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  1. Got off the Bliss in NYC on Sunday the 15th had CDC Waiting for us to take our Temps as we walked off. NCL was told day 2 that a 2 year old on the 03/01 sailing tested positive, And then EVERYTHING Changed. They did not tell Any One on the ship until the 15th a day After we got off. Their was a family quarantine in their room on our floor (10) until they got off in Nassau. No one could touch any utensils any where on the ship. They made the staff put ketchup on your food for you. YES I said if you wanted Ketchup they put it on for you. This ship is a Clone of the Breakaway, just bigger there is Nothing about this ship that would make us get back on. Other than the go cart track, the Q ( BBQ ) and los lobo ( Mexican ) Absolutely Nothing worth doing this monstrous ship.They took out Mordurno's and NO One was in the New Los Lobo's their new Mexican restaurant It was a ghost town in their every night.They took out Margaritaville in the middle of the Cruise and put up all the American Diner stuff but Never Opened while we were on. The Service is Far from What NCL is known for. I believe it's because of the size of the ship After 10 NCL cruises this by far was the worst service we received. The difference between Taste and Savor was Night and Day, We went to breakfast at Taste on day 2 and it took them 3 times to get 4 guest order correct, Went to Savor for dinner on Tues, Wed, Thurs, And the Service was in our Top 5 ever. No consistency anywhere on the ship they were just going though the motions. They RUINED H2O made it Half the size of any of the Breakaway ships and Took Out the Grato and replace it with some fountain wall. Also the entire under cover Bar is Now All Smoking Area. And I smoke and I had to leave. Missed the Island because of Wind, AGAIN! Last time this will happen for US, The worst part We are so close to Co Co CAY and saw RC ship docked and people on the beach. Floated around the ocean for 24 hours, Pulled into Nassau at mid-night for a medical reason, Overall Unless they gave us the price we paid for this cruise we will not be on any large NCL ship in the future, Would rather be on the Gem.
  2. We were on the 3/8 sailing and were notified 2 days ago that a 2 year old has tested positive from the 03/01 sailing. We were on floor 10 aft and they had a family from North of NYC quarantined in their cabin until cabin until they were let off in Nassau,
  3. It's about 4 Guys from Jersey Did you expect something different?
  4. We were on the Amthem the 1st week of April in the Bahamas and they never stopped us from bring Dinkin Doughnuts back on board, We only got off the ship to go there and get coffee and doughnuts.
  5. The Bar was about 100ft away But had no mixers for any frozen drinks only mixed drinks ( Very Limited and Beer) And they ran out of Caronas and asked if they would go get more and they told us to go to the next bar and see if they had anymore.
  6. Dont waste your time or Money. My wife and 2 friends were just on CoCo Cay last week on the Amthem and rented a Day Bed for $150.00. It was terrible! After having to wait 20 min for the golf cart to pick us up by the pool. We were shown our Day Bed and told that someone would be around to take out drinlk order and food order, After 30 min a waittress showed up and we ordered drinks, That was the Last ime we saw her. The at 11:30am they brought the food we ordered, It came in Plastic boxes, the Salad was HOT! the Burgers were COLD and the chees wasnt melted. When we thru them out and was asked by the same guy that showed us the daybed how everything was he Laughed and walked away. We left at12pm and found 3 differnt officers from the ship and told they what had happened and they assured us they would take care of it, They NEVER Did. We went back to the Pool found a large tble in the Bar area, Walked over to the Buffet area and had a Great lunch while they cooked all the food in front of us. When we returned from Nassua they next day Still nothing from anyone on the ship, I went to customer Service and conplained only at that time did anyone call us from Shore Exscutions dept. After we returned back from dinner my wife notce that they removed the cost for the Daybed from our account. Bottom line, Dont waste your time giving them Money for VIP service because it run by the Local Not the personal from the Ship, You'll have beeter service and food at the Pool for FREE.
  7. I went to book a Bermuda trip in June and here was the cost on NCL.Com For $4000,000 + I Have to start a Go Fund Me page to going Cruising. Pricing Details Item Guest 1 Guest 2 Cruise Fare $12,099.00 $12,099.00 Govt Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses $213.46 $213.46 Free at Sea Offer Gratuities: $154.40 $154.40 Transfers $48.00 $48.00 Air $200,035.00 $200,035.00 Total per Guest $212,549.86 $212,549.86 Payment Schedule Balance Due $425,099.72 Cruise Deposit $5,000.00 Deposit Date December 18, 2018 09:41 AM EDT Final Payment $420,099.72 Final Payment Date February 7, 2019 11:59 PM EDT
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