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  1. Actually looking at it, at 179$ it does not represent good value for money at all. Have you seen the FAQs on NCL website? The Spa credit is per person but can only be used on face/body treatments over 50 minutes so no getting a free manicure (ladies) or free shave (gents) https://www.ncl.com/es/en/priority-access-faq
  2. Do you have to call to add this on, it's not showing on my cruise on Spirit in December?
  3. Sorry to jump on this but does it allow for Skype telephone calling too?
  4. Following this thread, I want to possibly change Cagneys for Teppanyaki but can't do that until we board
  5. My 2021 cruise qualifies for double points but not the OBC and the price has increased, if it showed the OBC aswell it would be worth it
  6. That's absurd. People just don't want to holiday with unruly children, If they are well behaved it isn't a problem. I have brought up two kids and on a handful of occasions we have left the venue rather than ruin other people's experience. It's not the kids we object to it's the parents who are too busy letting the little ones "express themselves". If you are paying for exclusive use of the venue, behave how you like but if not be considerate!
  7. Thank you for that Roxette, I wasn't sure I could manage a whole week without cheese!
  8. Thank you for sharing the menus. I didn't see a cheese plate under desserts in the MDR, don't say they don't do one? 😮
  9. We had a balcony and it was fine but there isn't a lot of room at the end of the bed. We put our son in an inside cabin on the other side of the hallway and he stared our balcony
  10. I'm 5'4" and had to look under the railing but it was fine
  11. I see what you mean, I just searched Joy for October and only 6-11 and 27th to 8th November showed up. However last year a couple of weeks before my Epic cruise it vanished from the website for a few days then reappeared, it happens
  12. Certainly you can, we booked a family oceanview (sleeps 5) just for two of us and it let us do it online.
  13. Tipping the porter in Rome (typically anywhere in Europe) is not expected. Europe does not have a tipping culture at all, waiters in restaurants maybe get 5-10% and taxi drivers perhaps a couple of € to round up to the next 0 or 5 but that's all.
  14. The first cruise I went on my aunt got a 25$ OBC as a reward for being a previous cruiser since then the loyalty system has changed and you don't get that any more. I was lucky enough to get a 50$ OBC for myself and my husband long with two perks on an inside cabin on one of the recent offers but it was a one-off
  15. We had the same problem with my husband's account, it turned out that the NCL rep had put his middle name as his surname and his surname as his middle name (i.e. Fred Jones John rather than Fred John Jones), now I know I just use that configuration of his name instead and the points line up.
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