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  1. I looked through many pages but didnt see, does anyone know if the balconies connect? Do the dividers open? Also are aft D4 balconies larger than average? Thank you!
  2. Oh definitely and Black Friday is the best time typically. But I was shocked at the "regular" price because last week regular price was in the $60 range
  3. I also saw in the new planner, the drink package is $84!!! I have never seen it over $62......WOW that's insane and we wont be doing that!
  4. I had Odyssey booked for July 2021. I checked all the time and got it down from $6000 to $3200. When they cancelled it my husband convinced me to lift and shift to Alaska so I did. But now we have changed our mind back to Greece and the new booking is $6300 for July 2022. So that was on me that I screwed up our lift and shift but now I dont know if the prices will go back down. I doubt they will as I think they were because of all of the covid cancellations and now I think people are ready to sail again. The price has gone up $500 just from me booking it last week! Live and learn I guess and b
  5. Sometimes picking seats has to do with direct bookings and indirect bookings. For example, we looked at a flight on British Air to Italy booked through American. Since is was not directly booked with American we could not book seats until 24 hours prior to flight. I cant recall all of the partner sites that are like that but I think Alitalia with Delta might be one. So I had to wait for the right price directly with American so I could pick seats ahead of time.......... and then of course the world shut down and we didnt get to go, but that was my experience and might also be why someone gets
  6. He will be 17 when we cruise, so likely not small enough. I was just wondering if there REALLY was not a bed LOL! Sounds like no... Oh well, back to the drawing board!
  7. We have 2 families of 3 and trying to figure out if we can book a connecting room for 4 and 2 and if our son would have a place to sleep in our room (if we are in a room for 2). This would be on Odyssey so I know we dont know "for sure" but based on the other ships? Thanks!
  8. This was our experience as well. We were seated with a family for dinner on our Disney Cruise and became great friends. We are all cruising the Greek Isles this summer (PRAYING) and the boys have remained good friends even though we are states away. They would meet their friends at the club then hang out around the ship. We would see them in all corners of the ship playing cards mostly. We had texting onboard so we kept in touch but he loved having the freedom to come in at 1am and order room service LOL!
  9. I DID hear my son can get it as he is 16 so yay! I am so sorry about your 4 family members and I sure do hope they all do ok and recover quickly! It will be interesting for sure. Right now Greece is locked down to tourists so that will be another issue- if Greece will be opened back up by then 😞 UGH- wish I had a crystal ball but I think my magic 8 ball is likely as accurate LOL!
  10. Hoping to be on our early July cruise out of Rome, this makes it sound hopeful IF we can get our son vaccinated by then...... Hubby and I are both educators so we SHOULD be able to get it in Q1, but our 16 year old will likely have to wait which might mess up our timeline.
  11. Im figuring out my room based on the pics! Thanks so much for posting them!!
  12. Im thinking based on the video, maybe port but just ahead of the hump
  13. Any thoughts on which would be less of an obstruction? Looking at 6222 starboard or 6620 port, trying to compare to the "hump" where the lifeboats are
  14. I think that is super helpful! Not at all where they are on the interactive deck plans! HMMMM but Starboard is where the outdoor smoking section usually is correct?
  15. Looking for good photos of the lifeboats port side to choose my obstructed view balcony room!
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