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  1. Any recommendations for a good inside room on the Escape? I like sideways rooms but can't tell if there are any. It looks like maybe 5159, 5161, and 5163 might be? Also it looks like the ones on Deck 10 aft might be larger than others? 10601 , 10603 , 10605 , and 10607. Any other things I might look for? There will be 3 of us. Maggie
  2. maggieworkman

    White Pass Railway -Skagway - Advice needed

    I went on the Chilkoot tour (the one to the Yukon) a couple years ago and they ask you for your passport before you even leave the dock. They might have even taken them at the beginning so the driver could hand them to the guard at the gate when we arrived there, if my memory serves. Maggie
  3. maggieworkman

    Carriage Ride in Victoria, BC and other ideas

    I checked the Empress site and it looked like they stop serving at 5 pm. But I'll check open table. Didn't look at that. And the Miniature World said they closed at 9 pm. Not sure we would have time for that. Maggie
  4. I am cruising with my elderly mother and my sister. My mom really would like to do the Tea at the Empress Hotel in Victoria, but our ship arrives at 6 pm. I thought a good alternative would be a private carriage ride through the city. I'm thinking of doing the Tally Ho tour that is 1 hour. If I schedule the tour to start at 7 pm (I figure that gives us time to get off the ship and get to the location where we can start the tour.), we should be done around 8 pm. Would it be feasible to go to the Empress Hotel after that and look around in the lobby? I'm not sure there would be time to see Miniature World. Is there a place to just sit and get a drink? Any other ideas for 3 women instead of this? We've already done Butchart Gardens. Maggie
  5. maggieworkman

    Juneau (Mendenhall glacier) white shuttle

    Can you elaborate on this? Do you need to pre-book the tickets in this case? Thanks. Maggie
  6. maggieworkman

    Ocho Rios: Shaw Park Gardens vs. Coyaba Gardens

    Interested in an answer to this. Thanks! Maggie
  7. maggieworkman

    New Promo Take All 5

    Good to know. Thanks. Maggie
  8. maggieworkman

    New Promo Take All 5

    It says for new individual FIT reservations. Can you cancel and rebook the same cruise? Or do you have to pick a different itinerary, ship, etc? Maggie
  9. maggieworkman

    Thermal Suite Cost

    I am leaving on Nov. 11 on the Escape. I prebooked the Thermal Suite and it is $199. Maggie
  10. maggieworkman

    Prepay service charges when sharing a room

    No. I booked through a 3rd party so didn't think I could call the 800 number. Maggie
  11. Is there any way to prepay your own service charges when you are sharing a room with someone else who is paying for their own expenses? I wanted to prepay my service charges, but when I go online to do that, it only gives me the option to pay both or none. Thanks, Maggie
  12. maggieworkman

    Cancellation, no insurance, no refund, WHAT?

    You didn't say which type of cruise this was (length, location, etc.), but here is Carnival's cancellation policy from the Cruise Contract. You said they have to cancel for a cruise in 2 weeks. So maybe there is still time to get 25% of their fare back? They should cancel ASAP in that case. Also, have them check their booking in case they or their TA opted for Carnivals insurance and they didn't realize that. (That point is a long shot, but doesn't hurt to ask.) 6-9 day cruises (excluding: Alaska, Europe, Transatlantic and Panama Canal cruises) Up to 76 days None (except Pack & Go, Early Saver* and Super Saver fares**) 75 to 56 days Deposit 55 to 30 days Deposit or 50% of Total Fare, whichever is greater 29 to 15 days Deposit or 75% of Total Fare, whichever is greater 14 days or less 100% of Total Fare Maggie
  13. maggieworkman

    Aurora Borealis August/September 2016

    I wouldn't say it is a priority for me. My main priority is to see the glaciers. But ... if there is a chance to see the aurora borealis, I wouldn't mind seeing it and would maximize my opportunity to see it. I don't have my hopes up. However, it would be an added bonus if we did!! Maggie
  14. maggieworkman

    Aurora Borealis August/September 2016

    Well, I wasn't asking for a specific TIME that I should expect to see the aurora. I just meant, should I start watching as soon as it is dark? Or is this something that only happens in the wee hours of the morning (2 am, etc.) Maggie
  15. maggieworkman

    balcony price

    I've been monitoring the prices of a balcony on our cruise (last week of Aug. on NCL Pearl) and thought I might upgrade if the prices dropped. But the price of the balconys have stayed the same for the year I have been booked. Maggie