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  1. confirmed by WC rep on board yesterday (15th) as we booked another cruise for this Nov
  2. the old RTZ jetty which has been used by larger cruise ships was being repaired and is apparently not completed QE is probably too big to safely anchor in the outer harbour which in any case is exposed to strong winds from west through to north the harbour was severely damaged some years ago by a sudden storm form the NE which destroyed the marina and sank or damaged many yachts and work boats
  3. Google maps show a large cruise ship possibly RC or Celebrity alongside the RTZ jetty.
  4. Train only going to Clogwyn half way all facilities at summit closed.
  5. Yes seen it but no change yet on VP
  6. still got Holyhead for 14th Sept
  7. the most important checks will under the waterline
  8. QM2 has turned into the Ushant Inshore Traffic Lane QE has kept to the NE lane heading upto the Casquets ready for her turn to the inshore traffic lane for Southampton
  9. ETA Brest pilot 0430 local 27th Sept
  10. It is a regulatory requirement before restarting cruising
  11. FCO still stipulates that only organised excursions should be allowed and until that changes Cunard have no choice but to follow.
  12. The 1st question asked about the prices were are they Cunard fares. The TA said they were reason being that they were being released within a very short time of sailing. I was allowed to pick a number of cabin numbers. I got exactly the same answer when I phone Cunard. They seem to be saver fares being sold as Cunard fares, the saving on Princess Grill being considerable when compared to the launch prices for the Nov 21 sailing via NY.
  13. My TA said Cunard fares as did Cunard when I spoke 2 them 4 confimation
  14. new voyages now available for pre registration booking opens 21 July very good prices
  15. slightly off topic but an internet search for QM2 January 22 might return something of interest regarding the Caribbean
  16. on one of the many Cunard FB groups it was stated by someone that they had asked Cunard direct on twitter ref crew vaccinations and the answer was that crew were being done in home countries etc I have looked for the quote but it was some time ago however it bore the official Cunard twitter logo
  17. Aegean Sea from QV enroute Catania Sicily
  18. according to Funchal Port Authority Aurora is in there on Feb 25th 0600-1700 which is obviously not part of her WC schedule
  19. someone who claims to know on a FB group said she is going to Brest Sept 6th looking at Southampton cruise schedule she is in on 20th August and does not reappear until mid November
  20. https://www.apram.pt/site/index.php/en/ports/wharf-reservations?page=3 ps you need to go to wharf reservations under ports
  21. http://www.apram.pt/site/index.php/en/ look at Funchal Port Schedule for January 22
  22. Mid Atlantic west bound
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