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  1. Thank you for that I know what I'm getting my husband for Christmas now
  2. I agree I've always found the food to be average at best but my husband loves the shepherds pie so I was hoping that if we went at dinner time there might have been something better to choose from. Thanks everyone for you input it's very helpful, I'll have to keep my eye out for prime rib night
  3. I know they have a breakfast menu and I have seen the standard menu with wings, fish and chips, etc., but do they do a different evening meal menu?
  4. I sell insurance in Europe and our holiday insurance companies are now including Covid19 cover as an option
  5. MSC have been cruising out of Italy with EU citizens onboard for a few months now and not one cruise has had to turn around, there have been zero outbreaks onboard despite not having a vaccine
  6. Maybe had the Seadream had people wearing masks this wouldn't have happened
  7. We have bought edible, flavoured straws for our next cruise. A line flavoured straw is lovely with a long island iced tea, or a lemon straw with a bloody mary, even a chocolate straw for a glass of milk
  8. We saw an interview with a doctor today who said that the vaccine is distributed in 1000 dose vials that once opened had to be used within 7 days. That means that during the course of a week each location has to vaccinate almost 150 people per day, no mean feat
  9. Yes, that is going ahead, it has to so they can reclassify half of the spa mini suites so that they no longer have spa access 😞 per the new deckplan
  10. If you rebooked then your cash was turned into fcc which is not refundable as cash only recredited as fcc. Standard terms and conditions I'm afraid going to court will not help in this matter, you accepted the terms when you rebooked
  11. We can only hope that there is a vaccine in distribution by then to reduce the numbers without a lockdown
  12. Where did you hear that? Last I heard was they had enough funds to last to the 3rd quarter of 2021 without sailing. Also they are continuing with dry socks and have just completed the installation of new scrubber on Getaway and Breakaway, this seems an odd thing to do if you are going under.
  13. https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23778-royal-caribbean-ships-can-be-safer-than-main-street.html
  14. I am surprised to hear you say that, almost everyone on my roll calls are rebooking for 2021
  15. When I first sailed with NCL (not that long ago) the dress was described as "resort casual" I.e. what you would wear to a golf resort
  16. We had an extended balcony mid ship cabin in the Epic a couple of years ago.as complawyer says the rooms are narrow, the beds are short and the bathroom isn't to everyone's taste but all these issues exist in the standard balcony cabins too. We found that the room was dark because of the extended balcony. The balcony itself wasn't as big as I expected it to be but certainly big enough. The big thing about med cruises are with the long port days you don't get a lot of time to enjoy your balcony, or at least we didn't. All in all I would choose that cabin again because it is centra
  17. I think the kids sail free promo applies to 3rd and 4th guests in the cabin, we don't know if the OP is going on her own with baby
  18. So let's say they get 250$ a week wages and look after 8 staterooms who tip 140$ per cabin that gives a weekly income of 1370$, that's over 70,000$ per year.
  19. Wow, I'll have to try again when our December cruise gets cancelled. 10% off would make a difference in our haven booking. Did she have to effectively rebook so it was like a new booking?
  20. I spoke to NCL, they could see the 10% voucher although it wasn't on MyNCL. I made a new booking but also asked if it could be used on existing bookings, the answer unfortunately was no, new bookings only.
  21. Looking at the revised deck plan for the Epic it now shows some of the old spa cabins in the standard club suite colour. Our cabin 14098 is one of the recategorised (red) cabins, guess I will have to try to get one of brown ones instead
  22. Really, maybe? I thought it was probably a money grab: $299 per person per week (×2 weeks on our TA) for a spa pass vs additional $200 per person for the whole cruise for a spa cabin, nice quick increase in income for NCL. Of course maybe I am being cynical or maybe it was a website error and when I board I find that I actually do have spa access.
  23. I had a cruise cancelled for 1st Nov and I have a TA booked for Dec which I'm pretty sure will be cancelled, in the unlikely event that it goes ahead and we're allowed to enter US we will go. In the meantime on the assumption that it will be cancelled I have booked Dec 2021, April 2022 and Oct 2022 (I already had a booking for Sept 2021). I hope it will all be over by then and if not back to normal at least normalish I am happy to cruise whatever the restrictions. I work from home and only leave the house once a week to go shopping so I will put up with pretty much any
  24. Just a quick note to say that on the TA in April 2022 both the Spa balcony cabins and the spa mini suites are showing as sold out because they have been recategorised without the spa access. We have just booked 14098 which used to be an M9 and is now an MA. Guess I'll have to buy a spa pass instead
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