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  1. If you had covid in June and you've been double vaccinated, you'll be super immune by now! We go on 7th and I'm trying to be more careful etc but not worrying about it too much. I've avoided it so far, despite my partner having the original covid back in March last year (or I had it and was asymptomatic?!?). I'll breathe a sigh of relief when I step foot on that ship!
  2. I might have a code for 5% off Parking4cruises somewhere. If you want it, let me know and I'll see if I can find it..
  3. But it says LFT is LESS likely to return a positive result outside of the infectious window. Therefore, it should only show positive if you're currently infectious. Its the PCR that can pick up bits of dead virus as the sample is amplified. But if you've got a positive LFT and a positive PCR, the chances are that you're currently infectious. I think the follow up PCR is just to ensure that any positive reading from a LFT isn't a false positive.
  4. Its the PCR test that can pick up previous infection. The lateral flow only shows up as positive if you're currently infectious.
  5. And where will it end? No shareholder OBC if you've booked at launch and had a 5% past passenger discount?
  6. Its only available for the UK cruises. BLC gives a bit of extra OBC in normal times.
  7. We just purchased as plus package and were given the BLC price. But on the medallion app it showed the crew incentive, drinks package and WiFi as "with compliments of BLC" with a value that far exceeded the actual cost of the package. Can't see that now as its been replaced with my shareholder OBC.
  8. That's interesting. Princess seem to be offering the "plus" package as complimentary if you use BLC (at least, that's what it says on my booking), so wonder if that's why it's not classed as a fare reduction. Seems a bit mean to not allow shareholder benefit though. I always thought that applied regardless of offers.
  9. Card available to NHS staff, amongst others. Offers various discounts.
  10. No, I used BLC and had no issues adding shareholder OBC. Was for a Princess UK cruise, but gather its all dealt with by the same team.
  11. My parents is through the civil service.
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