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  1. Mt Teide from La Palma
  2. 2 or 3 years ago Psizer failed in an attempt to take over Astra Zeneca
  3. https://www.healio.com/news/endocrinology/20120325/penicillin-an-accidental-discovery-changed-the-course-of-medicine
  4. booked 2 QM2 for 22 and transferred Northern Lights 21 to Mary 22 done by TA in about 10 minutes on launch day in UK
  5. FWIW P&O Azura which was also due fro a refit about now was alongside Mayflower Berth in Southampton for 10 days approx and has now moved down to QE 2 berth. She has been undergoing internal refit public areas and cabins apparently so perhaps this might happen with QM2. This would allow a very short dry dock for hull and propulsion checks.
  6. how about this port has been shown before but a different aspect
  7. "" 22 are out including Xmas
  8. FWIW have just booked fiords with PO my TA states that Cunard 22 summer are expected this month once the open booking dates for PO 11/12th are out the way
  9. Isafjodur pics of deserted village and a memory of younger days
  10. Constanza Rumania had very little to recommend it but the excursion to the Danube Delta was excellent
  11. went to the Burtrint National Park excellent
  12. been there 3x sunny each time first visit went to the deserted village of Heyestri also to Vagar Island and 3rd time walked round village it is possible that my nautical heritage slews my view not home at moment but will post some pics on return
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