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  1. Question, does anyone else tip their waiter/waitress or room's person nightly? I have already added tip to my cruise fair for all of us. But I feel bad standing up and walking out, especially when i have good service. I have my own time dining so I may not have the same staff. So do you leave some cash on the table at night in the dining room? What about your room service? Do you leave 2-3 tips per night instead of waiting till the end of the cruise, when you may not see them?
  2. Is it me or is it cheaper to get 12 pack of 16 oz for $4.50 compared to 8 pack of 50 oz for $20 ? Did I overlook something? I want to save the environment and order the 8 pack. But it is more expensive right?
  3. So I just looked it up and Princess Cays is not a separate island. It is part of the Eleuthera island. I hope this helps.
  4. Notifications -- From my experience, sometimes no notification will come in due to connection/apps issues. But for others, you need to allow the app to send notifications by going to "setting" and set it up on your phone. Hope this helps
  5. Carnival's dining staffs usually put on a show during dinner time. I always missed the show since I always chose "Your Time Dining" . Does anyone know what time this "show" usually take place?
  6. Theosprey, where did you go snorkeling on Princess Cays ? How do you book from the shore? I am the only person from my party who wants to snorkel, so I don't want to book from the ship. Thank you! And also, if i can ask you another question, is there a beach or recommend destination you would suggest us to visit on that island?
  7. Question - if one of the port is cancelled, does the ship refund for missing a port or no? I heard from some that they do if guests inquire about it at the information desk.
  8. Thank you! I chose the aft as you said. According to a few people, it is closer to the dining area too 😂
  9. Wow, it is horrible you have such an experience during your vacation. I hope you were still able to enjoy other aspect of it. Wow! This is really helpful! Thank you so much! I called and took the aft room.
  10. nhraformula00 --did you ever book there before? How was it?
  11. Deck 8 Category 8F 8206-8208-8210 Panorama Deck Help! I just called and booked these rooms only to find out later that they are under the Lido deck. And right underneath the buffet, somewhere between the Asian corner and the Deli. I have my older parents with me, so I think most of the time we'll be staying inside our room. How loud can you hear the noise? And does that bother you? Is there noise late at night or did it disturb your sleep? The other option is the 7th floor -#7284 (but way in the back) near the end of the ship or #7132 (way in front of the ship). Which one would you choose?
  12. My parents are 68-75 years old. They can't walk much, maybe half a quarter or half a mile max at a time. I want them to enjoy beautiful beach. Perhaps do a little swimming (for dad). Mom will probably not swim. 1) Would you choose princess cay or half moon cay? 2) What activities are available for their age group? I don't think they would enjoy the bar or loud music. Perhaps local food and nice scenery. Thank you all. :)
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