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  1. Thanks Heidi13. Let me see if I can better explain with an example. You pre-purchase $1000 worth of excursions on your credit card. Between that purchase and embarkation, you receive a $1000 SBC. Upon embarkation you go to the Destination Office and say that you want to use that $1000 SBC to pay for those excursions and you want your credit card refunded or cash. That was an option available to us on Regent (albeit pre-covid), so just seeing if Viking offers same. Thanks
  2. I hope I can explain this clearly. Some SBC don't appear in your account until after you've booked your excursions. Once you board, can you have those credit card paid excursions shifted to your SBC and have your credit card charges refunded? We did this with another line, but I don't know if Viking allows same. Thanks
  3. The only down side is that the 125% FCV must be used for cruises in either 2021 or 2022. Doesn't offer a whole lot of flexibility.
  4. June and July cruises have been removed from Viking's website here in Canada. No doubt a sign of things to come.
  5. We received notification that "Shore Excursions are now open for booking" for our June 14 Into the Midnight Sun cruise. However, when you go to review there is nothing showing. I suspect a sign of things to come.
  6. Just to advise that, while we are not in the formal spreadsheet prepared by @SusieQft, we also have received the majority of our refund today for our October 5, LA to LA cruise.
  7. On 'My Viking Journey' under 'Payments and Cart' is the following statement: "Available Vouchers and Credits Vouchers and Shipboard Credits will be automatically applied to your purchases of excursions, beverage package, and prepaid gratuities. These must be used before your journey begins." So, at least in our case, it would appear that we have to use the OBC/SBC before the cruise. No jewelry store for us.
  8. I asked the same question and was told by Viking that the upgrade is within the same category.
  9. It would appear that this is not a Viking Ocean offer, but rather a travel agency(s) offer. If you do not go through that travel agency, you cannot get the offer. At least that's the information that Viking has shared with me.
  10. We made the same request for our October 5 LA to LA Mariner cruise to Mexico and were told that our cruise did not qualify for this promotion, after being told it did. Seems the original Agent "made a mistake". This last response was confirmed by a Supervisor.
  11. Update on Canada sailings... banned through October 2020. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-canada/canada-extends-ban-on-large-cruise-ships-until-oct-31-transport-minister-idUSKBN23522Y?il=0
  12. Just announced by the Canadian Government. Cruise ships with over 100 passengers and crew will be prohibited from Canadian waters until at least October 31.
  13. This information was in today's Victoria paper. Ian Robertson, the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority's chief executive, said: “We haven’t ruled out that we will see cruise ships in 2020, but I think it’s unlikely,” he said, adding there are still cruise-ship lines that have reserved berthing spaces in Victoria for later this year. Some are not giving up on 2020.” The harbour authority is focusing on getting ready for 2021, working with cruise lines, health authorities and governments to put in place whatever new measures are deemed appropriate, Robertson said.
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