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  1. The cost is based solely on the price pp for the cruise. It must be purchased before final payment. There is a chart of the price scale somewhere on the website and in the cruise atlas but your TA can enquire for you. Sent from my SM-J320W8 using Forums mobile app
  2. I tend not to post on the blogs very often until the end, so just wanted to say thank you so much for taking us along on your specific journey. Each of the WC blogs is different in their own way. Have a safe flight home.
  3. Before we started cruising our favourite vacation spot was Maui and always in April to very early May. The weather was always lovely. Now I have a cruise to Hawaii coming up in April and these comments make me quite nervous. Think I'd better pack a parka lol. Sent from my SM-J320W8 using Forums mobile app
  4. That's how it used to be and it was exciting and got the cruise off to a great start. Surely it couldn't have cost that much - we hear it all the time on other ships leaving FLL.
  5. I observed some of that "situational condensation" on the Zuiderdam once.:D:D:D It basically took out several badly needed tables and chairs because the buckets took up the room. We called it leaks. Much less interesting, I know. Thanks for the laugh.
  6. PLEASE don't take a break - your posts are always balanced, informed, and non-confrontational. We need you around here, especially with all the frustrations of late.
  7. Thanks for reminding us that there is an upside to everything!:D
  8. In the interest of sharing opinions and experiences- which is what this forum is intended for - I can give a good example having done the same 20+ days repositioning cruise 4 times in 5 years. Onboard entertainment and activities steadily declined in that time. Last year there were no game shows and very few sea day activities. They didn't even bother with a gala night in the last 9 days. The first time we did this itinerary we were spoiled for choice. What a let down. As someone famously says - sad! Sent from my SM-J320W8 using Forums mobile app
  9. This is so sad and I feel for your parents but it serves as a reminder that we have to check and double check all requirements and cannot blame HAL. Sent from my SM-J320W8 using Forums mobile app
  10. Not exactly a secret, but the Silk Den in the daytime is a wonderful, quiet place to hang out and looks out over the Lido pool deck.
  11. They are the usual swing doors. I don't about V category but I believe that the dividers can be opened on all balconies without interfering with the door.
  12. I have always transferred to a TA prior to final payment and my upsell have come through the TA Sent from my SM-J320W8 using Forums mobile app
  13. Not even close! Did you forget that anyone can check for themselves?
  14. The response to the "O" announcement on HAL's Facebook page is overwhelmingly negative. Sent from my SM-J320W8 using Forums mobile app
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