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  1. Thank you for the review. I will be on the Magic in April for a B2B for our 50th Anniversary, and am really looking forward to it. The long buffet lines and the Smokey casino were 2 issues we had with the Breeze this past March, so I’m sure that won’t be a surprise to me. Especially since one leg of our B2B is during Easter week, and I suspect the ship will be PACKED.......with kids! We found the food on Breeze excellent, so Im hoping for an equally good experience. As for the smoke in the casino, I do wish they’d ban smoking in there. It keeps us from going in there, and we are at our local casino every week! I’m sure many more people would be in there gambling if it was banned, contrary to the naysayers that say smokers gamble more. I say not true in this day and age where most people are more educated to the dangers of smoking, and less people smoke. It doesn’t mean they don’t like to gamble. So, until they ever decide to make Ships totally smoke free (which may never happen), the least they could do is ban it in the casino.
  2. In your case, that would be difficult in the MDR. But that’s an unusual example.
  3. From what I heard, there is no station in your cabin that you’ll pick up NFL games, but there are games shown in the sports bar (on some ships) and the casino bar area, and possible other areas, depending on ship. I am sailing the Glory on Super Bowl Sunday, and I heard the game will be showing, possibly on the big screen on Lido, and Super Bowl parties are planned.
  4. Bad things can happen to us anywhere, even just walking down the street, going to church, school, or shopping. You can’t stay inside and fear for your life, you need to live your life. We had a cruise booked for Dec. 2001, just after 9/11. We discussed whether we wanted to go ahead with it, as we had to fly to PR to catch ship, but in the end we decided we were not going to live our life in fear. We went ahead and flew to PR and cruised that ship (The Carnival Destiny, now the Sunshine) with absolutely no problems.
  5. I was actually going to advise the same. Order a cake online ahead of time, and request it served in the MDR. It’s too bad that Carnival doesn’t provide a free whole cake, and only the little cakes. We sailed NCL one year for my birthday, and the room steward left a birthday cupcake in cabin, and we were served a whole birthday cake in MDR for just the two of us. We actually ended up giving the rest of cake away.
  6. I like that idea about bringing side rails. As long as the fold so the OP can pack them, I think this is the best option. If all else fails, I do know the cruise line will roll in a portable crib, as this is what we did with our grandchild once.
  7. We always eat breakfast in the MDR. It is a much better experience.
  8. Let me just say that at$38pp, the Carnival Steakhouse is a bargain, compared to high end steakhouses, like Ruth Chris. We have a steakhouse restaurant here in Buffalo called Russels, and it is unbelievable! But it’s EXPENSIVE! My hubby and I spend well over $100 for 2, for a dinner there. For $38pp, for all Carnival gives you with that, it remains a bargain, and one I’m looking forward to on our next cruise. We are sailing the Glory in February with our daughter and her family, and we all plan to go there for dinner.
  9. Totally understand your position on this, but since we also have to fly to our port city, it involves another layer of frustration if a cruise is cancelled, shortened, or lengthened at the last minute. And also one reason why we don’t cruise more often. Often times, we spend more on airfare than our cruise fare (for inside cabin). This coming April we are trying something different. We are going to drive from Buffalo to Ft Lauderdale, and then doing a B2B. Hoping the drive works out, as it may be something we try another time, but as senior citizens, we don’t like to drive long per day, or after dark, so we need to plan to leave WAY ahead of cruise.
  10. Whiskey sour, Manhattan are a couple, along with champagne and wine. And then the hor d’oeuvres. Yummy! The live band playing with dancing on the stage—for the Captains Reception for EVERYONE, not just past cruisers. We returned to Carnival just this past March, after several years of cruising RCCL and NCL. Our last Carnival Cruise was in 2007, until this March. We were shocked that the parties were now only for the P&D! Oh, well, after my April cruise I only have 16 days until Platinum. I guess I will have to find me a 16 day Journey cruise, as we are enjoying Carnival WAY more than our RCCLand NCL cruises. Except for the Freestyle Cruising concept of NCL. I wish Carnival went to that. I don’t like that I first of all have to get approval for choosing YTD, then I don’t like that you are restricted to only one MDR for YTD. But all in all, Carnival is way more fun! 🛳😎🌴🏖
  11. It was a no big deal to me, either. I thought it would be, but I hardly noticed.
  12. Me, either. I did one in 2004 out of NYC to Nova Scotia, and the winds were so bad, they roped off all upper outside decks, and the hurricane wasn’t even near us—it just affected us that way. Because of the risk involved with cancelled cruises, and the aggravation of waiting to hear if cruise will be cancelled, keeps me from booking during hurricane season.
  13. I remember when Carnival had a Past Cruisers Party, not just for P&D.
  14. I have heard that it does serve the high tea.
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