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  1. I'm booked for 27th September out of Barcelona and although the cruise has vanished from sale it still appears in "My Cruises" and I haven't received an email advising me that it is cancelled (yet)
  2. We are booked on Getaway for 5th December but that was only because we have never done a transatlantic and wanted to go to New York. We also got a great price 🙂
  3. https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/11487444/eu-tourism-holidays-europe-brits-banned/ Ignore the political swipe about Brexit, the interesting thing in this article is that formal discussions are beginning with ideas for practical solutions
  4. Interesting, please tell if anyone knows
  5. If when you board it isn't divided how you want it just pop down to guest services and they will sort it out for you.
  6. Some of the dockyards are actually closed due to lockdown anyway at the momemt
  7. I do think it still has a way to go though before we are able to cruise again. No other countries will welcome tourists as long as there is even a risk that they might bring Covid19. In China now anyone arriving has to go through 14 days quarantine
  8. I don't know it anyone can help me. I have been emailing my Cruise Consultant for two weeks now but I don't receive a response. I have tried calling him and I get a message saying this number doesn't exist. Does anyone have an email address for me to cancel my booking. Before you all jump on me about how they have their hands full at the moment dealing, I understand that but would have at least expected an auto responder Many thanks
  9. My question is if all the TAs are cancelled why haven't they cancelled the European cruises and TAs back. Will they send the ships over empty, reschedule the TAs or call the season a wash and keep the ships in the US? No doubt we will find out in due course
  10. We were due to fly from Spain to Miami on 11th April to meet up with Conquest I guess we're not going now. We will have to wait to see what the airlines say and what Carnival say. I'm hoping for refunds because FCC isn't going to be whole lot of good to us
  11. I'm asking my TA the same thing but I expect that it will just be repriced at the current rate so the remaining person(s) in the room pay more each.
  12. That's what we have done then at the port she just won't be there. If he can't get the OBC it's not the end of the world, I'm just trying to improve a bad situation for him, after all we've paid for double occupancy even though it will just be him
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