm!
  3. dgsiii

    Fascination question

    Heya Kimmimom, you'll love the Fascination. Is this your first trip on a Fantasy class ship? See you around the Chatham BBS!
  4. dgsiii

    Fascination Menu and Straw Market

    If you decide to give the straw market a go, please consider the following tips: 1. If someone makes an offer and you're not interested, say "Thank you, [I]no.[/I]" Be firm but polite. 2. You are expected to bargain for the goods. Make your counteroffer about three quarters of the price they are offering. If you're looking at a knockoff handbag and say $40, offer $30. 3. If you must bring your children into the market, use them as a bargaining tool if things aren't going your way. "My son really loves this-- don't you son?-- are you sure you couldn't go just another dollar lower?" They'd probably be happier with the shipboard activities, though. 4. Don't get your hair braided in the straw market. Just don't. If you insist on a stylin' set of bahama braids, do it from one of the ladies outside of Festival Place, the welcome plaza. 5. Pay the exact amount for everything. Don't expect to get change. 6. Politeness goes a long way, inside the straw market and out. Greet the locals courteously and you'll be treated in kind. If the sun is up say, "Good day." If it's dark or getting dark say, "Good night."
  5. The Carnival tours stop multiple times for photo opportunities. There will be plenty of times to stop and catch your breath, but not many great places to sit.
  6. It's a lovely first attempt. The flowers look great, but you might want to play with different looks for the ribbon. Try more ribbon for a cascade effect, or try weaving the ribbon over the stems for a clean, feminine look. If you're planning to use silk flowers, many craft stores have monthly classes. You might also want to consider arranging the flowers with the bridesmaids prior one or two nights before the wedding, if possible. That way it can be a bonding experience for all of you. Visit a local florist during the first week of the year. Unless they have lots of funeral work, it is a very slow time of the year. Talk to a designer about options for inexpensive designs if you're feeling overwhelmed, or look at their portfolio for inspiration. If you do get advice from them, buy a little something like a candle, card or a couple of loose flowers to let them know you appreciate their time. My wife is the lead designer at a local florist. [URL="http://www.flickr.com/photos/arspringfield/tags/bouquet/"]Here are some bouquet photos[/URL] from her portfolio.
  7. dgsiii

    Buying a Towel Critter ?

    Your stateroom steward will also happily sell you a copy of the book.
  8. dgsiii

    water on ship

    [quote name='kgk']"Probably" -- you could be correct as previous posts stated, but.... OP was talking about a pregnant women, why take the chance? For a few bucks she can have bottled water and be sure it is filtered and not salted to begin with. Water retention in a pregnant woman can be serious. I personally would want to remove as many POTENTIAL problems as I could, especially when it costs little.[/quote] If water retention is a serious concern for this particular pregnancy-- due to a previous instance of preeclampsia, for example-- the mother-to-be may want to reconsider the cruise. Water retention is common on cruises due to salt content in the air, not in the desalinated water. Disclaimer: I'm just some guy on the Internets. You should seek your obstetrician's advice in these matters.
  9. dgsiii

    Dry Cleaning Services on Carnival

    Carnival ships typically do not perform dry cleaning, but they do have a pressing service. Talk to your stateroom steward after you receive your luggage and see how the dress fared.
  10. Wheel of Fortune runs at 6:30pm Mountain Time on KMGH ABC 7 out of Denver. Have a friend record it just in case, since reception can be spotty at sea. Have fun!
  11. dgsiii

    Costa Maya and Belize - Again ? ? ? ? ?

    The latest model I've seen shows a direct hit on Belize at Category 4 early Sept 5th. The Costa Maya area may be spared from a serious strike, but it doesn't look good for Belize. :(
  12. dgsiii

    Pre-Cruise Gluttony

    I tend to do exactly the opposite: I pass on desserts for a week or two, skip the social beverages and stick with reasonable food. I've always found it much easier to behave beforehand than to get out of the bad eating and drinking habits I pick up on a cruise.
  13. dgsiii

    What Are All The Free Drinks Offered??

    [quote name='repete']There is a charge for soda regardless of age in the DR.[/quote] Unless the drink server "forgets" to charge. It happens, especially if the parents order drinks regularly in the dining room and take time to make conversation with the drink server.
  14. dgsiii

    Best Piano Entertainer on Carnival?

    [quote name='kebooch'] Do you know where Damian has gone? Kebooch[/quote] Damian is in the land of the kiwis taking a well deserved break between contracts.
  15. dgsiii

    help with ordeering flowers?

    My wife, a professional floral designer, recommends Wellwishers. They have a wide selection, are willing to customize and can probably provide body flowers for formal night if you'd like. Also, she believes their lead designer is an American Institute of Floral Designers accredited designer, an honor she strives toward. I hope this helps. Enjoy your vacation!