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  1. Hi, We have always loved the aft cabins. We want to sail on The Edge but from the pics we see, it seems like the aft design on this ship makes it easier for people to look down on you. I remember having a bit of an overhang when we were on deck 12 on the Solstice class. Is it more flat now on the edge? thanks
  2. Yes, We had travel insurance through our credit card. But it is still a hassle getting money back. We will get refunded but the paperwork and everything. The reason I brought this topic up was I thought since I had all the medication that the doctor prescribed to me that I would be ok. I literally got diagnosed the day before we were to leave. I originally went to the doctor thinking that maybe he could give me an antibiotic to take with me just in case. But when xray came back showing pneumonia in all honesty I was contemplating still going for I would not of been contagious after 3 days. But the actual morning we were to board the plane, was deathly ill. I was just curious because I could of literally got on that ship (it would of been no fun for me whatsoever). But I was respectful and knew in my heart was NOT the right thing to do.
  3. I agree, the ship would be running empty if everyone with a runny nose, sore throat, cough didn't board. I know and expect when there are a lot of people in a small area that the germs are a plenty.!!! I was on a cruise when noro-virus was on the cruise before us and I swear people complained when they had to sanitize their hands going into the dining room. People complained when they were being served at the buffet instead of serving themselves. What happened to me was very unfortunate. I did the right thing for me and out of respect for my fellow passengers. And I did not have a temp either. So I could of easily snuck on sick and no one would of noticed at the time. Just wasn't sure about like a cold, sore throat issue. I am not lucky enough to go a cruise once a year, so this was devastating to me. But yes to hear the awful coughs , my first thought is why on earth are you here.
  4. Hi I am just curious, do people board the ship with a cold, etc. In all honesty? I had to cancel my upcoming cruise the day before due to pneumonia. But come to find out the ship I was on there were so MANY sick people. Kind of upsetting to know that I respected fellow passengers and yet a lot of people were actually sick. I waited 2 years for this cruise for our 40th wedding anniversary. What is everyones opinion on this. Where do you draw the line on illnesses. Sore throats, etc. I cant imagine everyone is well when they board a cruise ship. I really don't think people would cancel with a sore throat?? What happens if the cruise line finds out you are sick before you board? Do they not let you board? What happens to the reservation? Do they credit the passenger? I know I made the RIGHT decision for me, for I was very ill. But I could of actually gone since on medications. Would of not been fun for me though!!!
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