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  1. Hi all, Can someone please clarify my understanding of cruise with confidence. I get the purpose of it, but if my cruise is in May and I already paid in full. Can I cancel and rebook The same cruise for a lower rate. i called Royal Caribbean twice and both people seemed to not know the real answer. One had told me I can’t do it at all and I get all of it back cruise credit. The other said I lose my deposit and 25% of remaining balance. The other 75% gets refunded to my credit card. What is the actual answer?
  2. How long you guys waiting. I waited for 1.5 hours and got disconnected lol
  3. I been reading and I see posts about 6224 and it being noise from bionic bar, but I'm comparing deck plans and looks like 6214 is more over the bar or am I looking at it wrong...?
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