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  1. Thanks for the great reviews! Especially helpful that you were able to sample two types of cabins during your stay onboard. An additional note on the binoculars: All of the bartenders have binoculars behind the bar. Just ask, and sure as shooting that whale won't surface again! 😛
  2. If there were numerous other restaurants to in which to eat lunch, there would be more choices of what to eat. I actually would prefer if all of the "ginormous" venues, including the MDR, were scaled down to more restaurant sized venues.
  3. We did a transatlantic on the Windsurf one time with 33 guests and a full crew of 175. It was pure heaven for us.
  4. Have a violated a rule? Why does my content need to be approved? Sail7seas seems to imply I have violated something.
  5. I am replying to the prompt. I'm not denying anyone anything. I'm sharing my opinion, which is that the space would be better used as something else. That's what I would prefer. Not sure why you take such umbrage on a thread devoted to discussing how people want to eat their food. Have you considered that there could be people who don't cruise the lines with big buffets because they don't like buffets? Have you considered that some lines could change? Change is inevitable, look at the dress codes and smoking policies. Maybe the change won't be in the buffets, but I plan to not only share my thoughts here on them and why I dislike them as well as hope that I will not continue to be attacked for my opinion.
  6. Nope, I just responded to original prompt. YOU choose to take umbrage on my opinion.
  7. I hate buffets. None of the food is ever quite the proper temperature. Worse though, I carry all my own food around at home. When I travel, I want it brought to me and cooked as I order it. Despite the precautions, they never seem very sanitary to me. I don't visit restaurants at home with buffets and don't want to use them on my vacation.
  8. The Windsurf, as you know, has the big beautiful gym on the top floor. The Windstar has a converted stateroom for a gym, thus the low ceiling height.
  9. I follow “US Department of State: Consular Affairs” on Facebook, if you’re on it. They regularly post several times a day there with updates, cautions and warnings around the world. I don’t know if they’re on any other social media.
  10. The State Department just today is recommending that people reconsider cruising in Asia. I think it’s a good move by Windstar.
  11. If you’re tall, you may not be able to use the treadmill on the Windstar. My 6’ husband couldn’t use it due to the ceiling height.
  12. If they are looking for an evening location, there is a small room above the Compass Rose which was formerly a cigar bar, and some tables outside of that. There is a light inside and out up there, although I expect all of their studies are electronic so they probably won't need it. Its often completely empty (but not always) after dinner. They'll probably get a bit of music from below, but most young people I know wouldn't object. Lounge is a perfect idea if you do happen to have some day time on the ship.
  13. I believe we've been on 8 Windstar cruises, mostly on the Windsurf, but a couple on the rest. Windstar is by far our favorite cruiseline, although after the last, we may give Regent a try. We've been on one mass market European river cruise, with Viking. We've also been on river cruises in China and Vietnam. One was a ship similar in size to Viking. We had experienced some of the differences in river cruising, including rafting. The Viking experience for us was nothing close to a Windstar cruise: in comfort, food or service. My long standing travel agent suggested we try something else, but my friend, who had been on a couple of Viking ocean cruises, would not consider it. After wards, she felt the river cruise was a steep downgrade from the Viking Ocean, particularly in food quality. There were some river level issues, we are intrepid travelers, ok, fine, but Viking would not provide ANY information in advance. We had mostly booked private tours, and were unable to let our guides know what was happening. Cabins smaller than a Windstar/Windsurf standard, and not as well laid out. Balcony was not really useful as we never sailed in the daytime. And the staff, well, nice enough, but that's a really high bar when comparing to those working on the Windstar ships. We won't do it again and will stick to land travel when in a continental interior.
  14. My recollection is that there are two different ways to see the shore excursions. I don't have a cruise booked now or I would look. One way is to go through your booking by logging in. I'm pretty certain that way you'll only be able to see which are actually available. The other way is to log out of the website, look at the cruise itinerary and then look at the excursions. You'll see all of them whether or not they are already full. (I might have this backwards. :P) This might give you a better idea of what is already gone and/or not there yet.
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