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  1. sogne

    Arcadia - Missed ports

    the problem apart from the wind will be pilotage boarding at the Wandelaar Pilot Station, currently wind of 35-40 knots at Koksjide plus of course getting alongside in restricted sea room and holding position all day, I am sure some passengers will note that ferries get in but they are smaller and will have pilot exemption
  2. sogne

    Arcadia - Missed ports

    there always are
  3. sogne

    On board QE

    http://www.apram.pt/site/index.php/en/ports/wharf-reservations Madeira Port Authority times are 0800-1700
  4. sogne

    Cruise Personaliser down?

    up and running now
  5. sogne

    Cunard Site Down?

    running on both my PC and phone as is the P& O site which was also down
  6. sogne

    Differences between QM2 and QV/QE

    On our 3 QE 2018 cruises pub dinners were not available
  7. sogne

    Boarding time

    same with us Diamond 1400 boarding phoned Cunard told to show Diamond on e ticket on arrival and will be boarded straight away at 1200
  8. If Cunard are not satisfied with the anchorage sites then it probably correct. In order to safely anchor a vessel you need to be sure of the holding ground, can the length of anchor cable required to hold the vessel allow it to swing safely with tide or wind, is there enough depth of water to ensure the swing can be safe, are there any local tidal conditions to be taken into consideration and could air pressure and/or wind force/direction reduce depth below that charted? I believe Cunard have asked port authorities to dredge the anchorage and or approach channels but that this has not been done.
  9. sogne

    Aurora 16th Sept missing lady

    cabins immediately below the helicopter hover point will usually be evacuated and appropriate decks closed for safety reasons whenever a medevac takes place
  10. sogne

    Just off QM2 Fashion Week Crossing

    I go with the wind/weather on the windward side and into it on the lee side
  11. sogne

    Summer 2020 schedules.

    received emails from 2 TA's last week stating they were coming soon but with date I was invited to register but did not do so. My TA indicated they had sight of them but could not give any info also saying that Cunard usually gave very short notice of release 24-48 hours
  12. sogne

    Summer 2020 schedules.

    + my TA said release on 13th Sept booking opens 24th Sept
  13. sogne

    Stornoway - how long in port and is the tender long

    we were on her in late June no problems whatsoever, cruises can be cancelled if immediate repair is needed happened to us once I am puzzled to your comment ref slowing down in harbour, that is quite normal plus as you say there are only rumours was the movement you mention rolling or pitching?
  14. sogne

    Stornoway - how long in port and is the tender long

    whatever the problem it appears her speed is not affected AIS has her doing a constant 20-21 knots since leaving Iceland
  15. sogne

    Man overboard on Norwegian Star

    you have the incident datum and will conduct a search using whatever pattern is best according to weather and tide conditions these include expanding square creeping line ahead etc plus ship will return on a recipocal heading to datum position , done it often but seldom with sucess