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  1. We have an annual one that includes cruising, because although we only have one cruise holiday a year, we do a few mini-breaks or weekends away which are then covered as well. Michele
  2. Forgot to mention that I have received a similar generic email from P&O today, quoting my booking reference and stating that my refund request had been processed. It quoted the full amount in the email - not the amount that I have received. Think I might try and get through and let them know they still owe me £100.00, as it looks like they think that my claim is all sorted. Thanks, Michele
  3. I've been following this thread after the cancellation of our cruise in May - A109 - 3rd May. We booked this cruise when we were on board Ventura last June, paying £100.00 deposit on my debit card. I filled in the on-line form for a refund on 8th April and I received a refund to my bank account on 3rd June - but for a £100.00 less than the full amount! (Was totally shocked when it came through after the amount of time it seems to be taking!) Do you think that I will be getting back the deposit eventually as well? Or do you think I should let them know they sti
  4. We're fully paid up and due on Azura in May. There are 2 ports in Italy on the itinerary which I am thinking might get changed, but we have no intention of cancelling. Michele
  5. We are on Azura on 3rd May, just before the Baltic cruise on 17th, and I believe there is also one other cruise before ours - so not a lot of time for anything major. Should hopefully looking pretty good when we go though😊 Michele
  6. We visited minatur wunderland a couple of years ago. We took the shuttle bus into town and after a brief wander round, walked there. It was extremely busy and most people had booked tickets in advance. We were informed that we could purchase tickets and then wait for the next available entry time, which could be anything from 30 minutes to an hour. We decided to do this and you get to wait in a room with chairs and tables in, free soft drinks and puzzles and games at each table to keep you occupied. There are electronic boards flashing up ticket numbers when you can go in. I think we wai
  7. Plus it takes so much longer to actually arrive. I usually send postcards using the local post office, but my husband got so fed up trailing round after me one trip looking for a post office ashore once, that I used the ships service and it took at least 2 weeks longer than any others! Michele
  8. In response to the pullmans mentioned above, when I shared a cabin with my mum and godmother our cabin steward told us she would prepare the sofa-bed when we were at muster. Obviously, you then have to negotiate round it then for the rest of the evening,as you would have to with pullmans too, but we were fine with this. Michele
  9. On our cruise on Ventura this year they had family and adult tennis, cricket and archery sessions held in the sports court, arranged by the Entertainments Team at no extra cost. There are also golf nets up there. Michele
  10. Sorry, didn't realise that had changed. Mind you, have just checked and it was actually in 2015! so a bit more than a couple of years ago! Michele
  11. My tip is to pack for your husband. Then he can't pack anything that he doesn't really need and you get plenty of room for all those bags and shoes😊 Works every time for me! Michele
  12. Yes, you will. I did a short break one with my mother and godmother a couple of years ago and we had breakfast in the Ocean Grill. Do love a civilised start to the day! Michele
  13. I have a small rucksack which I take to use on shore days and I usually take about 7 handbags with me on a 14 night cruise - all different colours to match my outfits and shoes. I also use them for putting small items in when packing. I take 15-16 pairs of shoes and sandals - including trainers and flip-flops. Can never have too many shoes or bags!😄 Michele
  14. My mum has bought me a gift credit a few times as a birthday present. It just shows up on your account as a credit amount - so basically like an extra OBC amount. You can spend it on anything you would do normally on board. Michele
  15. We had this on Ventura back in June. I was at reception several times during the cruise to get print-outs from reception to keep a check on the spending, but on the last morning when the final bill arrived found that we had an additional charge on it. They had actually charged us twice for one round of drinks. It took quite a while on disembarkation day to get the incorrect charge taken off and involved getting a waiter to reception with an ipad to make the refund! I will certainly be requesting a copy of the receipts on any future cruises. Michele
  16. My husband is not a Strictly fan, but he came along to the dance shows that were put on in the theatre as well as the Q&A with Shirley Ballas. We found ourselves sat next to Shirley and her partner in the Glasshouse one evening! All of the shows were hosted by Lisa Riley and I believe that she does most of them on the other ships. They also have a stand in the atrium where you can buy dance shoes and other accessories - even costumes. Strictly Memorabilia (including sparkly '10' paddles) is on sale before and after the shows just outside the theatre. Michele
  17. Our cruise in June was a Strictly cruise - it wasn't when we booked it, but we received an email to inform us. I was delighted as I love strictly and the cruise was to celebrate a big birthday. If you check on the P&O website, eventually they will announce who will be on board. Although, we were supposed to have Neil and Katya Jones on the second week, but due to travel problems they couldn't make it and we had Oti and her husband and Graziano instead. We also had Shirley Ballas, but only for the second week. There are costumes from the shows on display around the atrium and the
  18. Not quite the same, but we were travelling as a party of 3 sharing a cabin (myself, mother and godmother), and my godmother wasn't able to travel - this was after the final balance had been paid. Mum and I went on our own . We just turned up and told them there was only the two of us. Michele
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