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  1. So interesting! I have no control over the linking since it is my wife's family and someone else is in charge of that. I may have to bring this up though. Thanks!
  2. Thank you for this. I could not find it prior to you posting.
  3. So, for August, I need to show up with a test saying I'm negative and presumably my card?
  4. Traveling in December on the Independence OTS out of PC in Florida. I understand that the world is changing by the day and that December is a long way off. That said, what is the current policy for testing for their ships? My family has all had the vaccine for some time now but we are traveling with a group that not everyone has. I'm more concerned about my vaxed group. Do we still need a test prior to getting to the pier?
  5. I just assumed since he is on the Mardi Gras. I didn't hear if it was all ships.
  6. I am absolutely shocked. I can not believe the amount of places that there are to eat on this ship. Now Pig & Anchor too. I'm going to gain 60 pounds on this ship next year.
  7. I believe that since these are called on-board credits, that you in fact need to be on board. You can only use them for things you bought on board. Examples would be tips, dinner reservations booked on-board, etc.
  8. To my family, he is like the great white whale. We want to have him and he has changed ships at the last moment before and we miss him. He is fantastic from what I hear. Heard he is on the Mardi Gras for Mike Pack and I hope it lasts until next year. I doubt it will though with my luck.
  9. Been on the Dream twice, which is a sister ship. It is one of my favorites. I love everything about it. I hope you have as much fun as my family did. As for Latin music, you will have to see on the ship.
  10. Do we know what type of activities will be open during a cruise? Like I am specifically talking about mini golf and the basketball courts? Will they have trivia? Can you swim? I cannot believe how little information is out there.
  11. You may be correct. I guess July is pushing it. I, personally, was hoping it happened. I am still eyeing the Breeze out of Galveston.
  12. Looks like RCL just canceled a bunch of sailing. They only have 2 ships starting in July and they are both from Florida. The rest start in August. Really interested as to how far behind Carnival is.
  13. Really? I guess I am more out of it than I thought. I thought they had "test" cruises available starting soon for some ships. That is what i figured this to be. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Looks like that is the end of a good idea. After posting this I read a bunch of posts where people seem to think they are cruising around July 4th.
  14. I have been half paying attention to this topic on Carnival for many reasons, one being that I don't sail on another line until December. But I may do a thing and book my family on a surprise cruise in July out of Galveston, Tx on the Breeze I believe. So my question is this. I understand Florida but what about Texas and Carnival? Does anyone know as of yet what the mask rules are in July out of Galveston? My whole family has been vaxed so that isn't a issue. The only thing holding me back is the not knowing about the rules and regulations for cruises as of yet. You would think we would know soon as the cruise I am looking at isn't too far away.
  15. There is a difference, IMO, between going to a local bar without a mask and going to say St. Kitts on a cruise. One is a foreign land where you have no idea what variant or amount of vaccines have been given out. I'm just saying that a cruise is different than on land thing. For example, I'm going to Universal soon. I do not expect anything to change there because of what the CDC says. At least not for some time and that is within the US, Florida, but still the US I guess. I just think people may be jumping the gun at the moment.
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