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  1. 0 new cases, 0 deaths, and the 14 day average is now 0 as well. I guess that makes this a triple doughnut day!
  2. Our family in Scotland said the same thing when I told them about our restrictions. Said there'd be riots if they were locked down like we were.
  3. Greggs are our go-to place when we're in Scotland. Their steak bakes are amazing.
  4. Like Leigh, not being able to see my father or my sisters who are all in regional Victoria. Dad is in his 90s and in aged care, so knowing each day could be his last and not being able to see him has been hard. Also, not being able to have a haircut! Jeanine
  5. You certainly are blessed. I'm very pleased to have access to some beaches again for a change of scenery, now that we can travel 25kms. The Cranbourne Gardens are always lovely, but this time of the year is when most of the plants are flowering, being all Australian natives. Jeanine
  6. The Cranbourne Gardens were within our 5km radius so we visited at least twice a week for our 2 hours of exercise. So lucky to have these beautiful gardens almost on our doorstep. Jeanine
  7. There are 16 Australian cruises listed for Feb 2021 and another 17 for March 2021. Maybe you were looking at the wrong year.
  8. Last I heard from friends on board Vasco da Gama, no Corona onboard and they were having a good time.
  9. This post is doing the rounds on social media but it's partly fake. Dean Koontz wrote about a virus called Wuhan-400 in The Eyes of Darkness, but the page above comes from the 2008 book “End Of Days: Predictions and prophecies about the end of the world” by Sylvia Browne.
  10. I opened an international trading account with Commsec to buy the Carnival shares.
  11. On the Sea last year hubs was paying $27.50 for Johnnie Walker red, I was paying $20.75 for coconut rum. Cheaper on board than on personalizer.
  12. We currently have two cruises booked - one is US dollars onboard, the other is AU$. The prices of excursions for the Aus cruise are clearly marked as being in AU dollars, excursions on the other cruise are shown in US dollars (although I can't see that written anywhere on the page). If your cruise is the Japan one, you paid US dollars for the excursions and therefore got the conversion fee. Price for both OBC and gratuities is shown (and paid) in AU$ so no fees.
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