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  1. Yup, we submitted ours taken with a cell phone and they were accepted.
  2. Lois R- I’m sorry to hear you did not take any of the other Windstar cruises discussed here over the years. I hope this time will be a go.
  3. I want to know how Regent is implementing the new policies. The cruisers on the Splendor are the very first to experience this and the very best source of first hand information. From my perspective, I will cruise because there is a policy in place and expect it to be enforced. If it is not, I’m not cruising. So I want to know how it’s “working.” I’m not interested in which duo is singing in the lounge, so I choose not to read the thread with information on that topic. Just a thought.
  4. Exactly all of this with one difference of opinion. The few people up and about are usually back in the Compass Ross listening to the duo or sitting around somewhere on deck. We don’t care much for the band in the lounge. We’ve been sailing on Windstar for about 20 years and would like them to update their repertoire and production.
  5. Adding to this that the Regent website is not updated in real time. I saw a cabin on a desired cruise this morning on the Regent website, called myself to check before calling TA, and that cabin was not available after all, but another one was. She called them ten minutes later for the one mentioned to me and that was already gone. Another cabin not shown on the website was available when she called, and we booked that. So... don't rely on something you see online. You can only count on what you get when you are directly on the phone with them.
  6. I have no intention to be offensive. I’ve read numerous posts on several lines where people would not send underwear to the laundry. I know you are a regular poster here so may I ask why you feel differently about your underwear from the rest of your laundry? For us, the feeling is that it all goes in the bag and then into the washer then the dryer with the rest. We assume the laundry staff wears underwear too. Is it the folding or the returning? Pardon me and feel free not to reply if I have overstepped.
  7. We have stayed in these rooms numerous times. They were created by joining two normal cabins together. One of the beds is removed and a sitting area is created in that space. Other than that, the features are identical. We love these rooms. We like the two full baths (which are not any larger), the double storage and closet areas and the two vanities. My husband is 6’ even. He has not commented on the shower height. He does much prefer working out on the Windsurf gym as it’s bright and his head does not hit the ceiling. We have never heard any noise from those venues and have stayed around both of them. YMMV Stateroom floor plans are on this page: https://www.windstarcruises.com/BlankSite/media/deck-plans/Deck_plan_WindSurf_10-22-20.pdf
  8. You may already be aware of this but several airlines have banned fabric face masks or other types of coverings like bandannas. This article is two or three weeks old. I know you will check with your airline prior to departure. 🙂 https://www.travelandleisure.com/travel-news/airlines-banning-fabric-face-mask-coverings
  9. If there is no shuttle, it’s usually quite easy to grab a cab or call a ride service like Uber at the dock.
  10. Wow- BIG jump there. Marriage is a very common reason; historically a woman, but not always now.
  11. England - the UK- is no longer part of the EU so they are not part of this.They already have their own rules for transiting passengers.
  12. I think this article says member countries are advised to end the restriction-free entry to US residents and others for non-essential travel, as stated by the OP. Does this mean a country could choose to say, allow vaccinated and/or negative tested entry? The title doesn’t quite match the article. Any thoughts? My son living in Amsterdam has predicted all along they would impose restrictions at the end of the summer, just as they did in 2020. https://www.schengenvisainfo.com/news/eu-to-reimpose-entry-ban-on-travellers-from-us-5-other-third-countries-on-monday-sources-say/
  13. Thanks; they have added/changed them since this morning.
  14. Where are you seeing those on the website? Pulling up all Explorer cruises still showed Venice departures when I looked this morning.
  15. I recommend using a desktop. You do not need to be a member. Click on the gold ship in the upper left corner to choose a deck plan. I hope you are able to cruise again soon!
  16. I’m making a list for our first Regent cruise Oct 31. Everything sounds really good!
  17. I’m sharing exactly what they said in the earnings call. Do you have other information?
  18. We've done 4 Eastbound Transatlantics on the Windsurf, twice from Barbados and twice from St Maarten each time landing in Lisbon. On our crossings, the weather was mostly mild with very little wave action, maybe a couple of days of 5-7' seas and slight rolling. That's probably almost two months of sailing days in the spring, and we've had 2 days of rain overall. Of course, YMMV. Our craziest time was in the North Sea on one of the motor yachts. The captain RAN from Norway to a leeward position in the British Isles area (actually leaving port several hours early), where we anchored down amongst tankers and rode out 24 hours of 20-25' seas. Every single item on the entire ship was tied down.
  19. According to a recent earnings call, RCLH (including Regent) will be starting all ships at 60-70% capacity and increasing by 20%/month thereafter.
  20. I'll vote for the 14 day delay, due to our being booked on the transatlantic. 😉
  21. You can see the photos if you’re not a member.
  22. You’re welcome. It’s always good for many people to share how they do things for new cruisers, many of whom don’t have printers or brochures from the post office mail and would prefer to do this online as they do business solely online. I have changed partly because it’s much better for the environment not to print and deliver all of that paper I am curious as to whether you have tried the 3-D site.
  23. As a life long home builder, I’ve been taught that 33% of people cannot envision a 2d floor plan in 3D. So no, I’m not suggesting it, I’m stating as fact that the site will line up the decks. Do you have some hangup about hard copy deck plans? Why waste the trees when it can be done faster and better online? And once again, a hard copy (paper) plan will NOT have the transparency of the tool I’m discussing. Try it yourself before knocking it.
  24. The hard copy deck plan won't do what I'm talking about.
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