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  1. grandmarnnurse

    Port canaveral fttf

    Following, as I have FTTF, and am sailing the Breeze out of Port Canaveral also.
  2. My (now bald) hubby is Irish and a redhead. When we started dating in 1969, it was his shoulder length red hair that first caught my eye. But out of the 5 children we went on to produce, only our youngest child had beautiful red hair. All 5 of my children, though, produced lovely red headed grandchildren!
  3. grandmarnnurse

    Final payment due before online check in?

    I have a cruise booked for 2020, and I filled out the whole check in when I booked—before they changed their check in policy to 90 days out—and I’m still paying on that cruise. I don’t see why it should affect your check in.
  4. My daughter was tested for explosives, also, when boarding a plane in Orlando. Apparently they just came from one of the theme parks where there was some kind of explosions part of a show, and they were carrying the residue (??) from it. And as for FLL airport, it is the WORST airport I’ve ever been in. Absolutely no choice of food venues, limited seating, and people having to sit all over on the floors! Crazy airport! Following along on your review! Can’t wait to read it!
  5. grandmarnnurse

    Frightfully fun time on the Vista October 28, 2018 Review

    Following along, and loving your review! Can’t wait to read more!
  6. grandmarnnurse

    Seafood Shack on the Magic now?

    I did not realize they were putting a seafood shack on the Magic! I hope so! I sail the Magic in April 2020.
  7. grandmarnnurse

    Carnival Triumph "Sinks"

    That was that Costa ship that sank a long time ago.
  8. grandmarnnurse

    Carnival Airport Shuttle R/T

    I usually book cruise line transportation to get me back to airport, and have never had a problem. When you book, they often tell you to make sure your flight is after a certain time. I have Carnival transportation booked for my return trip to airport after my March Breeze Cruise, and feel very confident that I will arrive with plenty of time before my 2:30 flight.
  9. Can’t wait to follow along with another great review of yours and Patti’s!
  10. grandmarnnurse

    Best Place to Chill at Port Canaveral

    I check in as soon as I drop off my luggage! I usually leave my hotel for port right before my check in time, so there’s no hanging by a curb. If you are flying in day of cruise, stop and grab breakfast then head over to port.
  11. I do know that the Sunshine is an old ship. I sailed this ship way back in 2001, when it was the Destiny, and she was showing some age then! It went to dry dock several years ago, and was reborn as the Sunshine. But I do believe she’s ready for another overhaul. I think the ship was built in 1998, making her 20 years old.
  12. grandmarnnurse

    Mco and port canaveral

    I usually shoot for later in the afternoon for flights, just so I am not rushed or stressed. I will be sailing the Breeze also out of Port Canaveral, and aware that MCO is about one hour away. As an experienced cruiser, I also know anything can happen to delay a ship’s docking and delay of debarkation. So, with that said, I chose a 2:30pm flight home, and hope that gives me enough wiggle room. I also booked Carnival transportation back to MCO. I never do self assist, as it’s too difficult for us to handle the luggage leaving the ship. So, we have to search for our luggage once off ship. All this takes time. We are FTTF, but I don’t think it affects our debarkation.
  13. Omg! How scary was that! So glad it didn’t ruin your vacation. Can’t wait to see the rest of your review with pics.
  14. grandmarnnurse

    Nice Khaki shorts in the dining room?

    Hubby only wears cargo style khaki shorts with a nice polo. I will most likely pack him a pair of long khaki pants for elegant night, but I’m sure he will either be wearing a polo shirt or a Hawaiian print shirt. Since retirement 6 years ago, I don’t think the man has worn a suit or button down shirt but once, for our sons wedding! Lol! So done with formal wear!
  15. grandmarnnurse

    How many cruises have you been on?

    We try to cruise once a year, and we are living on a retirement budget. It can be done. First of all, for several years even before retiring, I made a “vacation fund”, and I treat that just as any other monthly bill—depositing money into it. Granted I had more to deposit when we were working, but with that fund we are able to cruise once a year in an inside cabin. Nothing luxurious. But it gets us on a cruise, and that’s all that’s important. I once found myself feeling a bit envious when I’d read posts by people booking Suites for their special occasions, but I had to tell myself, be thankful you are on a ship. So, with that said, I will be sailing for my 50th Anniversary in an inside cabin in 2020, and loving every minute of it! And, god willing, there will be many more with my love, as long as I keep squirreling away my money every single month without fail. Treat it as a bill, not as a luxury.