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  1. The policy of only 2 specialties open each night has already been changed per a letter left in the cabin last evening.
  2. Everyone is tested at boarding, no one asks to see previous test results at boarding, as stated before— pre testing is recommended to CYA in case that boarding test is positive. They have been capacity controlling the first 3 cruises, and with cancellations have been much less than 50%— Waves has been empty, no idea about Terrace this cruise as they are doing rotating restaurant closures and the MDR not open for lunch on port days. we flew AA in August, and except for the seats— business class was a joke—
  3. Currently— $95pp + 20% for Odyssey and La Bourgeoise, and $295 pp +20% for the Dom.
  4. Yes, there is a bin end list. Not sure if this is accurate, but a sommelier told us they did not off load the stock that was on the ship. So far, they have not had the minimum sign up to hold La Reserve for several of the nights it is offered— the seating is reduced right now— there were 12 when we went during the 29 Aug. cruise.
  5. Most of the passengers on the last cruise just needed an antigen test to fly home to the US, you might check the requirements.
  6. Reduced capacity right now— no idea the numbers, but we heard 50%. There are no digital menus— no interactive TV yet. it’s hard to tell if the internet if faster as the numbers are so low. Polo last night — no changes in the menu from 2019. Ronne today— we need a negative test to disembark, —our test for boarding on Sunday is a few hours too old— testing will be given for those who need a new one.
  7. It was a very orderly check in process. Tested, waited for results.. proceeded to a typical check in desk for cards, but since the check in was online this took a minute for us. Apparently some had to retake photos. Once on the ship, proceeded to check in at muster stations, crew demonstrated the jacket to individuals, and done! There was a flag for guests to sign, Which was hoisted with a pool deck celebration.
  8. The truth is that NCLH cruises (Norwegian, Regent, Oceania) is the only large cruiseline to require 100% vaccinated. The others allow for children (not eligible) and a small percentage of adults with a medical reason to be unvaccinated. Some lines "advertise" fully vaccinated -- but IMHO, if allow even just 1 passenger to sail w/out a vaccine-- well, my math says it's not 100%.
  9. NCL handles the issue of children the same way as it does on Oceania and Regent. Vaccinated passengers and crew only -- no exceptions for age or medical condition. We don't cruise on NCL, but also find your comment about NCL demographics a bit strange -- and your follow up didn't help.
  10. Oceania delayed final payment to 60 days prior to sailing.
  11. We have taken independent overlands while on an Oceania cruise: India (Agra, Jaipur, Mumbai), Australia (Alice Springs/Ayers Rock), China (Xian, Beijing), China (Guilin/Li River),and a Safari (Shamwari). Except for the safari, we used local travel agencies that provided a service similar to Oceania (and not the prices). I have no complaints about our private experiences. I also have never heard of complaints from those who booked the Oceania overlands. We happen to enjoy smaller groups. I consider myself a loyal Oceania customer -- just have a different experience.
  12. It is important to check the SailSafe FAQ frequently -- this is what I read this week, as we are leaving soon for Copenhagen to board the Marina. I find the language not vague at all. Am I required to test for Covid prior to traveling? Oceania Cruise strongly encourages all guests to take a COVID-19 PCR test 3 to 4 days prior to traveling to the ship, as an added precaution. If a PCR test is not readily available, then we encourage guests to at a minimum take a laboratory administered COVID-19 Antigen test prior to travel. Further, as the entry requirements by country are evolving, we recommend that all guests consult with local government websites to determine any additional requirements, including additional pre-cruise testing that may be required to travel. Guests that fail to test prior to departure or cannot provide proof of a negative laboratory supplied test result and subsequently test positive for COVID-19 upon embarkation will not be reimbursed for quarantine or return travel arrangements.
  13. We took a walking food tour a couple of years ago on a pre-cruise 3 day trip to Lisbon-- nice history of Alfama, and tastes of the local food/drink. We tried to DIY recreate it the next time we were there, but that place is a maze and we forgot to take photos/names of the places we stopped! I think it's very easy to DIY Lisbon -- maybe taking an Uber to the top of hill above the dock and wandering down, or just walking near the port -- our ship docked close to Alfama. The food tour is the only organized tour we have taken there on our stops.
  14. Both doses should be the same “brand”, no mixing
  15. Oceania USA website is the same as the U.K. U.S.-based vessels will accept any U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and/or World Health Organization (WHO) authorized single brand vaccination protocol, including J&J Janssen, Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca/Oxford. Mixed vaccination protocol will not be accepted (e.g., Pfizer + Moderna or AstraZeneca + Pfizer, etc.).
  16. Someone on our roll call mentioned Maghera port.
  17. Look under the FAQ link in the Health and Safety guidelines.
  18. We are in this “boat”. Unsure why 2021 cannot book now— passengers have been able to book culinary classes.
  19. We will be there for 1 night overnight x 2 -- about a week apart I was interested in an organized tour by a local tour operator that was for those who have been to SPB before -- without paying the private tour prices. (why would a local need a tour about vodka??) Based on your reply, we will not pre-plan anything for our 2 stops in SPB. Thanks for the info.
  20. Thanks Jan! We love La Reserve and have been worried about reservations — we are on B2B sailings for 2 months—
  21. My TA was also told I had to wait until on board for my 29 Aug Marina sailing. I check daily online as well, haven't seen any chance to reserve.
  22. THIS -- we were at the Admiral. Loved the hotel, but the bar was right below our room, and it was very hot out, so, not a good night sleep.
  23. Any suggestions for a 1 day / night tour that does not involve the major sites? We don't want to repeat the main itinerary that most agencies offer. Also, don't want to pay our cruise ship prices. Since our cruise is this Aug/Sept -- there is also the question whether the ship will sail to SPB. Our roll call is so quiet, I believe it wouldn't be possible to organize a private group tour, so would likely be just the 2 of us. We might be interested in a vodka/canal tour === and possibly the ballet -- without paying the cruise ship prices. Most agencies seem to require a full day tour to add an evening event. What could we see during the day that would be more of a local experience. Thanks in advance!
  24. They do -- I have ordered it in Toscana on an R ship. You may not like the price :). You could always bring a bottle (or several ) of your favorite -- with the $25 corkage, you will come out ahead.
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