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  1. I'm hoping for the Peace of mind policy to be extended
  2. It's more like the company sells you the product and delivers it to you but you can't open the package because you don't have any scissors to cut the tape. Whose fault would that be?
  3. For goodness sake! Nobody over here actually cares about Brexit, it's all over and done with. It's more likely to do with your continuing bad infection rates https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/uk/. Get them under control and the restrictions will be lifted.
  4. His eyes aren't clearly visible because of the reflection from the screen though
  5. I imagine that that would vary dependant upon which port you are in and that the ship crew and port authorities would assist you if that occasion arose. You should also have travel insurance to cover your costs
  6. MSC were sailing in Europe last year with no vaccine and no outbreaks BUT everyone was tested, masked, socially distanced and had escorted port excursions, proving that it can be done it's just not what I want from a cruise although I quite like the social distancing lol
  7. I noticed that everyone of my cruises has a glitch: there is no departure time on ports that have an arrival time. I assume there is a software problem at the moment
  8. I cancelled under Peace of Mind and got 100%
  9. I'm not surprised, Catalonia currently has the worst infection rate in Europe: 1160 per 100,000. https://www.spainenglish.com/2021/07/16/coronavirus-spain-16-july-2021/ The rules of wearing masks inside except when actively eating or drinking and whenever you can't socially distance outside are the same rules we currently have in Spain. We also have restricted opening hours for bars and restaurants and curfews but only between 1am and 6am so it doesn't affect me I"m in bed by then anyway lol
  10. A lot of the greek islands are tender stops and they have to use the local shuttles not the onboard tenders. In my experience getting on and off is up and down steps and definitely not conducive to using a mobility scooter.
  11. I booked mine online for 9/26 on Epic
  12. My understanding was that the judge ruled on whether or not the CSO could stand, deciding instead that the cruise lines could self regulate, the requirement for vaccines was not ruled on In essence Florida sued for the cruise lines to self regulate but are similarly denying them the opportunity, I can see why FDR is suing, for clarification Does anyone have any idea of timeframe?
  13. My final payment is July 25th, the same day NCL start sailing from Athens. I have been checking the roll calls for the early cruises to see if any of those passengers are alarmed by anything but they all seem to be happy and it looks like they are going ahead. I am also reassured by the speed with which I have had refunds returned to me for cancelled cruises,such faster than RCCL. Given the above I will make my final payment unless it is cancelled in the meantime
  14. I just checked the YouTube channel and there is nothing new yet, where did they release it?
  15. I hate to disagree but both Carnival and Royal charge gratuities in their drinks/drink packages, I don't know about other lines though
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