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  1. We'll be in Aruba in September for the day and want to rent a car to explore the island. We found that we can rent a car at the airport but does anyone know if there is a car rental company closer to port? Has anyone done this??
  2. We are cruising out Miami on the Carnival Horizon in September and was trying to find information about parking at the port. We know there is cheaper parking off site but DH wants to be right there. I looked and see you can't prepay for it but does anyone know what terminal the Horizon might go out of? Is there any valet or is it self serve parking? Thanks!!
  3. We have the same thing. 8 day first followed by a 6 day. If they shorten the 8 day, then what do we din betweenen?
  4. I figured no, but you never know since we've never done one. We usually keep extra yogurts & milk in our refrigerator for a quick breakfast before debarkation, so we should be good. I'm hoping the MDR is open for breakfast that morning (We saw that on our Sunshine cruise).
  5. Perfect! Does anyone know if they would do room service that morning? I'm guessing not but I'm going to make sure I have some stuff in the rooms refrigerator just in case.
  6. Good point about sleeping in. We have a fan in our room, so hopefully that'll help with the noise. I didn't realize breakfast ended so early. I know some of the ships have their dining rooms open for breakfast on debarkation day. Wonder how the Mardi Gras will do it. We plan to go hang out in Serenity or somewhere else on the ship and just enjoy.
  7. That's a great idea. Thanks Gary! We have friends that might be with us on the first leg, so definitely could hit them up.
  8. Will be so nice not having to worry about waiting for bags and unpacking. Told DH we get to even sleep in since we're usually up early on debarkation day so we can get off the ship as early as possible. We can even have breakfast in the morning since we never do that on debarkation day 👍. We have friends coming on for the second leg. Oh.. another question... Do you know if we buy alcohol on our first leg, say in Cozumel. They would usually drop off in your cabin the night before the end of the cruise. Can we keep and use that alcohol for our second leg??
  9. Perfect! Thank you! I can't wait for Mardi Gras to sail so I can get feedback. I figure someone will be doing a b2b on her before us. I'll make sure to have our gift cards with us just in case.
  10. Great information. Thanks! That seems to be the same info (about cursory customs check and then back on). Do we re-board before everyone else, even diamond/platinum? We figured we'd go back to our room and chill since we won't need our room cleaned. If we got right back on board, could we hit the guest services then or are they closed at embarkation?
  11. I figured that but wanted to see what the experience has been on other ships. Thanks!
  12. Yes we were lucky to be able to book the same cabin. Gotcha! Thank you for the information. I assume we can just go down to Guest Services on the first day of our second cruise and add our gift card then?
  13. We just booked a B2B in April on the Mardi Gras. I understand each port/ship might have a different way of handling people either getting off and back on or checking in with customer service. What are peoples experience with this? Also, we usually start our on board account with a gift card. Would we have to do that for each leg of the trip or would it carry over for the second leg? TIA for any details.
  14. Thanks Hank! We'll keep it in mind if we decide to do the b2b on the Horizon. 👍
  15. I think we're going to end up adding a cruise before our Mardi Gras cruise in April. Our current cabin is open, so we'll be able to keep our stuff there for the full 14 days 👍
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