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  1. When you say "cruise agent" what do you mean. Is it a travel agent, a Carnival PVP (Personal Vacation Planner), or what? Makes a big difference.
  2. I agree with this approach. Our PVP can tell us within minutes which cabins are available on both (or more) of the cruises. She has done this for us many times. We can quickly look at the best options and tell her to book it right then and there on the same phone call. Your selection will be greater if you are willing to book 6 months to a year ahead. Also, make sure you have your hundred shares of Carnival's stock since you can get $250 OBC for doing 2 7 day cruises B2B. If you are thinking about stock, do it now, the price is right!
  3. You seriously need to look into moving to peritonial dialysis. It is done while you sleep each night and is much easier on your body than hemo. Blood never leaves your body and there are no blood thinners used. We take the machine along on our cruises, and Baxter delivers the needed fluids directly to the ship on the day of departure. The machine fits into a carry on suitcase and is classified as a medical device that can be carried onto planes & is not looked at as extra luggage. We do at least 2 B2Bs (14 days) a year. Please look into this as a serious life changing option.
  4. When you do B2B you will always get 2 booking numbers. All I am doing is telling you what a Carnival Guest Services told me and did for me. Since she could not see me, I have to assume it was not for my good looks.
  5. All I am doing is telling you what the customer service person told me and did.
  6. Not from stroke but from hospitalization 3 days before the cruise. Four of us were unable to cruise and we got every single dollar back over the next 3 weeks. Was very easy to complete the process with no hassle.
  7. I have had the fresh oysters on several ships, and they were great. However, I have had them only on the first 2 or 3 days on the ship. I do not know it they get fresh ones at the port stops, so I am careful.
  8. I would contact special needs and make sure that you have informed them of this need. The special needs department is exceptional.
  9. There are tons of different kinds of dry and wet popcorn seasonings available on Amazon.com in several different sizes.
  10. If you are a CCL stockholder you will get $100 on the first week and $250 on the second week if you send in one fax with both booking numbers and boarding dates and include proof of holding 100 shares. They look at it as a 14 day cruise.
  11. Just learned an interesting fact yesterday. We sent in two requests for OBC three days ago. One for each of the weeks on our February B2B. Each on had a Fax Cover Sheet with cruise info and a copy of the Stock report and we sent them together in one fax. We received OBC for the 1st week but not for the second. So I called. Got a really nice lady who did the research and told us they thought it was only one cruise. She gave me the OBC for the 2nd cruise which was $150 and this advice. Use 1 fax cover sheet and put both booking numbers and dates on that sheet and indicate that it is a B2B. You will get $250 because that is actually considered a 14 day cruise. You will get $100 on the first week and $150 on the second week. Who knew!
  12. The only hiccups might be that the second week is sold out by now, or you cannot get the same cabin for both weeks. For the second one, Carnival personnel will help you move all your stuff without excessive packing, so it is not a show stopper. For the first one, that would be a show stopper. It is the only way we cruise now, because 7 days is just not enough, and if you fly, it amortizes your airfare over more days. Go for it.
  13. Put the kind of straws you want to use on your packing list. Go to the Dollar Store or other inexpensive place and buy a bag/box of them and put some in your suitcase. They are not going to take up much room or tip you over the airline weight. Stick one behind your ear whenever you leave your cabin on a cruise and you save a lot of angst before, during, and after your cruise. Problem solved. Other than putting them behind your ear, you deal with many cruise issues the exact same way.
  14. It is a $50.00 change fee that you will have to pay no matter what you do. You agreed to that by booking the Early Saver rate.
  15. Delta Cruises is responsible for keeping you up to speed. You have booked through them, not Carnival. They are your travel agent for the cruise.
  16. For those of you who have agreed to the Ticket Contract without reading it, here is the exact quote I referred you to: "(d) Carnival may change the duration and/or itinerary of the cruise at any time. The Vessel shall be entitled to leave and enter ports with or without pilots or tugs, to tow and assist other vessels in any circumstances, to return to or enter any port at the Master's discretion and for any purpose, and to deviate in any direction or for any purpose from the direct or usual course, and to omit or change any or all port calls, arrival or departure times, with or without notice, for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to safety, security, adverse weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, strikes, tides, hostilities, civil unrest, port closings, emergency debarkations of Guests or crew, late air, sea, car or motor coach departures or arrivals, mechanical breakdowns, US or foreign governmental advisories or travel warnings, all such deviations being considered as forming part of and included in the proposed voyage. Except as provided in Clause 7(c) with regard to early termination of a voyage, Carnival shall have no liability for any compensation or other damages in such circumstances for any change in itinerary, ports of call, ports of embarkation and debarkation, and/or or duration of the cruise, other than as provided by Carnival's change of itinerary policy at the time Guest or his agent acknowledges receipt and acceptance of the terms and conditions of the cruise ticket contract. Carnival’s change of itinerary policy can be found at on Carnival's Website or at Carnival's FAQ page."
  17. I am surprised you have never read Section 7, Item (d) of the Carnival Ticket Contract since you have sailed with Carnival for 20 years. It clearly defines the situation you have been talking about, and you had to agree to it during your cruise booking process.
  18. You will be platinum from the first day on that cruise. You do not need FTTF.
  19. If you do not like what Carnival is doing with straws, you have a very simple solution. BRING YOUR OWN. On Amazon, 4 metal straws with a cleaning brush costs $9.95. Really a big revenue maker.
  20. You forgot to also list the 15 "Special Terms and Conditions" that are listed along with, and apply to, the quote you showed us. Make sure your situation does not relate to one or more of these.
  21. Seems to me that the fact that this will be done at a Duty Free Shop describes what will happen!
  22. If you are platinum, the arrival time you select is irrelevant. You can enter the terminal whenever you get there. You are allowed into the terminal any time after it opens. So this does not help the poster with their "soured" problem.
  23. Ask them when you get there. Here you will probably get 247 different answers.
  24. Contact their special needs department.
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