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  1. I know, right? Of all times I could have injured myself. Thanks for the well wishes. ❤️
  2. Hey, everyone, just wanted to let ya'll know that the next WatermelonQueen review will be a bit delayed. Long story short, I took a nasty fall Fourth of July weekend that resulted in a spinal cord injury. I was in the hospital for 13 days, 7 of those in the Neuro Trauma ICU. I had spinal fusion surgery 12 days ago, and am at home recovering. Right now, I have limited use of my left arm/hand, and weakness in my right hand, but my docs tell me I am extremely lucky to not be a paraplegic due to the location/severity of my injuries, so I'll take it. I am in a neck brace until October, and have a lot of occupational therapy ahead of me to regain use of my hand, but my medical team predicts a full recovery. The worst part of the whole ordeal is that I can't have alcohol until I'm off all my meds. Rude. Please pray to the vodka gods that I make it through this without their help. C has been wonderful in taking care of me. He's even given up his wine and rum in solidarity with me. Maybe that was voluntary, maybe it was the fact that I threatened a Lorena Bobbit situation if he drank in front of me, who knows. Carnival was wonderful in getting our cruise moved, and we'll be setting sail on the Glory in early 2020, and I'll be doing a full review. Meanwhile, I'm spending quality time in my recliner, daydreaming about martinis, planning for our cruise, scouring Pinterest for ways to sexy up a neck brace (spoiler alert: it's not possible), and thinking up ideas on how to incorporate the scar I'll have on my neck into a really cool tattoo. In other words, I'm being way more productive injured than I ever was healthy. Anyway, this was typed one-handed, so please excuse any typos. I'll see ya'll back here early next year, drink in hand, with my review of the Carnival Glory. Until then, cheers and happy cruising!
  3. I'll just bring my aluminum straws from home. And we're just gonna throw a sealed/new container of spreadable butter inside our carry-on, tucked in an insulated lunch bag, and drop it in our mini fridge when our room is ready. No different than the bottle of sriracha and jar of salsa we bring. No biggie for us.
  4. I'm sad that your cruise/review is coming to an end. You and W are literally the cutest couple ever and you guys need your own reality show where you just constantly cruise and be your cute selves. 😂
  5. I live for Willdra reviews! All caught up and can't wait for more!
  6. On our first cruise 5 years ago, FTTF was $39.95, hasn't been worth it since. We only have one more cruise, then we turn Plat, so we don't have to worry about it anymore. With the huge price increases, seems to be getting a little gimmicky.
  7. Still following and loving your review. Your bride is just lovely, you're a lucky man. ❤️
  8. FunShip specials are our tradition. If you're looking for a strong punch, try a Tiramisu martini, Long Island, Blue Long Island, or Appletini. If you're looking for a rich dessert drink, Deal Closer at Alchemy. I've had bartenders custom make butterscotch martinis and espresso martinis that are also delicious. Find a favorite bartender, tip early and often, and they will hook you up. 😉
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