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  1. So we're going to be in Barbados a week from today and have been planning on going to Crane Beach after our visit to Foursquare, but now I'm nervous about the seaweed. I'm sure it's awesome and the seaweed could be overlooked, but it's our 10 year anniversary and would rather have a nice clean beach with that beautiful B'dos water. There's going to be several other ships in port that day too, so somewhere that won't be overrun by crowds would be preferable. Can anyone recommend a less crowded beach on the south or west coast that has chairs/umbrellas available, and maybe a beach bar? I'm kind of eyeballing Pebbles or Brownes in Carlisle Bay, but a little worried about the crowds. Thanks in advance! Will
  2. We sail Saturday with the Classic package, so I did just call to confirm this is not accurate. You are able to pay the difference for any and all drinks over the allotted $9 covered cost in the package. This rep does appear to have been misinformed. W
  3. Just yesterday, I reserved a private taxi for the whole day for when we visit in a couple weeks.
  4. Port Royal, I'm not going to have any issues hailing a taxi from Foursquare am I? I'm thinking someone in the tasting room will be able to call, surely they have plenty of experience with getting people safe rides. Thanks in advance
  5. Apologies, I meant to ask this follow up before and forgot. Am I going to have any issues hailing a taxi from Crane Beach? I'm hoping someone at the little beach bar called The Grove can call one for us. Thanks in advance
  6. If you're an AT&T customer, they have 30 day packages you can add. $50 for unlimited text/50 minutes talk $100 for unlimited talk/text, 200 MB data https://www.att.com/offers/international-plans/cruise-packages.html
  7. Do you happen to know about what a pair of chairs and an umbrella costs? Also, you think the vendors will accept US dollars or will we need B'dos dollars?
  8. Yeah, we're probably still going to Crane beach, we're already going to be at the Foursquare distillery. The pricing I'd seen for a day pass before, along with being able to use it as restaurant credit, is all that made that idea appealing. Probably still the beach I'm most excited about. -W
  9. Thanks! We had a decent amount of OBC, so we used it for Antigua, St. Kitts, and St. Lucia. We're on our own for St. Thomas and Barbados. -W
  10. Has anyone been on this excursion through Celebrity? Do you know what beach or beaches they go to? There isn't a destination listed on the description. Thanks in advance, W
  11. Many thanks! I'll certainly ask about those, especially the Patrimonio.
  12. For anyone else interested in a Crane Resort day pass, they are only giving access after you take what sounds a lot like a time share tour. Here's a copy of the response I received: From Crane: Hello Harvey, We know your vacation time is precious, so we'd love to welcome you soon to enjoy the day by our world-famous Crane Beach, as well as an informative property tour with one of our friendly Ownership Representatives. Remember, to qualify for the complimentary day pass, persons must be over 30, in full-time employment or retired. If married or living together as a couple, both persons are required to attend the tour. Our scheduled tour times are 9:00 AM, 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM and you can easily book a convenient day/time on our calendar. My reply: For clarification, is this tour required in order for a day pass? Can we not just pay a rate for access? All due respect, this is our anniversary trip and if we have to take a time share tour in order to have access to the resort then we will go somewhere else, or just go straight to the beach without seeing the resort. From Crane: There is no price for the Day Pass and you must take the Property Tour to qualify for the Day Pass. Needless to say, we will not be visiting the Crane Resort. Anyone else have ideas for a day pass somewhere off the beaten path? There's 4 ships in port the day we're on Barbados. Thanks, W
  13. I did have success getting in touch through facebook, and was told there's s little Dominus left and that Empery would be available by then. Dominus I have found online and read about, but can't find Empery so I was wondering if you were familiar? I'm sure Dominus is great, we're just not big cognac drinkers and not sure about the cognac cask finish. I'll be sure and rate it if possible, though. Thanks again, Will
  14. I've tried the only email I could find on the website with no response in a week, is there another address? Also, do you know if they accept US dollars? Thanks, Will
  15. Can anyone explain the reason for this discussion when unlimited WiFi is available as an included perk?
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