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  1. The steak house for example is a normal restaurant. I said one with waiters so this should be self explanatory.
  2. Hi! Anyone know if this is a sit down/ waiter served restaurant or a restaurant kind of like Seafood Shack? It looks like it is in a main hall way in the French Quarter area. That leads me to believe it's not a normal restaurant.
  3. This sounds like something to keep in my back pocket. Thanks!
  4. Is there any sort of charge or is it just like charging anything?
  5. Hello! I leave for the Horizon in like 17 days and we are trying to figure out how much cash to bring. One of the only things we need cash for on the ship is in the casino. So I was wondering if when I go to the table, can I just charge $40 to my S&S instead of laying out the actual $40 in bills?
  6. John Heald just posted the May movies. Take a look on his Facebook page for April and May.
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