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  1. They'd have to tell you that you need to pay your balance first, which clearly isn't going to happen as they'll announce the next cancellations soon. No point getting worked up about something that hasn't happened.
  2. Totally agree. It's going to take some time to get things up and running and highly unlikely to be ready by 17 May, even if allowed. Was just wondering why 21st June had been quoted as that's not when they've listed foreign travel on the roadmap.
  3. The indoor and outdoor limits refers to one group of people who are there together. If it meant just a random gathering of people who don't know each other, places like theatres, cinemas, sports stadiums etc wouldn't be able to open either and they're also pencilled in before 21st June.
  4. Thought they'd said foreign travel might be possible from 17th May, at the earliest?
  5. What do we do differently now as a result of Spanish flu? That's not me disagreeing, I'm just curious as it's not something I've thought of before.
  6. And nothing is stopping people changing and you'd hope they would do they right thing. But they make that choice. The alternative is a totalitarian way of living where we're dictated to.
  7. But I don't think you can legislate for that sort of thing. It would be similar to bringing in a law to make people cover their mouth when they cough. Most people will do the right thing naturally in not wanting to cause harm to others, but I think mandatory instructions start to turn us into a Chinese way of living.
  8. Exactly, personal risk. How do you suggest we do about a new way of living then? More government rules that tell us how to live our life?
  9. So if you decide, for example, that the cinema isn't a safe place to be but I consider it to be an acceptable risk, we should close down all the cinemas because you don't want to go?
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