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  1. We are new to Carnival. I Would love some tips, about anything really. Is their happy hours or drink specials on the cruise, what specialty restaurants should we try if any? Shows that should not be missed? Can you pre order a bottle of rum for instance to your stateroom? Also can you bring your cans of soft drinks or juice etc. for the room? I read bottles are not allowed so I'm wondering how people get their water supply. I drink a lot of water so I don't really want to be going and refilling my bottle constantly. I'm glad to read we are able to bring one bottle of wine per adult for the room. I also read there is a charge for room service? Also any tips on Amber cove excursions? We visited there a couple of of years ago on a Holland American Ship and did not leave the cruise terminal. It would be nice to get out and see something this time around. In regards, to Port Canaveral hotels, is there one you would recommend? And the most favoured Car rental company close to the port? We are trying to decide whether or not we go to Disney first for a few days and then drive to the port, or go straight from the Orlando Airport and stay one night before the cruise and head to Disney afterwards. We will be 2 adults and a teen of 13 years old. We are new to cruising in general. We have sailed 3 times once with Disney and twice with Holland American. We use to live in UK, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean so we have always done either air or driving holidays. We now live in Toronto, and haven't left Canada for almost a year and half due to Covid! Its nice to have something to look forward too, even if its still over a year away. Thank you in advance. Robin
  2. Thank you everyone. We wont be going to nightclubs, it was just the alchemy bar and the fortune teller and a few of the others I was concerned about as they look pretty cool. Do these bars offer drink deals such as happy hour throughout the cruise? We aren't going to do the drink package. We are new to Carnival and I assume there will be a lot going on during the At Seas Days to keep us busy. Any tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  3. We are booked for 2022 and I have just noticed scrolling thru the bars on board that some of them say 21+. Our daughter does not attend the kids clubs and has always enjoyed coming with us for a pre dinner or theatre drink. Is this age restriction after a certain time of night or all day would anyone know?
  4. Does anyone know if this ship will still be going into dry dock?
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