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  1. Good Tuesday Morning from the Diamond Princess, 

    We are sitting in the Explorers Lounge watching people walk by and chatting with fellow cruisers. I will say this has been one of the most friendly cruises we have been on.

    We watched the Galley Tour walk by that was at least 150 + people I have never seen a galley tour that big.

    We started the morning with a lot of rockin and rollin. I looked out had saw lots of huge white caps. 

    We got up and went to deck 7 to Sabatini’s for our last breakfast in there for the cruise. Tomorrow we will have breakfast in Sante Fe in Club Class before we head to the airport. 

    I stopped by the Fragrance Shop decided to purchase another fragrance. 

    Yesterday at Miyajima Island we put a dent in our yen so it is good that we packed one small suit case inside a larger suit case to bring home lots of goodies. 


    Tomorrow will be a very long day that will last about 40 hours I think from the time we leave till we land in Vegas it will be about 31 hours. 

    Captain just did his noon time report so I think we will head over to see what will be served for dinner tonight. If nothing jumps out at us we may eat in Sterling. 

    Signing off from the Beautiful and Friendly Diamond Princess.

  2. Good Sunday Evening from the Diamond Princess, I mentioned earlier about the 7 pm Captain’s Circle Cocktail Party. It seems that since there were so many they needed to add a second party one at 5:00 pm and then the original 7:00 pm . We decided to go to the 5:00 pm. 

    To my HAL friends following this is a lot like Hal use to before the start the Mariner Lunch and it is similar to how NCL does it. I like the they have actual Live Music and the Cocktail, are not limited. They brought around a tray of various drinks but many order different drinks. 

    Formal dinner was also nice this evening. There of course was Lobster and Steak Wellington. I actually had the Lobster tail with Risotto but also some of the Calamari Steak. 

    We thought about going to the show but since we have an early morning with a 

    tour at Miyajima Island near Hiroshima we decided to relax back in our stateroom, plus we have some Chocolate Covered Strawberries calling us 😉


    Signing off from the Beautiful and Friendly Diamond Princess.









    Good Sunday Morning from the Diamond Princess as we sail through the Kanmon Straits, its a beautiful day although a bit hazy and a few clouds and it is currently about 80 f. 

    I have not written much because ever since the blackout the ship had I am getting little to no signal for internet in our stateroom. Prior it was failed strong. I wanted to mention previously that Princess seem to be doing maintenance constantly throughout the ship although not exactly well coordinated. Yesterday the day we were in Busan in the when we went down for breakfast we saw newly stained balcony chairs, table and lounger. Our cabin jets out to the left at the end where we have the only cabin door so there is room for the furniture. When we returned from breakfast they had replaced the old weather worn furniture with newly stained which was great. But A few minutes later painters arrived stating our balcony was scheduled to be painted. Ok no big deal we can sit and read inside plus it was a bit hot outside. After they finished we found that all the newly stained furniture is now splattered with white paint specks as well as the floor, cushions and railings. 

    In our scenic cruising we our sailing between two cities, they are doing commentary out on the open decks and on out tv for the bridge cam. Unfortunately I cannot tell you the two cities. Lots of other boats and cargo ships waiting to go through the straits, kind of reminds me of Panama Canal along with the heat and humidity 😅


    Tonight is the last formal night, we want to go check out the menu if it’s good we eat in Santa Fe Dining Room where Club Classisms locates, or we may go to Sabatini’s. I do want to go to the Captain’s Circle Cocktail Party at 7.






  4. Good Evening from the Diamond Princess, All Aboard this even was for 9:30 it is almost 10 so we will be leaving shortly. Most have been onboard early since the Dining Room was full . The 8:30 show this evening was a group of 5 your Korean performers that call themselves Chung Myung, they stare they are the hottest rhythm performance team in Korea, there’re were three girls and two guys that played drums and danced. They were very good. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my phone so no photos 😩

    we are starting to leave so will sigh off till later.

  5. On 9/13/2019 at 12:46 AM, DCGuy64 said:

    Since you're past passengers on the Diamond Princess, can you comment on how the ship looks now compared to the pre-refurbishment that was done back in February? We're strongly considering this ship for our Japan trip in 2021, and the pictures online make it look really, really dated. (for comparison's sake, we're looking at similar itineraries on the Oceania Nautica and Norwegian Spirit, both of which are due for dry docks next year). On a side note, we're looking for something after March 2021, and those itineraries aren't available yet. Our TA is keeping an eye out for them. Hoping to go in April or in the fall of 2021. Thanks! 

    There is not much change in the Diamond since we were last here in October 2017. Other than new larger TVs and a new hair dryer in the suite there is nothing else. 

    Sadly the the Diamond is the forgotten Step Sister of the ships. I think Princess tends to update the North America ships. What you are seeing in the photos are correct although I think they did put new carpeting in the hallways and some common areas of the ship the carpet and furniture in our suite is exactly the same. 

    We have never sailed Oceania, but know the NCL product as well as Princess but have not sailed Spirit. But I believe that they did a total refurbishment on the Spirit in 2017. I like NCL a lot but Princess stays here in Asia mostly Japan and I feel they do a better job of Japan. Many of their crew are Japanese so the experience feels more Japanese. While she needs a total update I would not hesitate to book here again for another Japan/Asia cruise.


  6. Good Morning from Busan South Korea. 

    The weather is beautiful, full sun and no clouds unlike last we were here it was raining most of the day. 

    We were originally going on a tour today but I canceled a few weeks ago and decided to have a more relaxing day. We are here till 10:30 tonight but have decided to just stay on board the ship. I have a larger blister on my foot from all the walking we have done that I think I will give it a rest. 

    Evidently while we were gone all day in Kyoto the ship had a black out where they lost all power , sounds like it lasted for quite a while and until we reach shore side cell service I had no internet. The Princess at Sea website still shows early morning yesterday when I can even pull it up and no way to log into internet. Hopefully they can fix that today. 

    I had hoped to have lunch today at Kai Sushi but they are not open for lunch today.

    i have pictures to post of us but my high speed data has been reduced because I used it up yesterday posting all the photos 😁 

    So will post more later.



    Konbannwa, Good Evening from the Diamond Princess on our first Formal Night. Today was a nice relaxing day, slept in a bit later, had breakfast in Sabatini, then checked out the on board sales, purchased some T-shirts and nice colorful bling shirt for me then did some damage to our on board account with purchasing some fragrances and Shiseido facial crepes. Then also had our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet, I was impressed that the Captain and Hotel Director were there as well as a lady that I believe she was a Entertainment Director, I know by her Uniform she was an Officer but I apologize I did not catch her title. I hope before the end of the cruise to get the group pictures but I forgot my phone and for done reason I was not getting the photos from airdropping but I could send my photos. We will try it again tomorrow. 

    The CC Meet and Greet was nice and many Thanks to Zee for putting it together.


    We spent a good portion of our day enjoying the balcony and the wake of the ship while we read. We did stop by Swirls Ice Cream so I could finally have the Green Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream, it was very good had almost a richer matcha taste although not as creamy as most or like gelato but very good if you like green tea.

    Tomorrow will be a very early day for us, we arrive in Maizuru very early and we are to meet at the Wheelhouse Bar at 7:00 am for our trip to Kyoto. This will be a full day tour. I have always wanted to get to Kyoto this will at least give us a small taste and hopefully we can return another time to spend longer.


    Below was the menus from this evening.


    Signing off from the Diamond Princess.








  8. Good Evening for Wednesday September 11, 2019 in Hakodate Japan. Originally before we left for Japan I kept checking weather forecasts and several of the ports were showing possible rain but Hakodate always show sunny skies, unfortunately that was not true other than  a typhoon the night before we to sail this was the worst weather with windy rainy weather all day. Our tour started at 10 this morning taking us to the first market which was fun, I really would have liked to spend at least three hours there. Hakodate is known for their Squid and Crab. I bought a couple of bags of smoked squid that was delicious as well as smoked scallops that have been vacuum sealed. 

    Then we went to the red Brick Square which is an area with numerous brick warehouses converted into touristy shopping with restaurants as well. There we went to a nice restaurant for lunch. Then time for shopping. During this time it started to pour and we were to take this large tram up to Mt Hakodate, we were I for due to the winds they stopped taking visitors up on the cable cars 😲Instead they would drive up the mountain, personally I thought that was a very bad idea. First it’s totally clouded/ fogged I . It is pouring rain and you can maybe see 4 feet in from of you. I asked if we could have the option of returning to the ship and they told me No, the drive up the mountain was a bit scary and risky in my opinion. Some of us did just stay on the bus. Then they did a walking tour while it was pouring rain of church’s and a temple again some of us just stayed on the bus. 

    The last stop was the Tower that looks over Goryokaku Park. That was Interesting and fun. I even had some very good Japanese Gelato there, two different flavors Matcha Green and Pumpkin. 

    We got back to the ship about 6:20 so we headed to the Dining room to see what was on the menu, since I had the gelato and lunch earlier was not that hungry so we ended up at Horizon Court for dinner. There I just had some Ramon and ice tea.


    Tomorrow is a Sea Day and our Cruise Critic Meet and Greet. 

    Signing off of the evening. And Good Morning to those in North America.








  9. Good Morning from the Diamond Princess where our time is 8:50. I have cell service so not needing to use slow ship internet, while it shows I have Lte 4G I only have 2 bars so hopefully can post some more Pics and video. 

    We are nearing Hakodate unfortunately it looks like it will be raining most of the day and mid 60’s F

    we had breakfast in Sabatini getting to know some of our fellow passengers and enjoying talking to them in the morning.

    A little it’s bit of different info, I have been Lactose Intolerant for years which has been sad because I like cream in my coffee and ice cream  especially Match Green Tea Ice Cream. Prior to this cruise I was reading a lot about Japan on a Facebook forum on Japan travel. It had been brought up several times that people who are lactose intolerant should try milk products in Japan. To my surprise I am not at all effected. I have been slowly trying things and have had no problems but I am still taking my daily lactose probiotic but that has never cured it. 

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