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  1. grandmarnnurse

    Dang government shutdown!

    Trying to stay out of this discussion, as we are very passionate about it. I’m sure both parties have their own strong opinions, but this is how we see it here in our household. Trump called for the shutdown, he owned it, but the failure of Pelosi and Schumer to negotiate is what is keeping this going. He has remained steadfast, at at the helm waiting, while they thumbed their nose to him. The security of this country, and their borders, is essential. And as our POTUS, he has every right to do whatever he needs to do this. Time for Nancy and Chuck to put on their big girl panties, and try to negotiate. as for the OP, I said “go for it”, only because he said he had the money already for cruise. But if he is truly worried about future finances, depending on length of shutdown, then he should cancel now, while he can, and rebook one after returning to work. Worrying about finances is not a fun thing, as I’ve previously mentioned, we are retired and spent most of our savings raising 5 children. Granted, we are still ok, but have to watch finances, so I totally understand the worry. The OP needs to do what he feels most comfortable with.
  2. grandmarnnurse

    inside rooms

    That’s great! I’m in an inside cabin, and the only offer they gave me to upgrade was $367 to a balcony. I assume that is pp, so, of course, I turned it down. There is no way this retired couple felt that was a good offer. Now, if they said $50 flat fee, not pp, yes, I’d take it. But I book insides specifically for their low cost, and to allow us to cruise at least once per year. As a retired couple, who spent their working career in two very good paying professions, but raised 5 children, paid for 5 weddings, and 5 college educations, there wasn’t really much left in the old savings account for any vacation beyond basic. We book inside cabins and just may book one excursion out of whole cruise. Air fare is a killer, too. So, no, I won’t accept an upgrade unless it is truly fabulous, and I’ve yet to see one that fits our budget.
  3. grandmarnnurse

    inside rooms

  4. grandmarnnurse

    Captains Suite

    Precisely! I can’t even envision spending that kind of money on a cruise!
  5. grandmarnnurse

    inside rooms

    We once only booked balconies, when we were both working. But as a retired couple, we now onlybook inside cabins as a means to save money on a retirement budget. If I booked a balcony, we could probably only cruise every other year. In an inside cabin, I can cruise every year. I admit that I would love something bigger and more special for my 50th Anniversary, when we sail the Magic in April 2020, but I will be happy that I’m at least on a cruise. The darkness helps with sleep, but if you set your TV to the bridge station before going to bed, the room will lighten as the sun comes up on the TV. A trick I learned awhile back.
  6. grandmarnnurse

    Captains Suite

    Wow! A man that likes to spend money! My hubby will never let me book anything other than inside cabins, to help us on our retirement budget, but what I’d give for a suite, or even just a balcony for my 50th Anniversary cruise in April 2020 on the Magic. But in all fairness, we spend very little time in our cabin, so I can understand his reasoning. For you, another $3,000 seems a bit too high, but only you can judge what you can comfortably afford. I confess I had a dream once that we showed up for our 50th Anniversary cruise, and was told we were upgraded to the Captains Suite. Not from an inside to an ocean view, but the Captains Suite. 🤣🤣🤣 Enjoy.
  7. grandmarnnurse

    Question: Hot dogs still available at Deli?

    Does anyone happen to know where you can grab a hot dog on the Breeze? Sailing the Breeze on March 2, and my loves hot dogs!
  8. grandmarnnurse

    Dang government shutdown!

    I’d go for it!
  9. grandmarnnurse

    NCL Review after 10 Carnival Cruises

    Thank you for the review and comparison. We sailed 5 Carnival cruises before we ventured out to RCCL and NCL. We were floored by the WOW factor on our RCCL ships (Indy and Oasis), and then we sailed NCL on the Getaway, twice. We fell in love with NCL’s Freestyle Cruising concept. And their food?? Without a doubt, hands down, the best! The best buffet, best MDRs, best late night and 24 hour offerings. With that said, we are returning to Carnival on March 2 for a cruise on the Breeze and have booked our 50th Anniversary cruise in 2020 on the Magic. The reason? That good old “fun factor”. We just always had more fun on Carnival. Can’t wait! 🛳🏖🌴🍸🍹🍷
  10. grandmarnnurse

    Just off the Carnival Magic...few thoughts...

    I am on the Breeze this March.
  11. grandmarnnurse

    Vent system in cabins, Smoking?

    I am a retired RN, and I remember Drs smoking at the nurses station, patients smoking in their rooms, and sitting in a smoke filled room with the door closed and no ventilation getting report in the morning. This was during the 70s and very early 80s.
  12. grandmarnnurse

    Just off the Carnival Magic...few thoughts...

    I have this ship booked for my 50th Anniversary cruise during Easter week 2020, so I’m sure it will be crowded. My concern is your report of “smells in the hallways”. Was this persistent, or just on occasion? I have several family members that I convinced to sail this cruise, some that have only cruised RCCL and NCL, and I don’t want them disappointed. I chose this ship for its itinerary, and it was just a bit older than the Breeze. Reviews and pics looked great, so keeping my fingers crossed. 🤞
  13. As someone that has cruised all 3 of these cruise lines, I can give my two cents! Although I have not cruised Carnival since 2007, I have booked 2 cruises with them because I’m excited to see all their changes, and new food venues. I always had excellent food on Carnival. I’ve sailed both the Indy and Oasis on RCCL, and although there was plentiful food throughout the day, I did feel their late night offerings was lacking. And I totally disliked that the only complimentary beverage outside the regular meal time was either coffee or water. And at meal times in the Windjammer, the attendant filled glasses of beverage rather than letting you self serve then, or throughout the day. And their soft serve ice cream was out on the deck by pool and closed up by evening. Now, onto NCL. First let me say that since I haven’t tried Carnival food since 2007, this may be unfair to them, and they may win out after my March Breeze cruise, but in my opinion, NCL wins hands down for the best food. Their buffet was honestly the largest and very best we have ever had at sea. The best! And their beverage stations remained open, along with soft ice cream. And the buffet opens up for late night snacks from 9:30-11:30pm nightly. Fantastic! But the one thing that the other two don’t even come near is O’Sheehans Irish Pub on NCL. It is a 24 hour complimentary sit down (not grab and go) restaurant with A FULL MENU!! There is nothing comparable on RCCL or Carnival. And NCL offered the most selection of specialty restaurants, also. As for the MDR, totally excellent, but they lose when it comes to serving lobster. They don’t unless you pay an upcharge, where I had complimentary lobster on RCCL and Carnival.
  14. grandmarnnurse

    Gratuities Increase!!!!

    That is just awful! They should make it mandatory and non removable.
  15. grandmarnnurse

    Fun Shops Party Trays

    This is one reason I hesitate to order any, besides the fact that there is no room to entertain anyone in an inside cabin. With all the food we are eating out and about, that would only go to waste.