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  1. There was also a huge fight on MSC Mariviglia as well.
  2. Murder on board and no news report? Doubt it.
  3. Hello, we will be cruising on NCL Gem with my 5 year old Autistic grandson. Has anyone re entry used Splash academy with a child with autism? Akko does NCL allow accommodations for boarding and muster? He has traveled well on plains and Disney, but can become over stimulated. Boston is our home port and we want him to have an enjoyable experience as well as the rest of our family.
  4. Hello, How is the Splash Academy on NCL Gem? Did your kids enjoy the experience or were they bored? My son is traveling with kids ages 2-16 and I am wondering if they would be bored on the Gem as opposed to the Encore which would be in NYC . With a large family I think cost was a factor and Boston is our home port. I love the Gem, but never sailed with kiddos. Also if anyone has scans of the daillies for the Splash academy that would be awesome so I could show them .
  5. I’m on the April 12 sailing and thinking of collecting salt and pepper packets and ketchup packets in fast food places to bring with me. I’ll tuck some into a ziplock in my handbag just Incase.
  6. I know that NCL was testing out a faster to the fun/ the key type program. Did it fizzle out? I do not see it offered on the website.
  7. I have an inside cabin on deck 11. On the deck plans there is an open space. I am wondering if it is a crew area and I will hear doors slamming all night. It is cabin 11421. Has anyone stayed in this area of the ship? TIA
  8. Hoping someone can post the dailies for the NY- Bahamas as I am going on the Easter cruise. So looking forward to it!
  9. ALS1214

    Swizzle Inn

    I’ll be on The Gem in a few weeks and want to visit the Swizzle Inn. If I get on a ferry to Hamilton, is it a close cab or bus ride away? I’ve been to Bermuda before but never to Swizzle Inn and want to check it out.
  10. Does NCL have a free ferry to Hamilton as well? how often do they leave the Docklands?
  11. I’m on the Bliss in February, where do they do sail away party in winter out of NYC? Atrium seems too s,all.
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