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  1. Well said ! For all those reasons and the poor quality of wine by the glass under 15$ they offer now has convinced me that I will not purchase any Cruise Next certificates on my cruise next month. I will probably try another cruise line next time. WiIl i ever come back to NCL ? Probably but only if things get better...
  2. I wonder if it could be better on another ship ou is it fleetwide ? If somebody have recent wine list price from another ship please share it.
  3. Does it dry fast ? Do you hang them in the bathroom ? Thank you
  4. THIS IS ABUSIVE ! ON NCL WEBSITE : ARE ANY MENU ITEMS EXCLUDED FROM SPECIALTY DINING PACKAGES? All menu items on the Specialty Restaurants are included. Additional entrée charges may apply. Exceptions in the optional Upcharge restaurants are: Seafood Extravaganza in Ocean Blue and the Seafood Platter in Raw Bar. However, if you order these items, the upcharge fee will be waived.
  5. Yes : 29$ PP (2) for 15 nights plus 20% gratuity * 1.34 ($canadian dollar exchange rate) on top of the already paid gratuities for 2. PRICE = 29*2*15*1,2*1,34= 1399$CA plus gratuities ALREADY PAID for the free UBP for 2 = 795$CA TOTAL = 2194$CA WAY too much for a FREE DRINK PACKAGE Will seriously consider Celebrity Cruise or MSC for next cruise ! And i just read in another topic that they now charge extra at cagneys for shrimp even with SDP PATIENCE IS LIKE A RUBBER BAND. IT CAN ONLY STRETCH AS FAR AS IT COULD. WHEN IT REACHED TO THE LAST STRETCH, THAT IS THE END OF IT AND NO MORE. This being said, i will try to forget about it while i enjoy my cruise, but I will certainly remember it again before I hit the BOOK button next time. NCL if you read this, take note Platinum member doesn't mean unconditional loyalty!
  6. So sad. If I can't get decent wine under 15$ on my next cruise in May, i will not buy a cruisenext certificate and this might be my last NCL cruise. Since my first cruise in 2015, NCL has raised everything many many times. And the quality has dropped. Even speciality restaurant are not what they were in 2015. It is not anymore "nickel and Dime" but more "Dollar and Grand". SO SAD.
  7. ON my last cruise in new england i asked for a blanket to my room steward (in a mini-suite). I got one large blanket (thin but large) that i was able to keep for all the cruise. I hope i will also get one for my next cruise transpacific / alaska !
  8. I think exactly the same. I enjoyed drinks in the hot tubs on all my previous cruises. Last october on the Gem, the waiter did take drink order from people in the hot tub. I hope I will still be able to do this on my next cruise on the Jewel because there is many sea days
  9. I have upgraded many times after final payment, never paid a penny for penalty. Maybe this is a service charge for promotion that you now get since you didn't get any with your sailaway rate ?
  10. Hi, I'm very happy, i was able to use my second CruiseNext certificate today to upgrade to a balcony. So that was a cheap Upgrade :) Thank You NCL
  11. Hi, I booked an Ocean View with 1 cruise next. Now we are after final payment : I want to pay (not bid) to upgrade to a Balcony using a second CRUISENEXT certificate. Is it possible ? Anybody did this ? Thank you
  12. Does it mean you have one year to cruise OR to book ? If it is one year to book you could book for 2021 in 2019 !
  13. IMO the easiest should be a direct flight Boston to Montreal (YUL) then you can rent a car from Montreal airport to Quebec city downtown : one way OR take a bus directly from Montreal airport to quebec city DOWNTOWN (NOT STE-FOY) (the bus stop is really near pier31) If you can, arrive a day or 2 early, Quebec city is very nice and safe BUS : https://www.orleansexpress.com/en/schedules-fare/schedules/
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