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  1. I think the problem is HOW you booked your cruise. Those of you that used a third party company, like Costco, or a TA, are having more issues getting your refunds than those of us that just booked directly through Carnival. I just book my vacations of all kinds myself because I prefer total control. I had all my refunds within 60 days.
  2. We made that cruise this past February. Let me just say that the hotel was fine, the location right there near Bourbon St. But we’d never stay in that area again. The streets were filthy! Vomit and urine here and there, with bums/drunks curled right up on the sidewalks! The further you get from Bourbon, the better. If we ever cruise out of NOLA again, we will stay elsewhere. We did take a streetcar into the Garden District, which was very nice. As for breakfast, we ate every morning at the Ruby Slipper. It was the very BEST meal of the day. Since my hubby does not eat seafood, we had a very hard time finding a restaurant within walking distance of our hotel that had food he’d eat. The many famous restaurants we passed were primarily seafood, and those with a steak would cost us $45-65 just for the steak with sides being extra! And the beignets, we never did get to Cafe Dumond, but did have excellent beignets at Cafe Beignet in the Musician Legend Park on Bourbon, which was our haven in the chaos of Bourbon. We could sit in there, have a coffee and beignets and listen to some jazz.
  3. On my last cruise, in February, we traveled with our daughter and her family, and we always choose YTD, as it really is the best choice—eat whenever you want, not at a pre scheduled time when it may interfere with plans, or you are not hungry yet—-and we NEVER had trouble getting seated together, all 7 of us. I have mentioned to John Heald on his Facebook page that going to strictly YTD with NO SHARED TABLES may be the way to go in a post COVID world. Not sure if they will go with just YTD, but I’d bet the days of sharing a table with strangers is gone. It makes more sense to step up to the hostess and ask for a table the size of YOUR party. And who wants to eat early if you’ve been eating more food than usual all day? I just wish they’d go with just YTD, and do away with all this waitlist BS.
  4. I guess I won’t start looking for FTTF for my Mardi Gras cruise until 2021, and I know I won’t have it for my January Journey cruise. As for your dining choice being waitlisted, I cannot stand how Carnival does that. Personally, I think it all should become YTD. Everyone goes when they want to, like NCL. Then there would be no more waitlisting people.
  5. After reading this, and others that have booked through a TA, I can honestly say that I am glad I do all my own booking. It has reinforced my belief that it’s better to have total control.
  6. Mine were processed on April 8, but landed in account just last week. Just be patient.
  7. I know I will be patiently waiting to read your review!
  8. I think she told you that because it is surprising just how many people are adamant that they have gotten the flu from the shot. It is impossible. I know there are many that think they can, but they are wrong. And no matter how many times we health professionals tell them this, they will believe what they want to believe. Bravo to you for being so health conscious and to protect yourself. Because even though a flu shot is not 100% effective in preventing you from catching the flu, it lessens the severity of influenza, and possibly saving your life. Thousands do die every year from influenza. And that is why that I will gladly be in line for that first COVID-19 vaccine. Because even some protection, is better than none, and with hope against hope, it will protect us entirely.
  9. Just before they stopped cruising, Carnival DID have staff man the self serve ice cream machine. I see that practice continuing, rather than eliminating the machine.
  10. I am a long time cruiser, and I most certainly do not go formal. But I respect how one should look on “elegant” night, and for us retirees that gave up wearing a suit to work daily (my hubby), we never want to see one again. My hubby and I dress neatly and appropriately, but definitely not formal. Since I rarely even see him in khakis even anymore, THAT looks elegant enough for me, along with some smart Hawaiian print shirts that we save specifically for cruising. I have several dresses to choose from for elegant night, but definitely not classified as elegant. As an RN, I spent my career in scrubs, so putting on a dress occasionally is no bother to me. As for heels? Lol! This old gal hasn’t worn a pair of heels for many years. Not sure my balance is what it use to be, not to mention, after bilateral TKRs, I can’t even get stockings on, so a nice pair of sandals or flats is about all my feet will have on, because I don’t think my every day sneakers will look too smart with my dress! 😎
  11. Firefly is correct. I had a B2B booked for April 5&11 that got cancelled in March. I was not expecting my refunds until late June, so I was pleasantly surprised to see them land on my credit card just last week. But the date they were processed was 4/8. So check your card account every day, and remember, they may show up in an earlier date for when processed. I only went back and checked after seeing I had a $1400 credit in my balance. Let me add, that these refunds were after transferring nearly $4,000 in FCC to another cruise, which I did immediately after cancelling April cruises back in March.
  12. We bring our own, as well, but on our last cruise in February when we sailed with our daughter and her family, we bought our grandchildren candy in there. It was a treat they looked forward to every night, so it does have a customer base.
  13. I wish I could get it for my January cruise, but since it’s a Journey cruise, they do not offer it. 😢
  14. You may see some formally dressed, but cruises have gotten much more casual in recent years, thank goodness. My hubby and I are retired, and have no desire to lug all that formal wear anymore. We sailed two NCL cruises and fell in love with their more casual Freestyle Cruising concept, but missed Carnival. When I heard they now had YTD, and relaxed the dress code, we returned. My hubby will wear khakis and a nice polo or Hawaiian print shirt on “Elegant” night, and I will wear a dress. Other nights, he wears cargo shorts and polo, and I either a dress or Capri set.
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