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  1. We are on this sailing. I checked our account this morning and our reservation is showing up as usual. In fact, we changed cabins this week and the change showed immediately online. I hope it is straightened out soon.
  2. Our favorite cruise line provides green apples for sea sickness. I have not tried them, but many on our cruises say they work.
  3. I agree this seems aimed at a specific cruise, possibly a Caribbean cruise leaving from the US. The comments on passports and a change of clothing are also important, especially if you are a size not carried in ship stores. I’ll add another comment. As far as the cash goes, dollars don’t work everywhere. We always try to get some currency from the countries we are visiting.
  4. I am asking about an outdoor circle, not inside. Is that what you were referring to?
  5. Is it possible to circumnavigate Deck 5 for walking on Explorer? I watched a video saying yes, but only a small portion of the deck was actually shown. I am aware of the walking path at the top of the ship. Deck plans show a potential path.
  6. I thought they might change it back- they never removed the bagpipe player from the thumbnail description on the website . 🤪 I hope everyone can successfully switch back.
  7. Amazing response and happy anniversary! Iv’e been around since 2004 and have used this resource for many many cruises. Thanks.
  8. Consider contacting your cruiseline and see what the penalty is for switching to a later sailing. Could be a good last minute backup.
  9. Interesting comment. How can you possibly know what people booking this cruise will want?
  10. I hear you on the Amphora. And the multiple unknowns along the way. I hope you do find that itinerary you’re looking for! We will be doing the Black Sea circuit (Istanbul-Istanbul) Sept ‘22, and have added civil instability to our list of things to worry about (or not.)
  11. We’ve sailed all of the Windstar types of ships and have never felt it was any different than the few larger ships we’ve sailed. Im going to discount the one almost hurricane day alee of British Isles when we anchored between three tankers on Star Breeze. 25-30’ seas and even then they were serving meals. I was hanging on to the side of my bed! The worst rolling we ever had was in the Caribbean on HAL Oosterdam in 8-10’ seas. I’ve experienced that level of seas from all four directions on Windstar. On the Oosterdam, It was horrible in the upper decks. You’re never ever up tha
  12. Bucking the trend and voting for the suite. I’m not embarrassed to say I like the perks very much. We mostly book TA’s and spend lots of time in the cabin. Or have family and the suite is great for meeting up.
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