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  1. Are you sure it's not a peninsular cruise that they've booked? They offer an extra 5% discount.
  2. I imagine it'll largely depend on the government rules at the time of the cruise. Therefore, it's probably very difficult for P&O to give specific details.
  3. Currently 60.5% of people aged 50 - 55 have had one dose in England. Think the BBC must be using old info.
  4. I suspect that will evolve over the next few months as the vaccine continues to be rolled out. The government won't want large numbers of vaccinated people isolating and not going to work etc, if there's little chance of them having caught it. Hopefully life will be a lot less restrictive by the time these cruises start.
  5. I'm sure Carnival would prefer them to be vaccinated but short of bribing a government to let them jump ahead of the queue, I'm not sure what they could do?
  6. Why would P&O want to spot that? If its true, they'd end up having to refuse most of the passengers! I'm sure someone has already looked into this and most insurance companies will cover you as long as you're not travelling against the FCO advice.
  7. You can have breakfast in Epicurean but that's about it in terms of different dining rooms, as far as I'm aware. You get a butler, canapés etc. I'm not sure of the other perks.
  8. That's not what I'm asking though. Don't worry, it's fine. We both know 😉
  9. I'll take that as you being unable to back up that statement then. At least we got there in the end.
  10. And which you've previously said will prevent cruises operating from 17th May (subject to the roadmap etc etc). So if that's not your interpretation, where have you seen that stated?
  11. You're trying to apply for rules for a gathering of one group of people to a cruise ship full of lots of different groups of people.
  12. We'll have to see what happens when MSC set sail in May 👀
  13. This is exactly the point I'm trying to make to Mercury! Nor is a cruise an organised gathering, or a theatre audience, cinema etc etc
  14. And also said it will affect cruises. When it won't. But I'm glad you agree now!
  15. That isn't the law though. It's your "interpretation" of it. And I'm sorry to say, it's wrong.
  16. And how does your "interpretation" tally with 1000 people being allowed into theatres from 17 May? At the same time that you suggest that the limit is actually 6?
  17. So, if you go to your local park, you're not allowed in if there are already more than 30 people there? 🤣
  18. You don't need to be covered right now though, as you're not going right now?
  19. As has been explained before, that limit is for ONE group of people. Do you think pubs are going to open on 17th May with a maximum of one table of 6 inside?
  20. We might book one but I'll need to wait and see when I'm getting my jab first. We've got a holiday to Spain in October and if that's looking unlikely in a few months, we might do a UK cruise in August, if there's any availability.
  21. When you ring the office it does say that they're temporarily closed and they'll get back to people when they can.
  22. I had a booking that I moved from last November to this November. They replied to my email back then but sounds a bit worrying if they've stopped communicating!
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