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  1. Interesting that some are receiving the points. I was to cruise on the May 3rd Encore, Haven category booked under a Latitude promotion. Not one single extra Latitude point is showing for my husband or myself. I would not be counting on these points. Although not sure it makes a different I did not ask for a refund but took the credit.


  2. Link worked fine for me, unfortunately it does not portray NCL or Royal Caribbean very well.  It also makes it pretty clear cruising as much as well all want it to start up very soon is going to take quite a few months. I have had two cruises canceled so far and want to definitely get back on a ship but this will not happen till ALL crew with All cruise lines are back home and they can attempt to get crew back. Realistically that is going to take at least another 4 months at best. At worst it may take 6 to 8  months.   

  3. 9 minutes ago, seaman11 said:

    I think if things are opening up this month like resturants and casinos ect.  they should have been able to start at the end of june or july a few limited cruises.   The cruise industry has been unfairly villinized. 

     Several problems with that thought, first they are still trying to get crew home, second, there are many crew who not want to return, I am being told the cruise lines are in negotiations with their union and it is not going well. Even if they get that settled the next problem is getting crew to the ships, there are really no international flights flying. Let alone many flights just in North America are canceled. Canadians cannot even cross the border to the US. No way to get passengers to the ship. Plus the cruise lines must get approval from the CDC and set in place a plan of how everything will work. Once they can get the NEW crew to the ship it will take weeks to get the crew up and trained. Then there is the fact that most ships are not at embarkation ports. There are numerous logistics to think of. I do not see Alaska cruising going at all which is why Princess and Holland America dropped out early, they knew it was not going to work. I suspect maybe 2 NCL ships to start up in Florida in very late September and a few others to start up in mid to late October. One has to think of the BIG picture of everything and Everyone involved.  

  4. 1 hour ago, crystalspin said:

    It's kind of a Gambler's choice: 50% (cancel in the 50% window), VS. 0% (but go on cruise, possibly to different ports) OR 100% (wait out the cruiseline and they finally cancel). There is another 0% and that is waiting past the 50% window, then not going even though Royal Caribbean does sail some itinerary with the Rhapsody OTS.


    The aspects of (1) getting the disease VS (2) being quarantined or 'isolated' VS (3) sailing but having ports shut your ship out, i.e. having a 'cruise to nowhere' as it is called. 


    Just rambling, hoping to help you organize your thoughts to make YOUR OWN decision.

    Trust me ALL of the cruise lines are behind closed doors this weekend debating and planning out the next steps for Europe/Med cruises with the new elevated threat. No cruise line wants a repeat of what happened with the Diamond Princess. (Which in my opinion Princess did the absolute best they could with what was being told to them and what they were allowed to do by the Japanese government and authorities and have continued to handle this very well) But with that being said they cruise lines will do everything in their power to not have this happen ever again. For those sailing in the next 90 days you almost need to be a bit of a gambler and to gamble that the cruise lines will come through with refunding 100% and giving you additional credit future cruise credit or taking a total revised itinerary/redeployment of ships and also giving future cruise credit. Those that jumped the gun and canceled Spring Japan cruises prior to allowing the cruise lines to work through this lost out. I personally am not a gambler but in this case no doubt I would gamble that the cruise lines are going to be canceling and redeploying these ships and those that are holding out and wait for the cruise line's decision will be financially ahead. The cruise lines know they have to take care of passengers and not be greedy to insure the future of cruising as we know it. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Hlitner said:

    We will need to get from Haneda to the Shinjuku area...with luggage.  Would it make sense to use the Monorail to the end of the line and then get a taxi, or simply pay the bigger bucks and take a taxi direct to our hotel from the Haneda?



    Hank, while I am not Bruce who is truly an expert, I have taken the Friendly Limousine Bus from Haneda to Shinjuku twice, not expensive at all, they place the luggage under the small bus and they head right to Shinjuku, depending on your hotel they stop right at your hotel or very close. It make take a few stops to get to where you hotel was but it is quite easy. https://www.limousinebus.co.jp/en/areas/detail/hnd/shinjuku  

  6. Our last Suite was on the Diamond in Japan this past September, which in many ways is different that North America sailings but they did provide the tube of Conditioner. But with that being said I did not use it. I have actually hated both the shampoo and conditioner from Princess for several years now and have just made it a practice that when I sail Princess I bring my own.  truthfully I think this was the grand scheme for cruise lines. Offer inferior cheap products, then start to eliminate what they do not need to offer. Holland America's products have been getting really bad in the last few years with my recent cruise in a Neptune Suite the Soap and conditioner did nothing and would not even wash out the light hairspray I had on my hair and instead made in all sticky. I has taken weeks to get what ever was in the shampoo to get out of my hair. We cruise on the Royal in a Suite and will just bring my own shampoo and conditioner.

    I would not be surprised that Princess is eliminating offering Conditioner if many others like me have not been using it they just figure it is somewhere they can cut back. I can live with that cut back since they have already trained me to bring my own. lol 

  7. 7 hours ago, Kenswing said:

    I read somewhere that the Diamond Princess has hot water pots in the cabins for Japanese cruises.  Can anyone verify this?

    I was on the Diamond Mid September this year and yes we had hot water pots, and they got hot quickly 



  8. On 12/28/2019 at 10:28 AM, denmarks said:

    It is going to be treated as a cancellation and a new booking. You may lose the room and any benefits given with the original booking.

    This is NOT correct, nothing changes other that the Fare code, it is  a simple change in the Princess booking system. No need to worry about cancellation or losing a cabin.

  9. 22 minutes ago, Cruise Raider said:


    No hidden agenda or story here ... I was merely asking what I would lose if I had to cancel for some unforeseen circumstance down the road.  The savings would come from switching to a non-refundable promotion.  

    I think it is a responsible financial move to protect (or insure) my investment ... $100 less just to save $200 if I canceled?  Because I am certainly not planning on cancelling, I probably wouldn't wouldn't use this option.  Saving $100 to protect $400? Now, I have a decision to make.  Saving a $100 to protect $600 or more?  Well, in that case, I will stick with what I have.  


    Cruise Raider, you are doing nothing wrong here and shame on those that are making it sound like you are. I think that is great your TA advised your of this. If you are currently booked with no additional amenities other than a non-refundable deposit ship board credit and you are just a week away from final why not take advantage of the lower fare. It is just your Deposit that becomes non-refundable and it would become non-refundable in a week. You most definitely will not lose any ship board credit from your Future Cruise Deposit. If you do have additional amenities from Princess from a promotion then you could lose that and would have to weigh that out. I personally did the same thing for my upcoming Royal cruise in February. I saved $100.00 per person prior to making the final. I think also added my Platinum insurance. See if they will refare the cost of the insurance with the lower price. Not sure they will which is why I always wait to add the insurance when I make final payment. 

  10. 2 hours ago, fatcat04 said:

    I do not understand the secrecy. Trying to hide that one azipod is not working is like trying to hide an elephant under your coffee table, one look and no one is fooled. Better to be out with it and deal with the repercussions. Secrecy will cause more ill will than professionally dealing with a problem in the open. Secrecy does not breed confidence.


    I have to admit I do not understand the secrecy either. As mentioned before this same thing happened to the Oosterdam her problems started when she came out of Dry Dock in Vancouver in late Fall of 2006 little over 13 years ago. I sailed on her with one Azipod like many did our sailing was in March 2007  . At that time we mostly sailed in the aft corner suite which at that time was 5187 but is now 5190. On that sailing Jonathan Mercer was the Captain and was very open with the information. They also were giving everyone a $50.00 per person ship board credit for the inconvenience. This lasted for several month. Interestingly enough I was told that the on board revenues actually went up so they more than recouped what they gave out and in turn had satisfied passengers. I get the opinion that the secrecy goes along with the difference in management from 10 years ago. The old HAL the Officers were very open and interacting with passengers, I have seen the change in recent years where Officers are seldom seen and they appear to be avoiding conflict. 

    For those concerned about sailing in the aft, yes it will definitely feel bit different but I guess a lot has to do with your mind set. If you think it is going to be terrible it will be....  We sailed with people that were near us and thought it was horrible and personally I thought it helped to rock us to sleep. Others also were not upset with how it felt. I guess HAL is taking the approach if they keep it quiet they will have less people upset...What they don't know will not hurt them attitude.  I lean toward the side of honesty. 

  11. We tend to alternate between HAL, Princess and NCL, Next up is Royal Princess, Then NCL Encore, Then HAL Eurodam, then back to Royal Princess March of 2021, then HAL Nieuw Statendam in June 2021 lol We most always book full suite. While I prefer NCL Haven Suites they tend to be a lot more expensive so mix it up with Princess and HAL their suites tend to be a bit more affordable.

  12. I have cruised in and out of Japan twice in the last few years, most recently this past September. The information Bruce gave you is excellent but I highly suggest that first you call your Travel Agent or Celebrity and let them know you flight time and they can advise if this will work and if they offer Transfers. Just from my experience unless your ship is overnighting the night before you disembark in Yokohama there is no way you can get to the airport by 8. Fortunately Hanada is very close to Yokohama but while it is close traffic is always a huge concern as well as weather. Both times we disembarked  in Yokohama it was pouring rain, traffic was a nightmare the ship was not even cleared by 8 am let alone passengers getting off. I am not sure how far away your cruise is but I would definitely look at taking a much later flight. I found most flights out of Japan to the US left in the late afternoon.

  13. 44 minutes ago, canadianbear said:

    Nice to see you back here!   The mimosas are complimentary in the Pinnacle Grill for breakfast.  Just make sure you are not charged.  On our April cruise I had several but one of the others from a Neptune suite were charged but spoke to maître de and it was corrected.  


    Have you done a suite on Celebrity?  We did in March and it was wonderful-very spoiled.  They really know how to treat their suite guests.  We enjoyed Michael’s every day-complimentary liquor etc.  

    Thanks!! This is good news, when we were on the Nieuw Amsterdam last March they stated you had to have Room Service to get the Mimosas,  while I may have breakfast served in the Suite one morning I suspect we will go most mornings to the Pinnacle for breakfast. We were be on the Eurodam in less than 3 weeks. We have actually not sailed on Celebrity in about 9 years, we may have to return. Although we kind of like taking turns between HAL, PCL and NCL. Although I realized just last night that we are only about 5, 7 day cruises away from getting both our 300 day Medallion (if they still do that) and getting to 5 Star, so we may concentrate on getting that since it now seems within reach. 

  14. The Coffee maker's in the Suites are the best thing HAL ever did, one of the reasons I now like to have a Neptune Suite. Other than our first few cruises back in 2005 with HAL I was impressed with the Neptune Lounge, now probably the last 20 Suites with HAL I have not even bothered to go in there. Sadly it does nothing for me. Of the cruise lines we frequent NCL was the first to have very nice Coffee/espresso makers in the Suites, we loved the Suite experience with them, so for a while did a few more NCL cruises, then HAL added the Coffee Makers with excellent coffee in the suites with the introduction of the Koningsdam in April 2016. We had a Suite on the Inaugural, we have now done several HAL Neptune Suites with one coming up on the Eurodam in a few weeks.  Now if HAL would offer complimentary Mimosas in the Pinnacle for Breakfast like Princess does in Sabatini's  😉 and if Princess would add Coffee makers in their Suites lol I would be a very happy cruiser. 😄 

  15. 2 hours ago, Junebug624 said:

    Hi. I just want to add that we free from Toronto to Haneda, took a $70 tax ridei to Hotel Monterey and walked to the terminal the next day. We liked the hotel very much and the breakfast was very lovely. Our cost was $146 for room facing the bay and the breakfast through   Japanican.com. We could have taken a less expensive transfer but hesitated to in new country and with our cruise luggage. 


    That is great, we saw where the Hotel Monterey was when we were on the bus to Narita, yes it is very close and really $70.00 is not that bad from Haneda. We have said that if we return to sail out of Yokohama we would do the same since we have now stayed in Shinjuku 2 times.

    We are back home and feels like it's been weeks since we were in Japan, I will try to come back to this thread tomorrow evening to do a wrap of and also post some pictures from the Cruise Critic Meet and Greet.

  16. Good Afternoon from the ANA Businesses Class Lounge at Narita Terminal 1, we have about 90 minutes till we board our flight. It was rather sad leaving the ship this morning. I have to say that this was the first Cruise in a very long time that we met so many fellow passengers that I know we will be keep in touch as well as got to know many of the crew. Lots of hugs and farewells this morning. Last night I was surprised that when we went down to dinner at about almost 6 appeared most had their luggage out already. We thought that was strange but by the time we finished dinner they were collecting bags. We had dinner with some of the new friends we made which was really nice.

    This has truly been a wonderful cruise that will definitely be memorable starting the cruise with a category 3 Typhoon is definitely one for the record for us. 😉 I think Princess did a wonderful job under the circumstances. Many thanks to the Captain and crew.

    We had one final meal being breakfast in Santa Fe Club Class Dining Room. Many of the crew came over to us to-wish us safe travels.

    Debarkation was the usual hurry up and wait. It was raining as we left the Osanbashi Cruise Terminal the same as it was in October 2017. This time we made great time getting to Narita, it took less than 2 hours.

    It’s now about midnight at home and we will land in Las Vegas in about 21 hours. 










  17. Good Tuesday Morning from the Diamond Princess, 

    We are sitting in the Explorers Lounge watching people walk by and chatting with fellow cruisers. I will say this has been one of the most friendly cruises we have been on.

    We watched the Galley Tour walk by that was at least 150 + people I have never seen a galley tour that big.

    We started the morning with a lot of rockin and rollin. I looked out had saw lots of huge white caps. 

    We got up and went to deck 7 to Sabatini’s for our last breakfast in there for the cruise. Tomorrow we will have breakfast in Sante Fe in Club Class before we head to the airport. 

    I stopped by the Fragrance Shop decided to purchase another fragrance. 

    Yesterday at Miyajima Island we put a dent in our yen so it is good that we packed one small suit case inside a larger suit case to bring home lots of goodies. 


    Tomorrow will be a very long day that will last about 40 hours I think from the time we leave till we land in Vegas it will be about 31 hours. 

    Captain just did his noon time report so I think we will head over to see what will be served for dinner tonight. If nothing jumps out at us we may eat in Sterling. 

    Signing off from the Beautiful and Friendly Diamond Princess.

  18. Good Sunday Evening from the Diamond Princess, I mentioned earlier about the 7 pm Captain’s Circle Cocktail Party. It seems that since there were so many they needed to add a second party one at 5:00 pm and then the original 7:00 pm . We decided to go to the 5:00 pm. 

    To my HAL friends following this is a lot like Hal use to before the start the Mariner Lunch and it is similar to how NCL does it. I like the they have actual Live Music and the Cocktail, are not limited. They brought around a tray of various drinks but many order different drinks. 

    Formal dinner was also nice this evening. There of course was Lobster and Steak Wellington. I actually had the Lobster tail with Risotto but also some of the Calamari Steak. 

    We thought about going to the show but since we have an early morning with a 

    tour at Miyajima Island near Hiroshima we decided to relax back in our stateroom, plus we have some Chocolate Covered Strawberries calling us 😉


    Signing off from the Beautiful and Friendly Diamond Princess.








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